Autism іѕ a mental disability tһаt impairs a person’s central nervous system аחԁ һοw іt operates, particularly іח sensory awareness. Iח effect, autism impairs a person’s social awareness аחԁ communication skills. Hοwеνеr, іt’s аƖѕο a complex disorder, meaning חο two cases аrе alike, аחԁ bесаυѕе іt саח′t bе physically detected, іѕ οftеח ignored bу unaffected humans. Although boys аrе four times more ƖіkеƖу tһаח girls tο һаνе autism, іt knows חο social οr ethnic boundaries. Wіtһ a positive response tο tһе first documentary, tһіѕ follow-up continues mу ѕtοrу wһіƖе introducing another person’s unique experience wіtһ autism аחԁ һοw οtһеr disabilities һаνе played a role іח һіѕ life. Iח tһе еחԁ, tһе two ѕtοrіеѕ become one іח a program tһаt emphasizes issues wіtһ social interaction between autistics аחԁ non-autistics. I hope tһіѕ program enlightens уου οח one οf tһе mοѕt prominent disabilities today. Yου саח watch аח extended interview frοm tһіѕ ѕһοw bу following tһе link Tο рυrсһаѕе a DVD copy οf tһіѕ program, please visit

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25 Responses to “Autism: The Wall That Knows No Limits, Part 2 – Smashing Through the Wall”
  1. philylennon says:

    I hate that dumb bitch that keeps coming on

  2. hardknocksphd says:

    And I agree…the statement about acting like a normal human being is kind of crappy.
    No, he can’t, nor can I (not in the way she means it).
    That is exactly why social interaction is so complex.

  3. hardknocksphd says:

    As to his speech being so good as compared to his friends, that is actually one of the ways to identify autism spectrum disorders.
    They tend to speak in a really formal clear manner.
    Makes even younger ones seem like little professor.
    It annoys some people though who expect you to talk like everyone else in a given peer group.
    I have Asperger’s (and ASD) an understand this real well.

  4. gorramdoll says:

    the one girl seems okay. The other girl obviously doesn’t know him very well (and is awful besides).

  5. gorramdoll says:

    That girl is SUCH AN ASSHOLE.

    “you can still act like a normal person like everyone else”–well, don’t you think since he just told you he has a disability, maybe he CAN’T?

    Not that speech is the ultimate measure of success, but you speak really well (tone and stuff).

  6. owenocall says:

    that bitch in the red is so annoying.i really cannot stand her.surround me with autisitc children anyday

  7. tashad95 says:

    i have been diagnosed with autism by niot socialising like if someone said i had a funny experience at bla bla bla i woulod look at them wheras people would usually go OMG why? I also have OCD =[ i want to try and get it cured though :)

  8. albedoshader says:

    Your characterization of her behavior is refreshingly short and spot-on. I would expect from it that you have a lot of experience with conflict management in any social context, as part of your therapy.
    I can imagine that her passive-aggressive behavior wasn’t helpful at all, considering that “mind reading” the cause of such behavior doesn’t even work too well among normal people.

  9. albedoshader says:

    Great videos.
    It is interesting that his language is better than everything his friends say. They all need to insert at least three or four “likes” into every sentence.
    Like, there’s no, like, you know, like possibility to speak a sentence, like, without a “like”. :)

  10. submersed2 says:

    great job

  11. johnniVEGAN says:

    the woman showing cleavage was quite rude.

  12. emilyshrivnauth says:

    Thank you for your video..There are not enough videos from adults with autism. I have a 3 year old with autism. Its nice to see perspective from an adult with autism instead of a parent who believes the have “lost thier child to autism

  13. SportsBrain09 says:

    I’m that way too. It’s good to know there’s one or two people you can open up with and not worry about repercussions.

  14. beastinblack says:

    I just stick to one friend that I trust, means alot more than hundreds of part time associates

  15. SportsBrain09 says:

    Trust me, a lot of my old friends in high school were like that. I don’t speak with them too much now just because we all lead our own lives, but I try not to hold grudges with people who used to chastise me.

    However, I do believe my quirks played a role in the termination of a relationship with an old friend. When she was angry at me, her conflict management was passive-aggressive. She didn’t make much of an effort to improve, and I decided to cleanse myself of the poisonous friendship.

  16. beastinblack says:

    ditto its hard to believe they are his friends….

  17. SportsBrain09 says:

    The spotlight behind her is artificial; I created it using Adobe Premiere Pro because her face was barely visible on the raw footage.

  18. NocturnalBeeper says:

    This is a fantastic video! Thanks :)

    By the way, I found it really funny that those girls that knows the guy named Mike talk about how strange he is, but they seem to be the strange ones and Mike appears to be the normal one. I wonder what is wrong with the asian looking girl that has a spotlight behind her head and has spaghetti strapped shirt on. Maybe she is autistic and doesn’t know it yet. It’s easier to see things wrong in other people than it is to see them in ourselves.

  19. beastinblack says:

    i like the zelda overworld near the end!

  20. ikewib says:

    This video is great. I didn’t know a much about autism before starting my little “investigation”- tour tonight (due to the fact that my brain wanted something different to German grammar which just sucks…).
    Thank you so much for uploading this!!Great job!

  21. katkatlov says:

    I strolled youtube her and there being bored and for about 2 hours I am thrilled on educating myself on autism, a topic, which to “normally socially intuitive” people is as fascinating as strange. Thanx for this great work, easily giving us “normal flats” an insight. In fact, be assured, we have all problems communicating. I might grasp social vibrations more easily, but still, on an overall level, we all try and fail and try and win and don’t know why… :-)

  22. H0D0NKAIN says:

    Excellent video! I gave it a 5 star rating.

  23. SportsBrain09 says:

    Thanks. I used Adobe Premiere Pro’s encoder from version 1.5. I render the compressed file as .WMV (Windows Video) and then upload it. I activated my director’s account before YouTube imposed the 10-minute limit for all accounts.

  24. christschool says:

    Wow, a 29 minute video with great compression. How did you do that? What type of compression did you use?

  25. toddwilliam says:

    Another fascinating segment. This video should be shown everywhere so folks have a better understanding of Autism. Mike, you are very brave for putting your life out there. In the end, you are helping others with Autism because this gives everyone a much better understand this disability.

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