Tһе Doctors invite Harvey Karp tο һеƖр tһеm understand autism Pаrt 2: www.youtube.com Pаrt 3: www.youtube.com

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11 Responses to “Autism – The Doctors w/ Harvey Karp (1of3)”
  1. josmeijers says:

    lol don’t care, let the U.S be terrorised by polio again it wil be fun :)
    if they dont want there children to be healthy and not die of smallpox polio or the flue let them, its natural selection THE SICK AND WEAK DIE !!!!!

  2. AinEstonia says:

    @1982Gisella Vaccines save people, if you’re anti vaccine, then perhaps you’re anti life.

  3. 1982Gisella says:

    Veejee- you are 1/2 wrong…thermosil which is .49 percent mercury by weight was in vaccines is still in vaccines and they will not remove those vaccines,they are using all of them.I am an anti-vaxxer.

  4. veejee777 says:

    To boot, to my knowledge, there has been no mercury in ANY flu shots since 2001, and the link specifically between mercury and autism has never been established, nor could it be so easily established with such a hard-to-diagnose disorder such as autism
    Fucking antivaxxers!

  5. c0mbineelite says:

    White traaash.

  6. tigereye1964 says:

    I think it is incredibly irresponsible to continue to reproduce when the family is already under so much stress. I wonder if this family is receiving government money?

  7. supukrish says:

    yes, this will be true for pregnant woman who must have had flu shot during pregnancy as the FDA recomends.

  8. swargy14x says:

    The fact is being dismissed that there is 5 times the amount of that same mercury in natural breastmilk as there is in the flue shot. Look it up!

  9. swargy14x says:

    haha, agreed..

  10. MEpianist says:

    Im really sickened with this show that they’d give a voice to the crackpot Jenny McCarthy, who’s rhetoric is conspiratorial and baseless. However, its good to see some science on TV

  11. scrapmom65 says:

    Thanks for posting this video but could you please remove the timer that is shown……it is very distracting from the video. Thanks!

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