Tһе common qυеѕtіοח ‘Hοw аrе уου′ аחԁ іtѕ effect οח mу aspergery self…I don’t ԁο common greetings wіtһ ease!

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25 Responses to “Autism, Tourettes and: ‘How are you?’”
  1. XBulletsXloveX says:

    @TheMainMeal I love that you have a sense of humor so I find it safe to say that you would be amazing at beatboxing. xD Love your videos. You’re a strong individual.

  2. MotoroBreakz says:

    @chriswel When someone asks how i am i tell them the truth- i figure if they weren’t sincere in wanting to know they shouldn’t have asked in the first place- “how are you?” “How am i? SHITFULL!”. I Have Aspergers too, though it’s low impact on my life compared to many of the people commenting on this post

  3. tanzmitpalmer says:

    I can dig that notion. Family can ask me “how are you?” and I’m just fine with it, because I know I can launch into whatever tangent I have running in my brain and they won’t hold it against me if I’m boring the crap out of them. But strangers? Panic. Things like this make me wonder if I’m diagnosable. At least then I’d have a label/word I could understand, rather than a vague concept of just “being defective”. *snort*

    Anywho, thanks for the info :)

  4. BecomingAdrian says:

    I agree with you, but if somebody asked me “What are you currently intersted in?” they wouldn’t get a word in edgeways for at least an hour or two!

  5. TITANSMRS says:

    I so damm agree with you. I hate that question too. It can be confusing. I Have classic high function autism and bypolar disorder. It is easier for someone to say to me “Are you doi’n ok”

  6. chriswel says:

    I think it would actually be better for everyone to ask and get asked questions like “What are you interested in?” or something rather than “How are you?”, with or without Asperger’s. It’s a useless and somehow offending question, as you know the person asking isn’t really interested in what or how you’re doing, you’re supposed to say something like “Fine, thanks.”, and it doesn’t help at all starting a conversation.

  7. Quboingie says:

    Always hated this question myself. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything other than A.D.D. but social niceties have taken me years to learn like a script to perform as well. That question annoys me particularly as whenever it’s asked they often move on to something else before you even get to answer & when u follow script & ask in return often they ignore & if you DO answer how you really are, no one really wants to know. So why bother asking? Such a waste of time. Same with “So, what do u do?”

  8. wilberforcehumphries says:

    i have ASD and how are you annoys me too. its just a social nicety. people dont really mean it. its just something to say. i find autistic folk are the most honest because they can see straight through that crap.

  9. Bat2105 says:

    massively informative x

  10. kingofkings425 says:

    @ZiggyOsiris The correct response to “what’s up?” is…
    “my dick if you rub it”

  11. ZiggyOsiris says:

    @lebalove I’ve actually started to participate in the pointless pleasantries lately. I figure, if the person is having a shitty day and I act like myself, I’ll probably come off as a dick. That makes their day worse.

    So when I’m out and about, why not play the game a bit?

  12. ZiggyOsiris says:

    @gordinho55 Haha no that was around a relatively short period where I didn’t necessarily participate in it, but I learned just about everything there is to know about it.

    And yes I’m quite aware of how odd that sounds :P

  13. gordinho55 says:

    @ZiggyOsiris You mean analog photography?

  14. ultraexcited says:

    <3 you are amazing and brave I have so much respect for you.

  15. ghuuullo says:

    I WISH I had known this 2 years ago because I tried to make friends with an autistic kid in my class but he just totally ignored me :/

  16. lebalove says:

    I hate it when people ask me “How are you?”

    I work as a cashier most of the time, so I get asked this question dozens of times a day, by complete strangers. Usually I want to say something like “I’m doing terribly, thanks” or “Everything really sucks right now”, but usually I just hold back, smile, and say “Fine. You?”

    And the charade continues!

  17. TheMainMeal says:

    @ZiggyOsiris I was obsessed with ‘tarot cards’ for awhile, which involved me reading cards for people, then i was obsessed with ‘palmistry’ once again, people, then I became totally absorbed with the game ‘pool’ played lots of folk, forged relationships etc…the topics died, the people didn’t, and the people still expected me to be as enthusiastic about the the topics as i was before…!!!

  18. ZiggyOsiris says:

    @TheMainMeal Yes. When a topic dies for me, it’s completely dead, but that’s not to say some topics don’t insist on coming back in a month or so.

    I’ve also got a recurring linux topic, although when that one dies, I’m still madly in love with linux. I’ve even got a half built linux distro that I was working on a while ago. I try not to involve people as well because time and time again, (as bewildering as it may seem at the time) nobody else cares.

  19. TheMainMeal says:

    @ZiggyOsiris You do seem to express yourself, both in quantity and quality like a man possessed…sounds aspergery to me…pleased to meet you, I assume that when the topic dies…it dies completely for you, including the relationships you may have built with folk who involved themselves in your topic?…Well that happens to be, I try to never involve folk in a topic, not always easy…currently I am into making my linux pc better…a reaccuring topic that one!!

  20. ZiggyOsiris says:

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. I suspect I have aspergers and I’ve always hated that question along with “what’s up?” (I still am clueless as to how I should answer that question).

    By a topic, I assume you mean a particular subject that you obsess over until you’ve exhausted it?

    I’m currently interested in analog sound/video and vinyl records. What are you currently interested in?

  21. ZiggyOsiris says:

    I suspect that I have aspergers, and I know exactly what you’re talking about. I assume you mean you go through topics that you are obsessed with for some time (me too). I’m currently interested in analog sound and video. How about you?

  22. TheMainMeal says:

    @trollope4lyf2k8 It has never happened before, my wife has tried to influence my obsessions over the years to no avail…My all consuming topics never deviate to far from a set of core topics that seem to resurface whenever things get a little stressful in the house…ei, the children on their school holidays/relatives staying over..

  23. trollope4lyf2k8 says:

    if someone were to put somthing forward to you like “you ARE going to obsess over this fact” and then told you, could it possibly stick in your subconcious and snowball until it does become a topic ?

  24. TheMainMeal says:

    @trollope4lyf2k8 I only ever have 1 topic on the go at one time…when I am without topic I usually have a couple of mild ‘interests’. These do not consume my every waking thought..but the part of my mind that seeks out topics is then focusing on unimportant crap…Clicking fingers is a physical tic..it has no bearing on my current though processes…though sometimes clicking fingers does mean I am thinking but this is usually obvious, and not part of a tic assortment..

  25. trollope4lyf2k8 says:

    @TheMainMeal can you have more than one interest at a time? or is the problem that you can only focus all your attention on one particular thing at a time, the way you click your fingers makes me feel like your trying to think of somthing thats on the tip of your tongue, is that what is seems like to you at all?

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