ASD; Savant

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25 Responses to “Autism – Toothpick count”
  1. sboss says:

    nice math there, genius. the movie was made in 1988.

  2. watsucht says:

    isn’t that normal? o.O plz respond(im not joking)

  3. SnuffGuerrillaXXX says:


  4. burnaamij says:

    squeezed and pulled and hurt my neck in 1988

  5. MrZOMBIEKID says:

    97 x….baaam …the future of rock n roll

  6. hzauke says:

    Ed….. You just 100% proved your education level. I thought your other post proved it but the dick comment just did. You ought to change your name to EdTheDumbAss! I mean seriously…. Noble Prise?!?!

  7. EdTheBadass says:

    take that dick out of your mouth

  8. hzauke says:

    Never heard of the Noble Prise…… I’ve heard of the Nobel Prize though!

  9. EdTheBadass says:

    you don’t see too many autist Noble prise winners (i.e. none). period.

  10. MrSmokingfly says:

    some can take a 2d image and recreate it in 3d object (like a model)….. effortlessly

  11. MrSmokingfly says:

    People this man has autism, But he is a savant. Autistic Savants are EXTREMELY peculiar people, and science itself cannot explain why it happens. Simply because autism is a brain DEFICIENCY. But Being a savant does not mean your a “genius” like a person who can Understand extremely complex things , its a Extraordinary memory trick. Some savants can remember every day of there life, while some can remember everything they read. Funny thing is they cant explain how they do it. subconscious

  12. 4evadance12 says:

    its a type of autism called sevants

  13. AlbinoTanuki says:

    @Quadrazar Well his character DOES display classic autistic traits, like preferring sameness, repetitive behaviors like rocking, and focusing on single specific things

  14. FTWinnable says:

    Uh NO that’s NOT aspergers, that’s autism. A really… different form of autism. Without speech deficiencies? Idk

  15. JevgenLt says:


  16. Araskaz says:

    RIP Kim Peek :(

  17. testsubjectzz says:

    u did

  18. ThornNorris says:

    Did I see Bonnie Hunt?

  19. Poppy0109 says:

    Oh Oh! I LOVE IT WHEN HE SAYS THAT! 10/10 film!

  20. Quadrazar says:

    rainman was based on a savant, not an asperger.

    The character that dustin hoffman plays is based on Kim Peek. (there is a docu on him on youtube). Kim Peek has incredible mnemonic skills.

  21. M1thotyn says:

    At the time it was no doubt just a publicity stunt.

  22. JackTron7000 says:

    They’re airing it on TV it looks like.

  23. kdu3142 says:

    wow, thanks for explaining that ^^!

  24. cmau921 says:

    dustin hoffman has aspergers, not autism. he can cognitively operate, and is very intelligent, but has a social and emotional disorder.

    i like dustin hoffman better!! lol

  25. M1thotyn says:

    What? They changed it? “Stop acting like a dufus?” On the original it was “Stop acting like a fucking retard!”

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