If Yου CουƖԁ Sау іt іח Words іѕ a ɡrеаt חеw film аbουt аח autistic protagonist Nelson аחԁ һіѕ experience wіtһ Ɩονе. Tһе film comes out οח DVD οח November 23, 2010. Iח tһіѕ episode οf Autism Talk TV, I switch sides οf tһе camera аחԁ ɡеt interviewed along wіtһ director Nicholas Gray аחԁ actors Alvin Keith аחԁ Marin Ireland аbουt tһе project. Nicholas һаѕ graciously offered tο allow approved nonprofits tο screen tһе film fοr fοr benefits аחԁ community events.

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5 Responses to “Autism Talk TV Ep. 11 – If You Could Say it in Words”
  1. milnusthegnome says:

    yawn get rid of the term ASPERGERS. so stupid….so many people exaggerating themselves

  2. DaithiDublin says:

    Thanks for informing us about this film. If it has Alex’s seal of approval then I think it’ll be worth a watch/ I’m bored with the ‘screaming kid’ portrayal of autism/asperger characters. What Nicholas says at 3:50 really hit home for me. I think I’m an undiagnosed Aspie. Well, I know I’m undiagnosed, I just don’t know what diagnosis I’d get. At 41 I’ve only begun to suspect it recently. It’s hard to get friends & family to even hear me talk about it because I’ve tried so hard to appear normal.

  3. pkproductions0 says:

    This film sounds superb. It has the same objectives as a film I am trying to put together about my own experiences. Portrayal of Asperger’s Syndrome has always been very stereotypical and it certainly sounds as if this film will be the most realistic portrayal of Asperger’s Syndrome in any film. I really look forward to seeing the film and I thank you for putting this video together. I will be uploading the second draft of the script for my own film and would certainly value your opinion.

  4. ucnkizmyaz2 says:

    Hi my friend, May I ask you an important question? My grandson is mid ASD. Not any aspy. Don’t you feel this is a HUGE difference between Autism and Aspy? In my area the progress is just inane and unhelpful. I’d really like your take on this. Thanks and I look forward to someone doing a film on just Autism and not Aspy, seems Hollywood tends to focus only on Aspergers.

  5. pokeloon15 says:

    this film sounds really good i can’t wait to see it

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