Short parody οח tһе attitude οf tһе Autism Speaks charity аחԁ tһе negative way tһеу аррrοасһ autistic people.

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25 Responses to “Autism Speaks So Shut Up!”
  1. JenselAngel says:

    Nice. I happen to have autism, and I can speak for myself. I hate Autism Speaks!

  2. FreakmundZoid says:

    I really hate those Autism Speaks sons of bitches! Seeing them spread propaganda like that and getting rich in the process really pisses me off…

  3. modernmariorc says:

    thank you! i have a BS and studied research and Autism Speaks is flawed in many many ways. They pocket a lot of money through fishy pay checks.

  4. KingRadbadical1988 says:

    Some people gave you thumbs down because when you said “ASA” they thought you meant “Autism Speaks”, so please spell it out. I know, that 500 characters thing is a pain in the ass though.

  5. AutismSpeaksV1ds says:

    LOL and yes this is all true, watch my video on where the money actually goes, and the others on what autistic people actually think and the good sides of autism.

  6. ksol1460 says:

    wedcopson – THIS!

  7. ksol1460 says:

    kissmyskinnyetc. – *ahem* you’re joking – right?

  8. wedcopson says:

    You know what’s bullshit!?! Autism speaks, just think about it where dose all of the money go to anyway. That’s one hell of a good fucking question and no one gives a shit about the orgainization. To make things harder for them is to make a law to force them to have a permit to run this god dame orgainization and that’s bullshit.

  9. CrimsonPumpernickel says:

    kissmy, Nazis didn’t openly talk about butchering Jews either. A “cure” infers there is something wrong with being autistic. A “cure” infers that it can be fixed. But if it’s genetic, the only way to do that is to abort. The very stance of a “cure” for autism is enough to set me against it, because it is an opinion similar to Down’s Syndrome, which is not remotely similar.

  10. aspieresearchmom says:

    wiscsuzski (Sorry if this is repeat of same info). Our local chapter of ASA is outstanding. They raise all kinds of money and sponsors for all kinds of discount amusement parks, activities, even annual discount cruise for autistics and their families! The local chapter prez is a Mom and she has been doing this 11 years, really puts her heart & soul into fundraising to gets hundreds of her members really cool activities , clubs and support systems.

  11. aspieresearchmom says:

    wiscsuzski I am ok with “recovery” (that’s where the meds come into it) , it is “cure” language that I am not ok with. There is no cure for autism. I think Jenny realized early on that she needed to change her lingo, not her cause. I think she is doing amazing job ridding country’s vaccines of thimerosal, & for calling out the killing culprits (vaccine companies, CDC, etc) . I have never heard that Generation Rescue is for abortion.

  12. wiscsuzski says:

    Generation Rescue is ALL about “recovery”. My kids have genetic anomalies. There’s nothing that can change that. As our geneticist said, we have to be sure we don’t do anything to make their lives worse. If you would like to know details of what I dislike about promoting Recovery, see my vid “The R-word”. It was suggested that we could terminate my first pregnancy when we learned he has Downs. If there was a prenatal test for autism, many would never be born.
    What’s meds got to do with it?

  13. aspieresearchmom says:

    lionessimba My son can’t stand Autism Speaks either, however he repeats what others say online . I wish I could find out from AS literature itself. If you have links from AS that say that, please PM me or post it. I would be very careful about who is doing fundraisers for AS locally then. But I need some hard evidence against AS to do this, and to show unwitting donators to AS

  14. aspieresearchmom says:

    wiscsuzski I honestly don’t understand why, almost every Aspie I know (those with obvious diagnosed traits, not those who “claim” to be) are on meds. There is no cure for autism, on this we agree. Chelation given to autistics is a scam of course. I went to national ASA conference last year, & they very much stand behind scientific methods of studying & treatments of autism. High functioning Temple Grandin did marvelous seminar at conference, as well as others, even a comedian autistic teen.

  15. wiscsuzski says:

    ASA openly promotes Generation Rescue. That was enough to send me running in the opposite direction. Some of us do not agree that searching for cures and desiring “recovery” are advocating for autistics

  16. kissmyskinnyassdames says:

    They are the nations largest autism advocacy and science organization. They have put out the most amazing array of resources to support children with autism through appropriate health care and education to live & thrive among us in fulfilled lives.

  17. kissmyskinnyassdames says:

    Not only this person does not have a shred of proof for their outrageous allegations, they are defaming the nations largest advocacy organization that has spearheaded efforts to mandate autism insurance reform in 15 states and drafted and work with then senator Obama to develop the Autism Treatment Acceleration Act.

    To say that not a penny from Autism Speaks goes to individuals with Autism is a crock and a sham and the sign of a mind in much need of help and social remediation.

  18. aspieresearchmom says:

    Fenric65 I would believe the rumors with verification. Do you have actual literature or websites from Autism Speaks that advocates abortion ? This would make me outraged if verifiable.

  19. Fenric65 says:

    No it’s not. Autism Speaks support prevention and cure. The only way to do that is through eugenics (ie what is already happening with Downs Syndrome). Yes – abortion. It’s not a rumour. It’s a fact, and it’s why they are trying to buddy up with the vaccine crowd to get away from that deserved label.

  20. aspieresearchmom says:

    Fenric65 I am not sure ASA would feel comfortable about protesting another group because that could involve their legal department if they say one little thing wrong, or have one little false accusation. And I myself do not understand what the protest is about against Autism Speaks. I have heard “rumors” that Autism Speaks is for abortion of an unborn baby with autism , but just rumors, I have seen no facts to back that up. And Autism Speaks is a research only organization , isn’ t it? Not sure

  21. Fenric65 says:

    I understand that, but at the present time if an advocacy group isn’t protesting, they aren’t advocating. Being on individual missions allows groups like Autism Speaks to divide and conquer and ends up hurting everyone on our side without exception.

  22. aspieresearchmom says:

    I am not saying protest does not have a place in the autism community, because free speech and dissent is rightfully part of the autism community . I am just saying that ASA has its own mission.

  23. aspieresearchmom says:

    Fenric65 I think ASA does not want to be viewed as a protest group, but only as an advocate organization.

  24. Fenric65 says:

    They should make the time and find the desire to act, because these organisations are threats to the support structures you speak of that are helping your son. If Autism Speaks and the others have their way – your son wouldn’t get these services. That’s not worth fighting for? I think you’ll find that’s why the ASA is getting a level of contempt from certain quarters – which is why I asked the question to begin with.

  25. aspieresearchmom says:

    Fenric65 Autism Society of America is a very busy advocate, research, and community-oriented organization, and I am sure they do not have time or desire to “silence” other organizations. My son is adult Asperger’s , and he gets most of his support from a local CARD (Center For Autism Related Disorders) and social activities from the local branch of ASA (our local branch is incredible with the discounts and fundraisers) . I found his doctors through CARD.

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