well, I’ve јυѕt ɡοt something tο ѕау, οחƖу mу beast οf condition thinks otherwise…

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24 Responses to “Autism, Tourettes and: Can’t Speak won’t speak”
  1. lunaticalovegood says:


    If you meet me then you would start saying things like dwarf, lilliputien, midget..lol
    I can’t think of offensive words ofr someone short as I am….
    I love your videos, thanks for sharing, I suscribed

  2. jonthebass says:

    Oi Fucker.
    You are truly a star. Thanks for sharing the experience. You bring this condition to the fore with honesty.

  3. XJDubb84X says:

    How long do these last? I am so sorry man

  4. drummerthing2 says:

    I have just recently found out about tourettes, and I’m 17 years old. I actually find it sad that I did not know about this at an earlier age. But, nevertheless, I stumped across your videos, and I feel very sorry for you and it must be a pain to have to go through what you’re going through, but I also find you to be very well humored and an awesome person. Hang in there!

  5. Vasiavasia1 says:

    то не смішно

  6. goldenspark4life says:

    his tics arnt funny but the fart noise at the end is =]

  7. pontsmeister says:

    haha 0:52 – 0:55 haha i love that part, awesome, you are really awesome!

  8. Scalarburn says:

    Oh my good god man, you bloody murder me! My tics aren’t normally the sticky, repetetive sort all that often. But I’ve been a bit preoccupied by pounding premonitory urges, unleashing a barrage of “CHA-poi-poi-poi-poi” and “BA-AAH-li-ga-baligabaliga” for about ten minutes now. Cannabis! NOW! AAAAAAAH!

  9. TheMainMeal says:

    thanks…but its not all the time, its every 4 or so days…so u better believe I yabber like mad on the days I can…

  10. TheMainMeal says:

    its not all the time…

  11. chaztheclone says:

    i feel sorry for u man (:

  12. ryannlag says:

    Im Sorry- It look like it feels dreadful. Not to be able to converse without ticking….. Sad

  13. TheMainMeal says:

    Oh no, not at all, It just means that if I am thrust into an environment containing many folk from all over the world, there is more of a likelyhood that i’ll say something offensive , because I have no ‘resistance’ so to speak , I have not got used to the sitiuation…If an obese person comes near me whilst ticcing, I will be offensive, as I will if an african or asian person or for that matter irish, scottish, american, basically anyone that can be offended comes near me if i’m ticcing…

  14. sfcspanky says:

    That could be seen as a bright side of it all… who knows =X

  15. TheMainMeal says:

    no, but then again where I live is primarily a white area so there is no stimulous..My tics never deviate far from ‘fucker’..

  16. sfcspanky says:


    do you ever use racial slurs in your tics? ive noticed some folks with tourettes do.

  17. TheMainMeal says:

    Its a little embarrassing in the street..’Oi’ and the man turns round, I am staring at him and shout ‘fucker’ wife had to explain…it was very bad when I had ‘Oi, You Fucker’..that was grim, ‘arse fucker’ was really bad as well, so embarrassing..

  18. zezeroxx says:

    Shut Uhp Mate

  19. sfcspanky says:

    I don’t mean to sound rude, but I think “oi fucker” is a good one :/

    your condition isnt funny, but i thought “oi fucker” was funny..

  20. fakebond90210 says:

    BOB SAGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. TheMainMeal says:

    Fear not, its only every couple of days, I get that bad…Thanks for the thoughts..

  22. baddspella says:

    it looks horible, im truly sorry you have that

  23. TheMainMeal says:

    Thanks wiscsuzski….sometimes I believe thats all I am ..tics and a sense of humour…!!

  24. wiscsuzski says:

    How completely frustrating. The end made me laugh though, so it’s good you still have a sense of humor.

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