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25 Responses to “Autism The Face Of Recovery”
  1. Rmccic says:

    Thank you so much. My brother has autism so this will help

  2. dorotheaeli1 says:


  3. blrenx says:

    Wow He is lucky to have you ! and your blessed to have him.

  4. KimberlyMahurin says:

    Phil this is so darling! My son , now 10 has finally started back and forth conversation. He is asking lots of questions! Some kids take longer to verbally communicate well in conversation. Others verbalize perfectly but have huge behaviors.

  5. PhilCommander2 says:

    we tried hbot but personally didnt see anything. but thats just me and my sons story, many people claim they did see results. i appreciate your comment but if i could offer (hopefully you will view it as contructive) criticism. You havent really lost your son. maybe the vaccinations had a very bad effect on him and even a devestating effect on his abilities…but he still is the same son you had prior to the mmr shots. to say you lost him implies that what you now have really isnt your son.

  6. diatplay says:

    Hi Phil…we got a grant for HBOT and have just begun it for two of our kids – Matt now 3 1/2 and Emma now 20 mo. Wmm has never had a formed stool since DTAP, Matt we lost after the MMR…thoughts on HBOT?

  7. WrldsBestDad says:

    Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing. Your vids are a big help.

  8. snorodent says:

    I caught the issues with my son very early because I was educated early. intervention at 17 months for speech and GFCFSF/ stopped vaccines by two. I seriously believe I saved him from progressive damage. Its all forward from here. In a few months he will be going into a class for kids like him, because I am lucky enough to live in a small town with a big focus on Early Intervention. Jake is Awesome! His recovery is unbelievable.

  9. springrobin says:

    sadly often the reality. I’ve been teaching over 20years (btw am auti myself, parent of and sibling of)& sadly I have lost faith in the public ed. system seems hopelessly broken & impossible to invigorate with the best of combined therapies we know work. I feel I have to leave & create my own program but hate in one sense to do so cos the best of therapies should be available to all.

  10. PhilCommander2 says:

    sadly, i think that most parents who go to IEP meetings just want to hand their kids to the school and say “Here, you do the work”.
    I think the teachers have no interest in educating parents when the parents have no interest in being educated.

  11. springrobin says:

    debateable etc etc stuff as in most I.E.P.’s Am I the only one who’d like to see a make over of the I.E.P. and I.E.P. meeting???

  12. springrobin says:

    this is the first vid of yours I’ve seen will watch the rest. As a teacher of aut. i wish I could take all those I.E.P.’s and rewrite some sense into them. “Jake DOES NOT communicate”!!! yes He did always, does and will do better as us all. Yeah I get the pt. there are “deficits but who are we educating with that pt.? the parents? the teacher? Who’s the I.E.P. really for? Anybody out there for a cure for badly written I.E.P.s’? never heard so much ptless, hurtful, negetive, freqly inaccurate,

  13. BAMOMMY2 says:

    This one was my Favorite yet OH MY GOD hes Beautiful Love him .You Know He has made it phil, you have the best son a father can ask for.I was crying my heart hrut but in a good way because i WILL be ther soon.Love you guys tell the girls the FEDEROWs from Miami say hi.

  14. KoDKingVegeta says:

    This video is an inspiration. He’s come so far. My son hasn’t been diagnosed officially with autism, but it felt like I was looking at him when you showed videos of him when he was little. My son is two now and acts almost the same way your son did. I just started watching you videos today and watched about almost all of them and you’ve already helped me with some things I was going through in my head. Thank you.

  15. sunclov says:

    A lot of Autistic people take offense at the concept of a “Cure”. They take it personal, but A WHOLE GENERATION of autistic people is not normal or exceptable. We should try and believe and fight to help these folks improve their quality of life.
    It’s just too bad these supplements are so expensive.

  16. peaches927 says:

    I love, love, love the conversation at the end. :) Jake is so cute and smart and has made so much progress.

  17. coopers3scc says:

    Thanks AGAIN!!! Your Youtube videos are one suggestions I give parents with a child newly diagnosed with autism! You’re information is great! Jake reminds me so much of my little man. He’s 7 in a general ed first grade class doing great!!! At 3 he was “non-testable” according to the professionals. I’m soooooo very proud of him!!!!! Thank you for sharing Jake and your story with us! Way to go Jake!!!!!

  18. absurdjen says:

    Phil, you must be SO PROUD of your son! Great job on being the best dad you can be–you are a serious inspiration to us all.

  19. limeslimey says:

    Good to see your son doing great. Missed your videos by the way. Hmmm. The way my parents got me more communicative was to get me involved in silly word games that did not bother me that much because I and my whole family have a really weird sense of humor.
    I also think phonics helped.

  20. Happyautism says:

    Hey there Phil, great to see you again.

    Since attending special school my lads have come on so much. Doing things we never thought possible. Now we KNOW ANYTHING is possible :D

    There IS hope out there & this needs to be seen, how parents come to this view doesnt matter, its the fact that hope holds out & things CAN get better.

    Great to see Jake at the end segment, conversing & may I say he has a better vocabulary than me! Proud of you Jake & I dont know you!

    sorry if this post x2

  21. godzghoti says:

    I’m glad you’re going to be putting up a new series. But this will be the last PhilCommander has to say about autism on YouTube? Sad times. What can we, our loyal viewers, expect to see from you in the future?

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us! I know it’s been a long, hard road to travel to get to this point, but Jake’s journey has just begun! I look forward to updates!

  22. unitedmonkie says:

    (c) once again phil, you & your family are an inspiration. jake, little dude, more power to will fully understand just how amazing your recovery is the older you get and it will blow you away..

    god bless & long distance hugs’n'high-fives to the phil-fam for being so awesome and sharing the journey with us,

  23. unitedmonkie says:

    okay, sitting here crying now. my little guy has his 6th birthday in a few days and cannot yet’s strange feeling hopeless while at the same time having lots of hope and knowing you will *never* give up..we’re actually going to be getting him some more supplements just as soon as we are able to.

  24. leoleponge says:

    Yes please for the address. TY

  25. caitlinandlissa says:

    you have done a wonderful job with your son, i have been watching your post for a long time and am so happy for you and jake…my son is a long way from jakes progress but we have faith he will get better with all the interventions

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