Tһе first thing i ԁіԁ wаѕ teach һіm tһаt tһе word BECAUSE ѕtаrtѕ οff аƖƖ WHY аחѕwеrѕ. tһіѕ іѕ actually tһе very first video i еνеr рυt οח youtube. mу οƖԁ channel. іtѕ fυחחу cause one οf tһе autistic communities messageboards (fοr people wіtһ autism) рυt a link tο tһе original video аחԁ tһеу ɡοt аƖƖ οf tһеѕе complaints saying “dont ѕһοw tһаt guys videos!!! һе′s a curebie!!!!” lol!!! Ya gotta Ɩονе іt! tһіѕ worked really well fοr υѕ.

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12 Responses to “Autism Teaching WH questions”
  1. supersonic320 says:

    im glad some parents of kids with autism can actually be botherd to teach coomen sense to there kids.

    god bless you man

  2. JakesWorkOut says:

    im smart

  3. majcherek128 says:

    Holy S**t… This was very hard for me to do!… :O

  4. fushandchups01 says:

    this is great! what a good idea.

  5. Shoniap says:

    I am a student in an SLP program. This is helpful! Thanks!!

  6. Peter2329 says:

    Oh man, thanks for posting this. It is unbelievable the way he tries to communicate. He is super cute and super smart too. Even though I dont work with students with special needs, your video inspired my next class. I work with 5th graders who first language is Spanish so this video helped me a lot.

    Thanks again

  7. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    For some great ideas on question-asking you can read the literature by behaviorists on question-asking by those like Dr. Donald M. Baer, Dr. Robert L. Koegel, Dr. Bridget Taylor, and others.

  8. tkjonas says:

    Phil, this is really helpful. I’ve already created a series of my own “wh” questions. Do you have anything (video) related to referencing that you could post? We’re currently working this deficit with our daughter and would appreciate some ideas.

  9. jon2xu says:

    yeah, i got an invite to stay at someones house,but i have to stay in l.a. and save for an apt.funds are way to low

  10. PhilCommander2 says:

    joe you are the man! gonna miss you at the legends of hardcore show :(

  11. jon2xu says:

    Wow!!! I dont know why i like your videos,I’m not a parent but your video’s rock.I think the commanders will become a household name.

  12. TruthUnderYourNose says:

    this is a great idea – I am gonna try this individually with the boys tomorrow – thanks for posting this ;)

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