Autism Speaks, tһе nations Ɩаrɡеѕt autism science аחԁ advocacy organization, һаѕ launched a חеw national television advertising campaign highlighting private insurers blatant discrimination against children wіtһ autism аחԁ calling οח Congress tο рυt аח еחԁ tο іt аѕ раrt οf tһе broader health care reform effort. Tһе thirty-second ad, Neighbors, wіƖƖ air nationally οח CNN, CNBC, аחԁ MSNBC. Learn more аחԁ TAKE ACTION аt!

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24 Responses to “Autism Speaks TV Ad – “Neighbors””
  1. maxaru says:

    Do your best to spread the word, these monsters do not speak for us.

    I am autistic, I find these commercials literally disgusting. They are declaring war on an aspect of who I am, and I will cheer when their evil is purged.

    Spread the word, autismspeaks does not speak for me.

  2. MilesStauffe says:

    And let kids die of measles, go sterile from mumps, die of rubella? Hack and cough to death from diptheria? Suffer agony and die of meningitis?

  3. ElementaryPhysics says:

    A thousand Amens to that statement!

  4. davetheledge1 says:

    il tell you whats discrimination……

    telling people theres something “wrong” with them and they need to be “cured”. if this was said about any other group in soceity it would be hate speach. why is it acceptable to say it about autistics?

  5. blackstarzero says:

    While I agree health insurance companies shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate autistic people, I find this ad to be just more bullshit from Autism Speaks. Yet again they put autistic people down which is not acceptable behavior oh well just another reason why autistic people such as myself hate them.

  6. Superfluffyfish says:

    @DalekHunter1994 Autism Speaks does do a lot of damage. I completely agree, but taking it out on people who don’t know that and give from the goodness of their hearts doesn’t help. Focus your anger on the people who run Autism Speaks, not on the people that believe they are doing the right thing by giving their money to them.

  7. xoxoxLatia says:

    Autism is now 50% of the school now

  8. DalekHunter1994 says:

    I hope all supporters of Autism Speaks die a very slow, excruciatingly painful death.

  9. lmharris83 says:

    So sad for you! Hope you find something in your life to better yourself rather than lonely nights on youtube trying to put other people down to make yourself feel better. The autism community is large and strong and you never know who your talking to. Shame on you for your post! Shame on you!

  10. stme2008 says:

    seen 2 redud lie ads 1is paying for abortions &hey it is pay for family planning is what they are talking about & family planning do not perform abortions unless you think it is abortion to pick up a condom lol also they help the pregnant women with diet & adoptions they do not perform abortion & abortion is not anywhere in bill 2nd was autisim discrimination the bill actually says discrininarte against NO one i reapeat you may not discrimate against anyone so autizm is part of everyone people

  11. Silveracity says:

    Does this scare you?
    Do people normally make good choices based on fear?

  12. RonPaulMall says:

    Autism is caused by mercury! Mercury is a preservative in flu shots. Don’t give your kids the shots!

  13. dap1patsfan says:

    like you maybe

  14. kesoxx says:

    99% of Autsistic children are really just kids who haven’t been beat enough. Seriously, just ask Micheal Savage, conservative voice of America.

  15. MySonHasAutism says:

    I saw this, very good for Autism advocacy.

  16. XBOX360PLAY3R says:

    AutismSpeaksV1ds – check that channel out. Yes with a 1.

  17. aaron2kristie says:

    Health insurance that does not stop autism insurance discrimination is unacceptable and I am counting on congress to be sure that children with autism have appropriate coverage for the treatments and therapies they deserve access to for their medical condition.

  18. aboutadonis says:

    BREAKING NEWS!!! I got pulled over by the COPS, handcuffed & put in the back of the car. All the while, my kids & me were calling on the name of YAHWEH, and the angels and archangels to protect me and deliver me from the hands of the enemy. 5 minutes later they let me go, no ticket no nothing! Their attitudes were COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!! Can’t nobody tell me nothing! YAH REIGN!!

    SHOCKING similiar FOOTAGE on my channel!

    SHARE with your contacts!!!!

  19. kristymiss says:

    This is not a debate about what causes autism. This is about stopping discrimination. How anyone can not want to help these kids out is beyond me.

  20. PhuckHue2 says:

    I believe autism is caused by all the toxins in the environment which includes radioactive waste

  21. TERRADELOACH says:

    Man I love the fact that this comercial is out. I have email all my friends and all my family to call and get this ball rolling. My child was diagnosed three years ago. He goes to school and gets treatment and is also with included with the day to day activities with neurotypical kids. But I can’t help but wonder if my son did get this treament how much further along he would be. Thank you Autism speaks for being the voice and helping our children get what is rightfully theirs.

  22. bspithill says:

    Autism is a medically diagnosed condition. Children with autism are entitled to any and all medical care–both conventional and unconventional–that their parents can find for them. When my daughter was about five, we were blessed with a modest inheritance that allowed us to work with a physician (MD) who was innovative and caring — but not covered by insurance. I am convinced to this day that the two years she was under Dr. Hicks care made all the difference for her and for us.

  23. dbeahn says:

    @ cjmiller29

    We’re all very glad your kid gets the help he needs. What I don’t understand is why you would come here and declare that you believe it’s OK to discriminate against some kids depending on “the environment”.

  24. cjmiller29 says:

    My son has had all his “assistance” through school sponsored activities and with constant exposure to “neuro” typical children. He is healthy, happy, and bright child and is never excluded although not all the children want him in their games, but that is children – they accept him in other ways. How a child reacts with the world depends a lot on the child and the environment they live in. I fail to see how this ad is even accurate because we don’t see the environment either child is in.

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