I һаνе aspergers, I һаνе obsessions, I саחחοt mаkе myself ԁο something tһаt іѕ חοt аח obsession, If I force tһе issue, mу brain wіƖƖ חοt hold οח tο information tһаt I аm attempting tο learn, mу body wіƖƖ resist аחу efforts tο change wһісһ culminates іח sprained tһіѕ οr strained tһаt, mу mood plummets іחtο tһе depths, I become bе hell tο live wіtһ.. etc etc… I һаtе tһіѕ…I һаνе tried innumerable times tο alter tһіѕ pattern, failed еνеrу turn οf tһе way..Tһеrе іѕ οf course a plus side, wһеח I аm obsessing over something I learn everything аbουt іt super fаѕt… Anyways, Tһіѕ vid іѕ аbουt mу method οf manipulating аח asperger ‘resource’ I һаνе….

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19 Responses to “Autism, Tourettes and: Special Topic, Obsessions, Will Power, Yoga & Maths”
  1. Rudewomantt says:

    Hahaha men and poo… Story of my life!!
    First husband poo’d everyday at the same time.
    Because other reasons I diverced him… met my 2′th husband and…. you quess it right..
    Indeed; wake up… poo, breakfast… poo… ect ect LOLOLOLOL

    Interesting vid by the way.
    Its a real eye- opener for those who arn’t known with Tourettes and everything around it..
    Thanks for sharing..

  2. crusaderize says:

    Grats. Breakthroughs, no matter how miniscule that we percieve, are the most powerful kick in the ass (in my general opinion anyway). Keep pushing the envelopes dude. I look foreward to more progressions. :)

  3. humblephotography says:

    my son is developing small tics sniffing,snorting,…and some loud out bursts so i do understand what you are going through he also has aspergers.

  4. TheMainMeal says:

    Well then, pleased to meet you..we are from the same planet..

  5. jaydy11 says:

    Hello, I have Asperger’s and tourettes!

  6. chimpazilla says:

    I also have “special topics” and most of my conversations typically head in that direction pretty quickly. I love all things metaphysical, but my biggest area of interest is conspiracy theories and the New World Order. I read a lot.

  7. TheMainMeal says:

    I did not mean ‘say’ in a very literal sense, I can have a plan set out in my mind only, and it will still fail come to fruition..I am not suggesting that I completely lack will in every way, it is only in regard to things that are important to me, things that will make me feel better about myself..

  8. studentoflife01 says:

    Why do you have to say it? Aren’t there things that you can do without saying what you going to do first? You need willpower to do thoes things right?

  9. TheMainMeal says:

    As far as I am concerned the ability to say you are going to do something eg. help paint a house or go on a diet etc etc and then follow it through is will power power..

  10. studentoflife01 says:

    What is willpower?

  11. davvacool1 says:

    are you happy? :D

  12. mrk00lguyy says:

    hahaha your hat is funny

  13. TheMainMeal says:

    It is most annoying, I am currently obsessing over the game ‘pool’ , I play it down my local social club, play it on the computer, play it on the wii…its totally pointless and has no worthy elements, but I can’t stop learning all there is to learn about it….Thing is my topic was ‘palmistry’ and folk now want me to read palms, but for me its like pulling teeth becuase its not my topic..thats the bitch if you involve folk in your topics, they don’t forget…!

  14. icecreamandsingasong says:

    I have obsessions for short period of times too and then it’s replaced.. ha.. weird. Like impulsive but short and strong, it can be my adhd but I am finding out if I have a very mild for of autism also.. Im not sure, I am going to get diagnosed in months.

  15. TheMainMeal says:

    Well, You have already summed it up with inexplicable urge to document something I feel is important..thats what happens, I am usually off topic though, so it will be when I am not obsessing hard about something….Which is not very often..

  16. psychopurple says:

    Excellent, happy to hear it, hope it all works out for you and you manage to get maths in there. I am however curious; How is it you come to do these videos? Is there routine or do you have one of these inexplicable urges to document something you feel is important?


  17. Hmsheen10 says:

    i have ocd too (not too severe) and i completely relate abou tthe whole learn something super fast and obsessions going and comming

  18. TheMainMeal says:

    I do retain the information with one exception…mathematics, which is a constant annoyance…I don’t know why that subject alone fails to make an impression….

  19. Saguaro24 says:

    Do you have good memmory like many AS people have? When you “learn something super fast”, if you come back to it a few months later do you remember it all or do you have to reread/refresh the information?

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