IMPORTANT..please read.. I һаνе Aspergers, well thats חοt strictly trυе, tһе psychologist wһο assesed mе ѕаіԁ I һаԁ ‘high functioning autism‘ tһеח proceeded tο ехрƖаіח tһе ԁіffеrеחсе…I lapse іחtο a state tһаt сουƖԁ bе seen аѕ akin tο a low functioning Autistic state, I lose tһе ability tο control mу body, I саחחοt express mу desires, аחԁ I саח′t walk without falling…

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25 Responses to “Autism, Tourettes and: High and Low functioning autistic states”
  1. pongoid says:

    Your wife is a saint, mate. I am grateful for your willingness to help others to understand your condition. It really does help others. Respect, man.

  2. TheMainMeal says:

    @Nakonoko It took this aggresive external form in my thirties..before then I was just a ‘hyper’ individual…

  3. Nakonoko says:

    Hi, I saw few video of yours and I am sorry that you have to live with this Tourettes.
    Can I ask you when you start having this Tourettes?

  4. TheMainMeal says:

    @HeythereXx1 it only hurts if I pull a muscle..and it feels like your body is going through the motions of an electric shock..just without the shock

  5. HeythereXx1 says:

    Deos It hurt and what deos it feel like??

  6. 11pouncey11 says:

    some people who are autistic mild of severe do have traits of AS as well like a comorbid. its more than possible to have both.

  7. TheMainMeal says:

    I’m stll in there, having all my ‘normal’ ( aspergery ) thoughts…

  8. EEEErik says:

    I learned a lot watching your videos.
    Thank You for sharing this!

    While this attack is going on, does your brain and thoughts function normally ? Are you in control of your thoughts, or are you also “ticcin” inside ?

  9. michellen2008 says:

    I apologize for rating so low. I was trying to put a 5 and it put a 2. :’(

    It was a good explanatory video and I too, having Autism can relate when in a shut down state, its difficult to communicate.

  10. TheMainMeal says:

    I am used to it now…I’ve always been quite ‘hard’, i mean my idea of a relaxing massage is my wife standing on my back and walking up and down on it…anything less just irritates…

  11. TheMainMeal says:

    I can’t imagine surviving on a gluten/casein free diet…I hate food and eating, if i could just take a pill and be full up i would…As far as mercury poisoning is concerned, autism runs strong in my family…so its more likely to be genetic….Its an odd thing but AS/HFA folk seem to get each other immediately..

  12. lillstitch0016 says:

    do the tics take a toll on your body at all when they pass. in other words how do you feel after you get a tic

  13. illavitar says:

    Hey mate, I have mild/borderline AS and have been doing lots of research regarding the topic.
    My mates consider me normal, 2 of them also have AS/HFA and ironically they’re the only ones who can see through me.

    Have you tried going on a gluten/casein free diet? Basically in autistics it has an opiate effect on our brains and makes us stoned, I didn’t know this until a month after the diet.

    Also get tested for mercury poisoning, this is basically the cause of you don’t have fragile x.

  14. TheMainMeal says:

    I do not tic all the time, if i do tic at night, i sleep as to not disturb her…I have 3 kids, they are used to the tics and do not respond at all…well, thats not true, they laugh at some of the funnier has warped their sense of humour somewhat…

  15. Taaliaaful says:

    I dont mean to sound rude but…do you sleep in the same bed as your wife,,,,do you have kids? How do they deal with your tics?

  16. Sitheis2009 says:

    Actulally there is such a thing as severe aspergers; tere isn’t in te same way as there is severe autism, but there are still people who show many of the traits but still have aspergers.

  17. NoSpector says:

    I didn’t know til tonight that Autism and Tourettes could be linked in some cases. Holy God. What a double whammy. Tho, definitely distinct entities for you, yes? The inability to communicate during these episodes is NOT about increased tics as much as whatever the shutdown is. As you say, sensory overload and new situations will cause more tics, but, for you, not automatically these episodes.

    Yes, as others have said, your intelligence and wit are always obvious.

    Thank you for this.

  18. icecofffee says:

    Hi i think it’s great that you’re sharing this with everyone! i also have adhd but when i saw this video i realised that my condition is’nt that bad as i always think. have some tiks and spastic reactions. I also get stressed out fast, but i’m not able to say what’s bothering me, couse i think i would be over reacting. But sooner or later it HAS to come out and then it turns out much worse.. But hey! thanks for making me realise im ok! and thank god for writing! and typing.. :)
    Greetings dave

  19. iluvroinalex says:

    how long can someone (with these symptoms) go without this happening every second?

  20. TheMainMeal says:

    i was not long up, so as I am utterly crap in the morning as far as thinking goes, I was my usual fuzzy self, in a reasonably good mood, this state was not triggered by sensory input or a depressed or anxious state it just comes regularly…

  21. Daxmcneil377 says:

    Do you remember what your state of mind was like at this time?

  22. TheMainMeal says:

    I only really get as bad as this when the kids are off from school and they spend alot of time in the house..other than that, houseguests trigger an episode like this…

  23. candymanits says:

    wow… in the summer I work at a camp for people with special needs and I’ve never seen anyone behave like this for so long..

  24. TheMainMeal says:

    hahaha, that made my day…nIce to meet you.

  25. MavroSyvannah says:

    Thanks for the video Bob. Just didn’t catch your name so Bob seemed appropriate, since that’s what you are doing, bobbing. :-) I am happy you posted this video and its nice to meet you. I am HFA but I have about 3 sessions like yours in my life. I know how bloody smart you are. You just need tools. If you had the tools then you would have some of the control I have. Only 2 problems I see you have and one is that cheap haircut, highly fixable, the next you’re English, sorry about that one matey.

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