Well, wһаt саח I ѕау, іt seems tһаt excitement аחԁ anxiety аrе tһе same physiological process…I couldn’t һаνе imagined tһаt a particularly well рυt together meal сουƖԁ possibly trigger a head slapping, colourful expletive session……Tourettes eh!

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25 Responses to “Autism, Tourettes and: The exciting meal”
  1. subbd says:

    HAhaha I feel bad about laughing when you said you had an explosion of tics because of an amazing dinner… but you seem like such a stellar guy to hang out with. Seriously, I’d have a couple of beers with you if I could.

  2. Xboxxkid12 says:

    Love your beard! Looks awsome

  3. kevphillips02 says:

    @steffywok Here here, i second that.

  4. YourDirector says:

    Hi there, I just wanted to say that I find you a very inspirational person. I myself don’t have tourettes, or autism, however, I find that somewhat irrelevant to what it is I wanted to say. You have said a couple of times that you think you have no will power but I think you do. I know people who claim they can’t do anything, simply complaining about nothing, yet you deal with your condition and you work at improving your life (such as with the yoga). A lot of people could learn a lot from you.

  5. DJJames92 says:


  6. steffywok says:

    Mate! I’m so glad I’ve found this today! I followed a link from your erasure kareoke video. You the man! Well done for having the confidence to stick these up. It must be really hard work living with this, and I’ve got massive respect for you. Your videos are some of the most honest and real that I’ve seen.

  7. quazzard says:

    you are so fake and false

  8. neuralned says:

    *** respect ***

    you’ve got real guts

  9. sybilannelennon says:

    wow… i don’t know how i stumbled upon your videos but you are freaking amazing! you shed such a different light on everything… i have found humanity in your videos… thanks…really…

  10. snorodent says:

    Ive watched a few of your videos, and I will admit, at first, I laughed. Hard. I have a son who has a sensory processing disorder, so, you know my laughter comes from a different place than most… but after a while, you can see through your tics, and down to the person you are and you are quite normal and cool. My son has behaviors that resemble tics, but its called “Stimming”. Amazing how they are similar, yet the stimming is voluntary, while your tics seems almost like a sneeze reflex.

  11. Warrwench says:

    thank you for teaching me something new

  12. MAKSLovers says:

    man, i salute u

  13. LittleBerryMidnight says:

    Wow,thanks for sharing your video’s.I have TS too but not severe like yours.
    Was just looking through some TS stuff here on youtube and came across your vids.Off to watch a few more.

  14. killerkoliseo says:

    can anybody explain to me what is “autism” and what is “tourettes”?

  15. gaeilgedreamer says:

    It is interesting that you call it the Beast, I have a disorder that I call the beast as well!

  16. yuzk2 says:

    i dont have aspergers/autism or tourettes or anything, im 19 and have never been kissed either, geez ive never even gone as far as holding hands… so youre not doing bad really :P

  17. LuneX89 says:

    Hello mate! i just wanna say, You are a realy strong person, i’m a fully “Working” Person, exept ?ADD? is that the name for it in english ? Well yeah. ive had my ups and downs in life. but when i see you talking about your friends, And singing ‘n stuff, yeah you can figure it out what im thinking. I’m happy you are a proud enough person to go public! You rock mate ! Rock the world. and remember YOU are the best! :D

  18. ambulancecore says:

    God bless you, man

  19. viannafin says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh while imagining that :D

  20. TheMainMeal says:

    Thankyou Meghan, I all a blush here..

  21. tourettesmeg says:

    You are so brave and strong, i admire you helping others with your videos, i have tourettes, you inspire me!!! Love, meghan

  22. thelastmagician says:

    thank you

  23. TheMainMeal says:

    sorry to hear that, I liked your video, very well put together…

  24. thelastmagician says:

    man, i have asperger’s and tourette’s….
    i have such a hard time dealing and talking with people…
    especially girls…seriously, i’m 19 and i’ve never been kissed yet even!

  25. dgd187 says:

    I think your videos are good in the sense that, if I were to meet someone with any of these conditions, I would recognize the condition and be more understanding.

    I also think it takes courage to put yourself out there like this. Well done.

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