Mу daughters voiced tһеіr complaints аbουt Jake tο mе. Tһеу see һіm аѕ аח equal аחԁ feel tһаt һе ѕһουƖԁ bе treated tһе same аѕ һіm. Tһіѕ іѕ tһе first time I һаԁ tο tеƖƖ Winter οf Jakes delay, I һаԁ mentioned іt tο Russia іח tһе past іח tһе same way i express іt here. I аm һарру though tһаt tһеу don’t really bυу іt аחԁ expect һіm tο bе treated equal. Tһаt іѕ acceptance іf уου аѕk mе.

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25 Responses to “Autism Telling Siblings”
  1. JakesWorkOut says:

    you know dad you could just tell them i was autistic

  2. JakesWorkOut says:

    i was in july 3rd to to july 19th im so healthy that i lifted weights up to 30 pounds but i still eat junk food but im getting strong that cough i had was amona in july 7th it was worst in july 11 i had to get exray it was so bad that my neck started hurting and started crying but and the last time i got a cough was in october 21 2009 and october 25th was my last feaver and my cough ended in Halloween i hope you like it byyyyyyye oh p.s. STAY HEALTHY

  3. DanielaVideoProducti says:

    wow… i didn’t reach this part of my life yet. My girls are only 3. Although Mary is starting to notice her twin sister is “different” lately.

    Just the other day, my daughter pointed out to me that Julie can not hear her and never wants to play with her. she says Julie doesn’t love her.

    How do i explain to a 3 year old that her sister is not deaf, she is not ignoring her, and does love her?

  4. raecelestek says:

    i love the name “winter”!!!!!
    hahaha they’re so dramatic & cute

    k i’m done leaving vid comments—my boredom is becoming overwhelming right now. :0/ !!

  5. Asma74 says:

    well, I’m sure you’ve worked it out by now. But I couldn’t help but think that it’s time to explain jake’s differences (without labels per se), so that they can cope. Otherwise they may think it’s just bad behavior.

  6. kazza224 says:

    how is being sent downstairs a form of punishment,i dont get it ,,great video though

  7. sunnisusie says:

    I am so glad that your family decided to allow us to see this. My son is 8 yrs old and has Aspergers, my daughter is 5 and NT. I see these things having to be addressed in the future.

  8. hrmny24 says:

    “He doesn’t seem like he’s sick now” refers to Jake’s cold (the one mentioned in the text at the beginning of the video). Boys may be a bit behind girls in social skills, but, as PhilCommander2′s previous videos have shown, Jake has autism. This makes it an entirely different ballgame for his siblings than if he were just another annoying kid brother.

  9. xsw3eheartx says:

    I think it’s fab that you posted this. It really lets people know how difficult it can be to take care of someone with autism and in effect people realise the effect of the condition, which is not so commonly known. i recently created a facebook group dedicated to families and friends of autistic people and this kind of expression is exactly what people need sometimes. great job. god bless you

  10. AspiePride says:

    I wish i had a name like RUSSIA and yeah i agree raising autism kids is hard even if you are aspie like me trying to get them to fit into society very hard. But plz ppl don’t ruin there why of thinking in the process. Teach to learn not destroy. peace be upon you.

  11. jmpms says:

    Your daughters sound like my little girl. My oldest and youngest boys are ASD, and my daughter is not only the middle child, and only female, but the only ‘neurotypical’ out of the three kids. It’s a struggle, for sure. Thank you for posting this.

  12. 50oldschool44 says:

    Great video!! Beautiful family. Our oldest is the one with autism. Awhile back he was asking why he was so different from everybody else. We told him that everyone is so different. We emphasized the things that he excelled in for quite some time. Eventually, we explained that autism meant that making friends was a little harder, just like seeing is harder for dad. This was a big step that I would have preferred to avoid if that had really been an option for us.

  13. myddf says:

    Just going through all of your videos…starting my autistic son this week on the GFCF diet…wish me luck!!

    I got such a kick out of this video…the looks on their faces while airing their grievances is so funny!! kids can be so over dramatic!! I love it!!

  14. DeaDaveP says:

    I’m glad that they were able to get their frustrations out, and that you communicate so well with your girls. It’s important to be able to talk about things sometimes. Having a brother is hard in itself :) having a brother with autism can be exponentially frustrating. Good for you for having such an open dialogue with the kids.

  15. tripplehelix says:

    Their just bitching… their girls lol!

    You are good with your social skills. How olds the older one? Do you never use the word ‘autism‘? My brother loves being ‘downs’ and spotting other downs and autistic people.

  16. Adrenalyn says:

    Oh my goodnesss they are adorable! That is so pitiful. I love the way you handle these situations. You’re a great father!

  17. fotocarfotosar says:

    little girls can be petty sometimes and complain about stuff.

    I know.
    I used to do that when I was little.

    But you know, even if your son wasn’t autistic, he’d be annoying to his sisters.
    It’s a brother’s job to annoy his sisters.

  18. KuraiGaka2 says:

    LOL! Poor girl. Maybe you shouldn’t test my theory (well, unless she wants her bothers hair and clothes).

  19. PhilCommander2 says:

    thats what im hoping KuraiGaka2, that Jake will pick up appropiate social skills. Thanks for your comment and im gonna see if youre right, when Winter comes home im gonna shave her head off and i will be sure and make a video for youtube of it. i will call it Testing KuraiGaka2′s Theory. ;)

  20. KuraiGaka2 says:

    Winter looks a LOT like Jake. I mean, if you shaved off her hair and put boy clothes on her, I would probabky mistake her for Jake.

    Yeah. This kind of thing happened with me and my sister but we always considered it sibling rivalry. Although she figured it out that they were treating me differently but that quickly changed when I grew older and started to pick up appropriote social skills.

  21. EmilyElzbth says:

    Ha! I suppose that’s only the joy we as parents with children on the Spectrum can understand.. because you don’t know they are doing that shit but know they are so capable of it! If that makes sense….

  22. KittiesRock46 says:

    heh. yeah. i’ve been a big pain to my siblings earlier in life. i’m also the youngest in the family (15), and my mom still often babys me around. i absolutely HATE it when she calls me “honey.” i’ve told her a million times not to call me that but she never listens. i wonder how my siblings thought of that when i first made that fuss.

  23. 666sigma says:

    Boys are always behind girls developmentally so it doesn’t SOUND that unusual. I also noticed that Russia says “he doesn’t seem like he’s sick now.”

    You gotta love the fact that Jake changes his chores so they’re easy. Way to go, Jake! Sounds like something his Dad might have pulled when he was a kid. Who knows? Maybe he still does.

  24. PhilCommander2 says:

    not the part about where Winter says when she was his age she didnt do those things. If its obvious to an 8 yr old that Jake is behind its obvious to others. and when she complains about him saying Hi and Bye to her friends she is really talking about poor social skills. 500 words wont let me explain what i and she means by that though. thanks 666sigma!

  25. 666sigma says:

    This all sounds like pretty normal brother/sister stuff to me.

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