I speak very fаѕt…simple explanation οf tһе diet.

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25 Responses to “Autism SCD DIET Simple Carbohydrate Diet”
  1. Catherine8raw says:

    how about insulin resistance… if this is present like it is for may whether they are hypoglycemic etc… Blood sugars remain higher and candida continues to survive. Eliminating the foods is vital, but then according to paleolithic times we did not have potato, grains, obese grain fed animals.Vitamin D, Magnesium, manganese, low omega 3, low inositol, high phosphorus, high omega 6 may all play a role.

  2. fabulously09 says:

    my son was a lot alike Jake before but now i can give him instructions which he follows in. he starts to have focus and eye contact since hes been on the diet for almost 6 months now.

  3. fabulously09 says:

    my son was diagnosed ASD when he was 4. he was on an on and off schooling as i am a busy working single mom. but when my son turned 6 that i was serious in getting him to a special school and speech therapy and OT. later introduced him GF/CF, though so strict, and noticed some changes. i always avoided sugar, and hes been on GF/CF for five months and now i want to introduced him to SCD. hes been taking calcuim, enzymes, fruits & veges supplements with DREAM rice milk only.

  4. CJEB4 says:

    My son was on the GFCF diet for over 3 years and became really skinny and we didn’t notice any difference in his behaviors so we started letting him have wheat breads that we are lucky enough to have my husband make at his job which are free of HFCS and my son is doing well, but I think it would be benneficial to try the SCD though he can have some gluten, he still can’t have casein or he will be physically sick and have behavioral problems as well as anxiety.

  5. MsTrevi3 says:

    Thank you so much for posting this, sharing your experience with this diet and mentioning the website. Prayerfully the Swine Flu Vaccine won’t be mandatory in the fall.

  6. sanpob1 says:

    WOW, I will def look into this.
    my sons Doc -thoughtfulhouse in TX
    they started us on the gf/cf –and will be starting b12shots soon.The nutr. mentioned this is coming,but didn’t get into details at the time.
    I will email them tomorrow and see what they think, if they suggest I start it sooner.
    Thanks so much or that video.
    I watched it a while ago but back then I had no idea what I was hearing..lol..I can a long way/we came a long way in the past yr.

  7. 911truthseekers says:

    hemp oil?

  8. goddessbluebaby says:

    lol ok now that i watched the hole video i know to start the gfcf diet first…ok does anyone know werre i can get recipes and meal ideas that are cheap?were i can buy the foods.great video phil ty for sharring

  9. goddessbluebaby says:

    hi i have a autistic son.i have done gfcf diet on and off cause i cant simply afford it.but i was wondering can i just start doing the scd diet even though he hasnt been on the gfcf dite
    or do i need to have him on the gfcf diet for a whie first.

  10. rachelmarieoverfield says:

    Hey Phil, just discovered your vids and I think they’re absolutely wonderful – thank u. My son Gabriel (7) has been on GFCF for over three years and has made many gains but were ready to take it to the next level bc I know he needs more. I want to implement SCD and would love to know the details of your experience w the diet: hoe long you did it, how long it took to reintroduce certain fruits/vegs and how fast you progressed w stages, if you tried yogurt, ect. I would app. any imput – Thanks

  11. KimberlyMahurin says:

    And Lastly , ( then I will hush:-) ) The GF/CF takes away the opiates and then the SCD allows the holes in the gut to heal up by killing yeast and other bad gut bugs. When it heals you will find that infractions wont cause terrible symptoms anymore.

  12. KimberlyMahurin says:

    my son was on SCD strictly longer than 2 years due to sensory issues, but now he eats high quality grains only two times a week. I make sure he get enzymes and fermented foods with his grains to help break them down. It can be a maze thats for sure.

  13. KimberlyMahurin says:

    and other bad critters. There are many bugs that flourish. Also the wrong carbs causes insulin levels to spike etc. and this causes brain fog, sleep issues, agitation. I do agree that GF/CF should be first then secondly add the SCD and stay on it strict for at least 2 years

  14. KimberlyMahurin says:

    This is great phil. I wanted to add that the SCD diet is not just good for yeast and thats why I feel its good for every child to be on. The SCD diet at this time is really the main diet for autism now. It not only starves yeast, but other gut bugs like parasites

  15. PhilCommander2 says:

    actually there are some tips but i think you would have to google them…one is alka seltzer GOLD (gold only)…but my son threw those up so we didnt do that…another includes a supplement called ash or something. we didnt do either though…it only lasted a week and the second time we werent expecting it.

  16. MyZenSide says:

    Interesting vid. Any tips for getting rid, or at least managing, the brain fog during the die-off part?

  17. ifinallygetit says:

    Phil I too went the GFCF route then shortly after went SCD. Then I realized we cant just take nutrients out we have to have balance putting them in. So several years later I found BED diet which is all about getting nutrients back in. I saw a huge improvement in that step. Then all through the years I detoxed with energetic medicine which is affordable and GENTLE. Toxins got to come out.But people think I’m weird when I talk energy medicine so i wont elaborate there.Green smoothie anyone?

  18. StarbucksCoffeeFreak says:

    We are getting ready to do the SCD diet after Christmas is over; we have been GFCF since July, and soy, citrus, peanut, and cane-sugar free since October (my dd tested out as allergic to those things). We are doing combination antiviral/antifungal therapy and seeing wonderful results with Nystatin 4 times a day. She is actually sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT for the first time EVER since she was little and her hyperactivity level is way down. It is amazing what yeast can do to them.

  19. PhilCommander2 says:

    no i havent but it does sound interesting. thanks for the comment!

  20. AlethaReneW says:

    Have you looked into LDN as well. My niece started her 2 year old son on it. Within 10 days he had a 5 year vocabulary they did not know he had, he was interacting & looking at his families faces, & he was playing with his toys rather then lining them up. A month later he no longer had sensory issues. He used to scream when his skin touched water, now they can’t get him out of the bathtub. Dr. J. McCandless uses LDN, removal of candida, and a good diet in her protocal which has been sucessful.

  21. redwriter1 says:

    You do a very good job of explaining the diet.Well done! We really need to do some seminars together! hahaha Have you seen my dorky cooking videos on youtube? Just search under SCD legal and they are all there. Kay-lynn

  22. lismommy07 says:

    SCD is amazing. The results are going so well with my daughter that I have gone on it and my ceiliac symptoms are disapearing too!

  23. LizzieLikeCrazy says:

    Looked at the pecan website/ book and am overwhelmed. Took my daughter off grains , potatos and started cooking from scratch.I saw end of almost end of stimming. She was riding bike vs. sitting . . She also began eatting & talking lots more. Did not see die off. She was already on Candex/ still is. What am I missing on this diet? Can you tell me in a simple way about what she actually can can’t eat, please? What is your opinion of yogurt? I am reading it is very healing and little casein.

  24. edie221 says:

    My family has been on this diet for 4 days now and my son is very much like the second die off explained; very impulsive, hyper, nonresponsive. It is nice to get some validation about this or it would probably be intorable (not knowing when and if it would end). Will post again when we are further along.

  25. isabellous says:

    Hi, How long did Jake stay on both GFCF and SCD diets?

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