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25 Responses to “Autism Therapy – ABA”
  1. MrFcuku2 says:

    First of al i would like to say that M&m should be the last thing to give to a child with autism as apparently colorants and sugars can create even more behavioural probs, second he is not a dog. i must admit however that the lady is really doing a very god job. thanks

  2. KATSIMAMALO says:

    good job ;)

  3. bren49765 says:

    We know that ABA works in a mechanical fashion – it does help with regards to black&white thinking, how to get a result, how to give a specific answer but can anyone point me to studies that show an improved quality of life in adulthood for the kids that underwent ABA in the 1980′s/1990′s?

  4. moonlover7739 says:

    The research on instruction and outcomes with kids under three (birth to three) is almost non existant in the autism lit. This guys a preschooler it looks like.

    We all want what’s best….we need to learn how to match instructional methods to the core features of autism…ABA is very effective at reducing/eliminating SIB, tantrums, repetitive behaviors, not so good for social relatedness and expressive/receptive communication…..

  5. KaptainKritter says:

    I know this is controversial, but I would suggest you look at the alternatives out there. ABA is not for everyone, as some of the messages on here show. My best friend’s son was hugely helped by the Son-Rise Program, and he was not really thriving to that extent doing ABA, so I am a major advocate for the Son-Rise Program now. They have some videos out comparing it to ABA: search under: parental choice aba

  6. coconegr says:

    Fallnetthinn.. Is so sad your comment about it is obvious you dont have a child with autism.. It seems she is training dogs but Autism is about poor social skill, seizures, , much people believe they are retarded mental, but is not true, this is a terapy for a future autism children can fit in the comunnity, have a friends, and be happy with all their discapacity..

  7. Fallnetthinn says:

    thats like… like a dog show <.<
    im sorry but i dont like it

  8. gataburton says:

    Wow, I had forgotten what ABA is like. It is so in your face and robotic. I agree that play based is more motivating and helps children develop more naturally. The Son Rise program is another great therapy for this!

  9. sarahann0818 says:

    hmmm…seems like pure ignorance to me that people cant be open minded and take a look at new things. i have done enough research and been in the field long enough working with ASD diagnosed children and have more success stories with floortime than ABA. play is should not be a reward play should be a natural occurance and unfortunately some autistic children dont know what “play” is.

  10. nami676 says:

    p.s. ABA is the ONLY technique for “treating” autism that is scientifically proven and backed by the surgeon general

  11. nami676 says:

    play based not reward based? play IS a reward. if a child is motivated by verbal praise by itself then all the better. and the whole point of ABA is the reward will eventually be faded or develop into something more typical. like a paycheck, one day. i <3 token boards

  12. bkent4200 says:

    It is not more effective, you are making statements on your opinion! No studies have really backed floortime compared to what ABA has done. And when a child learns something in floortime its because the principles of behavior are at work which is what ABA is based on. Its not created for children with autism, it is a science that has evolved and is the vehicle or tool used to systematically teach something, you really have no concept of what ABA is so you might want to do some research……

  13. MrFrewby says:

    in two minds

  14. sarahann0818 says:

    Try looking up DIR/Floortime. Its a much more effective approach to mainstreaming ASD diagnosed children. Its play based, not reward based……

  15. ffristhecoolest says:

    well i am learning to be a peermentor in my school so i will be doing that.The reason i am soing it is because i am a kid,and they can relate to me,so learning the same exact thing from me will be easier for them to understand since they can relate to me.

  16. emeraldsunsets says:

    I wish I had someone like this in my area!!!

  17. chejo1978 says:

    Applied Behavioral Analysis.

  18. 420RonPaul says:

    yeah we definitely need more people like this lady

  19. 420RonPaul says:

    what does ABA stand for

  20. bullrose5 says:

    This seems like Skinnerism psychology, basic cause and effect, and it seems to work! :) Great clip!

  21. Raych1974 says:

    ABA has worked wonders for my Autistic son. And for the person who said she needs to calm down, my child (not saying every ASD child) loves Larger Than Life people. Big gestures and up beat voices really help to hold his attention and sit for longer periods to work. I’ve also noticed that with my son “Work is play and play is work”

  22. waltermouthoh says:

    All that junk in vaccines. mercury, formaldehyde…

    detox. with MMS? If your child brushes with MMS I will bet you he/she will have no more cavities!, no more toxic mercury added to their mouths.

    Earth stones. Hold an orange carnelian in your hand for an hour – quick fix for dissolving fear/anger/depr. Don’t believe me? check “chemtrails dissolved”. Orgone pipes use crystals/ earth stones get rid of chemtrails 5 minutes, 40 mile radius. “Chemtrail Busters” video link at soisnessdotorg.

  23. lifelessgamereviewer says:

    This is the second best way. My mother invented the best way.

  24. UniqueMJPT says:

    PLEASE check out a great Children’s book about Autism, PDD and ADHD called ‘Why Is He Different?’ (Please spread the word about this unique book, tell your friends and tell me what you think about it. Big thanks!!). You can preview it on youtube profile called Monalisaknew. Just copy and paste the following sentence in youtube search window: ‘Why Is He Different? (Autism Book)’
    You can also buy this book on AthsePublishing(dot)com. Thank You !!

  25. utwobing says:

    To make this conclusion you would of had to observe where he came from in his progress to where he is. I don’t think you’r trying to be a butt. Perhaps there isn’t enough here for you to see that there was a process.

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