Hοw a manganese-reducing diet, targeted supplements, аחԁ Xocai healthy chocolate worked together tο recover аח 11 yo girl frοm Asperger’s syndrome іח јυѕt a few months. Bе sure tο see Pаrt 2!

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8 Responses to “Autism Recovery Story Part 1”
  1. xe4energy says:

    Chalula88 claims this was made by the company…..NOT!, many autism clinics are conducting tests currently to determine why so many of their patients are having so much positive experiences with this chocolate, XOCAI, check it out get the real facts before responding negatively about something you know nothing about

  2. keekee316 says:

    Maybe Chalula needs to watch the video again and perhaps do some research. In no way were they claiming that chocolate recovered their daughter. She is also on an EXTREMELY strict and nourishing diet. Similar diets are helping to recover autistic children all across the country. And I can vouch for Nancy. I remember her from a yahoo group back when she was struggling to find answers for her children. Definitely NOT bogus.

  3. ChocolateFolks says:

    There’s double meaning behind the slogan (“I eat chocolate for a living”) on our t-shirts in this video:

    1) This Protocol & chocolate have brought LIFE to our once non-peaceful, overwhelmed family with now two recovered children! (Our 7 yo son now makes eye contact, doesn’t make repetitive, loud noises, can play imaginatively, etc.)

    2) Distributing this chocolate is bringing our finances back to life after getting in a huge hole during years of searching for healing for our children.


  4. ChocolateFolks says:

    This video was made by overjoyed parents to tell the world about a new, hope-giving way for parents to help their autistic children by reducing a heavy manganese load. Dr. Shauna Young herself, creator of the SBP, is on there saying the healthy chocolate, on its own, cannot cure autism, but it is a HUGE help in the success of her Protocol. See Pt. 2 & “Manganese Madness” article on the Weston A. Price Foundation website for more info on neurological symptoms caused by excess manganese.

  5. joyouscreations says:

    I am all for families sharing their experience as a way to spread the word and give people with all kinds of health challenges hope and options. We could wait a long time if we leave it up to the medical establishment. In this case, chocolate wasn’t the total cure, and they were completely honest about that.

    Thanks for sharing so much about how it worked for Lily. Compliance certainly is a problem in treating so many conditions. I’m happy Healthy Chocolate has come along to make it easier.

  6. XocaiGuy says:

    People crack me up. Instead of checking the validity of something they believe is not true, they insist that they are correct. Using this logic, we would all believe that the world is still flat. Extreme ignorance!

    I suggest that Chalula88 do his/her own research. Especially, since Lily is one of many that has clinical proof of recovering from autism.

    “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

  7. Chalula88 says:

    This is bogus. This is made by the company who sells the chocolate. Aspergers and Autism sprectrum disorders are caused by immature development of several areas of the brain. Chocolate cannot encourage the development of these areas.

    Chocolate is good for antioxidants, but it is NOT going to cure autism. This video is totally bogus.

    A little suspicious that the first comment is by “XocaiGuy”. Ha ha ha. Don’t be fooled by this.

  8. XocaiGuy says:

    What an awesome testimonial! The things you can do with nutrition! And cocoa is truly the most amazing superfood, best plant out there!

    I know this family well, and I am so thrilled for them! This changed their life and in the process, it will change other people’s lives as well – if they do the research and contact the chocolate folks for more info! Lily, you rock!

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