A trip tο tһе dentist…

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25 Responses to “Autism, Tourettes and: Dentist Adventure”
  1. taleana2002 says:

    blinking and contact lenses suck! No ts for me, just some mild OCDi guess. i have bouts of excessive blinking as if i have dry eyes and if im tired or cold i cant fight the urge to cringe n shake almost like a shiver, but much more dramatic, i figure im gonna stay in denial till my end days.ive crunch my stomach muscles randomly and hold it, like it feels good to me…i guess that’s what you’d call it. doc says ocd and stress, i joke bout everything, cant take life serious no matter what

  2. H1j3x says:

    dude, i think you are simple put

    a fricking legend!

  3. 001just4fun says:

    OMG that is a great story! LOL :)

  4. NorwegicusOnAstick says:

    I dont see how you could go to a dentist. You dont want to move or do any thing when you got sharp objects and stuff in your mouth.

    I guess they wont drug you either unless they are going to operate.

  5. latuman says:

    It looks as if the time between tics is like a rubber band being stretched, creating emotional stress and when the rubber band is released again, it creates a tic, and the cycle starts all over again.

    I sometimes get nervous if I dont snap my big toes (!) an even number of times. Yeah, you heard me, its strange as all hell, but if I dont, I feel like a junkie withdrawing from drugs until I snap the left toe aswell! Thats as far as it goes, luckily, so it cant be seen by an outsider.

  6. 636117 says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. I’m learning quite a lot about Tourettes from your videos.

  7. gillock37 says:

    Good on you for doing this…even though I laugh. It must make things very difficult

  8. 12dick says:

    damn it is such a hard thing – to control it. You did such a great job on controlling yourself about that one armed guy!!

  9. PewDiePie says:

    haha one arm !

  10. xXSambi24Xx says:

    You are so cool! I’ve watched your vid’s and I think it’s great to show the world how you live and the impact. I did chukle at the dentist one lol Keep up the good work! x

  11. MrTomatoes55 says:


  12. pongoid says:

    You’re a good geezer.

  13. Aultmanb says:

    I’d have a beer with this guy.

  14. realTS202 says:

    ah, dentists can’t do that to a kid though. they put up with me, thankfully, mostly cuz its the family dentist, so if they kick me out then they’ll lose all of us, and would probably cause an upraor in the family, and just wouldn’t end well.

  15. TheMainMeal says:

    My dentist, now just takes a cursery look, then refers me to the hospital…

  16. realTS202 says:

    ouch, good thing you don’t have my dentist, or you’d be leaving with a hole in your cheeks- i swear to god im thinking don’t tic damnit as she sticks those sharp metal pokers into my mouth, its like form of torture.

  17. jonsairsoft says:

    im 14 and i feel like i just suddenly got tourettes can this happen itll just randomly happen and ill blink and my whole socket skin will blink like im trying to hurt my eyes it sucks so much

  18. TheMainMeal says:

    Yep, I find watching folk ticcing or watching folk holding in involuntary movement triggers my tics…I was in the presence of an autistic chap who kept nodding his head and emitting a noise, made me tic like crazy, everyone in the shop got called a ‘fucker’ that day..

  19. AfterLifeMan32 says:

    tell me about it, i must have looked like i was coming off heroin trying to keep my tics in. Iike i say, i still get urges today especially when watching TS on TV, or even writing this note my head wants to nod and my eyes need to blink more…strange :s

  20. TheMainMeal says:

    I did not have severe tics until I hit my thirties, but priot to that I always felt like I was ‘going to burst’ if I did express lots of manic energy..regularly

  21. AfterLifeMan32 says:

    aw man, that must have been so bad when that guy with one arm walked in…lol
    i have TS myself, well i had TS.
    the urges are still there but i put up a massive fight when i was about 19 to try beat the annoying tics i was doing.
    Lucky for me i suppose that i held strong and in the end overcame my tics, was so hard tho as on many ocassion i felt like i was gunna burst if i didnt do the tic :s

  22. superbluesmurf says:

    you are an awesome guy, i wish more people with tourettes would make more videos…i’ve always been curious about the syndrome and how you manage day to day life…you are doing quite well i’d say! cheers to you and to your wife and kids, they are lucky to have you :)

  23. kathrynsue1986 says:

    I told this story to my dentist helper yesterday when I went to the dentist

  24. TheMainMeal says:

    Well i imagine hell will be full of us swearing folk…I wouldn’t give it any thought, the modern church is a backward institution anyway..

  25. kathrynsue1986 says:

    4-6 doctors say I have coprolalia

    churches dont believe it so now I feel like its going to take me to hell

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