Rant οח wһу NTs mіɡһt bе more ƖіkеƖу tο bе sexual prudes :P

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25 Responses to “Autism, Sexuality and how we are freaks”
  1. hollywoodartchick says:

    Until very recently, I was very close with an Aspie. Sometimes our interactions seemed flirtatious, then he shut down. He related situations in his past that were misinterpreted as sexual. It was hard for me to tell whether he was veering toward romance or not, so I rarely persued that route. When I gave massages, he enjoyed them greatly, but after a point, he stopped them suddenly. I gave up. His interests seemed to move away from me. Trying to understand and not judge.

  2. RightfullyReticent says:

    @erickteodorakis- I’m a female. Most people on-line think I’m a male, which I usually chalk up to my dark nature, but in person, my extremely long hair gives me away.

    I don’t really know if you could call me strong. Dark, possibly. The affliction with which I have melded into for almost two decades has seeped into me and charred my spirit. Because of this, I am not kind, I am relentlessly vindictive, and I am unforgiving.

    Life will not give me a good future. -Intuition. My future is very grim.

  3. erickteodorakis says:

    @RightfullyReticent OMG I don’t know what to say, a lot of feelings come to me but I don’t know how to put them in words, and may be some could be misunderstood, all I can say is that you are such a strong boy (I’m guessing you are a boy) and that you are stronger to most people I’ve known. You’ve been through some really hard things, but I’m sure life will give you some wonderful things, the ones that you deserve. Thanx for sharing some of your story.

  4. RightfullyReticent says:

    Thank you. :)

    The reason why my family shuns me is because of the deal with my father. I have done of a lot of self searching and introspection and it has lead me to the understanding that my family associates me with my him. This is a problem because my father is a pedophile, and in the minds of my family, they believe that I have the same sick mind that he has, and that I’m a disgrace to their side. I’m his second rape victim, which started around about 4th months to my my 2nd year in age.

  5. RightfullyReticent says:

    I have some symptoms of Asperger’s, but I am not autistic. Those symptoms come from PTSD, which I do indeed have, and also just-so-happen to be linked to autism, as well. I’ve known all my life that I have PTSD, but the autism spectrum disorder was a speculation. I was also never diagnosed with it. I was traumatized via rape at such a young age – I wasn’t even a year old when it all started – that I had developed symptoms similar to autism that are also linked to PTSD.

  6. erickteodorakis says:

    @RightfullyReticent It’s a little hard to hear/say that, but of course only you know how hard that has been for you, I hope you’re feeling better. It’s true that not everyone finds comfort with their blood relatives, but I’m glad to hear that you have found a new family with your friends. You’re very brave to share your story. I admire that a lot.

    Regards (Sorry for my english if I did it bad, Im Mexican AND dislexical)

  7. BumsenDK says:

    @legendiam870310 trolling will be ignored

  8. legendiam870310 says:

    Why aren’t we working on a cure for autism? It’s an evil disease. If there is a god then austism must be his joke.

  9. popolynn2 says:

    it’s the quality not the quantity eh

  10. BumsenDK says:

    I´ve seen this before. I have a friend who doesnt want a girlfriend, since he cant be that close, physically and emotionally.

    He has had many one-night stands, and thats how he operates. Maybe someday he will feel ready. Or someday he will meet someone who he can be close with, without anxiety.

  11. sandusky46 says:

    yeah thats true. But you have to consider that they were all “lays”; Ive never had a girlfriend. Im not socially developed enough to have one. I dont care though.

  12. BumsenDK says:

    Bad at math?

    just kidding. Im not sure it should make you anything? The number of sexual partners we have had, doesnt define us?

  13. sandusky46 says:

    I have Aspergers disorder and Ive mated with more neurotypical females than I can count.

    hmmm..whats that make me?

  14. KillTheSonsOfPlunder says:

    Well, I hope you feel better soon! Lol.

  15. RightfullyReticent says:

    @KillTheSonsOfPlunder- :D

    Indeed. :) I’m excited for my move. I hope it happens soon, but first, I need to see a doctor and some other things. I’m *currently* not feeling well and I think it might be serious. It’s an internal, gender thing. :p

  16. KillTheSonsOfPlunder says:

    Hey, no problem! And that’s a great move! There is no reason to associate with someone who mistreats you. =]

  17. RightfullyReticent says:

    Thank you for your kind words. :) I have a cluster of friends who have abusive mothers and have left them. I’m in the process of leaving mine. It’s going to take me a long time, but I’ll get there, and when I do, I will never communicate with mine ever again. The day that I am separated from her for good will truly be a good day for me. :)

  18. KillTheSonsOfPlunder says:

    @RightfullyReticent Hey, I went through some similar stuff from my mother as an Aspie, too. But know this: None of it is your fault, and you should not be ashamed of yourself just because someone used to abuse you for who you are. That’s exactly what people like that want, and you should never let them win.

  19. RightfullyReticent says:

    It is.

    No, I wouldn’t, but they don’t care about getting to know me better. They had almost 19 years to do that, but they never even tried. Not once. Not ever.

    But I’ll heal. I have wonderful friends who are there for me. And in my position, who could ask for anything more? :)

  20. BumsenDK says:

    Wow sounds like a handful to deal with.

    But im still left with a feeling that your family are uneducated on aspergers, and dont know you at all. You suffer from what they are doing. If the could just act like decent people, love you for who you are, and respect you, would you then still suffer?

  21. RightfullyReticent says:


  22. RightfullyReticent says:



    And yes, I’m anal retentive, too. (AS symptom as well?) Everything I type has to be perfect and if it isn’t, I either edit it, or make a second note, correcting my typographical error. (That is, IF I catch it. I don’t always. Most times, yes, but not always.)

  23. RightfullyReticent says:

    I wish I felt that way.

    I’ve been abusive, manipulated, and taken advantage of by my mother because of my Aspeger’s. She has screamed at me and attacked me for misunderstanding her non-verbal expressions, for my repetitive behaviors, and for my stimming. My mother has physically punished me because I talk to myself. She use to hit me for it. She would also scream at me and spank me for having sensory overloads. She would shame me if I panicked because of my SPD. Touch use to terrify me.

  24. RightfullyReticent says:

    Definitely true.

    My entire family looks down on me and thinks I’m a freak. My grandmother and other such relatives on her side refuse to talk to me. I don’t get holiday cards from them. They don’t even email me, nor do they keep in contact with me via phone or any other elecronic means.

    Most of my family don’t really care to hear from me because I was so “abnormal” as a child that they ended up disliking me and looking down on me for my autistic behaviors. They still don’t understand. :(

  25. DChatc says:

    Me neither, and it always bother’s me whenever AS or their parents whine about it. I see AS as just simply being an expression of an evolutionary phenotype (obvioussly one that is bearing upwards, ), but most people simply do not know how to operate it (AS people are somewhat like ligumes, we have great potential just as long as one knows how to use us), and generally, I only suffer from living with the NT rabble. Communities made up entirely of AS people would be tidy, efficient and just nice.

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