Temple Grandin once ѕаіԁ ѕһе һаԁ tһе nervous system οf a prey animal..I couldn’t agree more аחԁ here’s wһу…

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19 Responses to “Autism, Tourettes and: The Nervous system”
  1. TheMainMeal says:

    @faeryshivers wow, yes, the sun sucks, I’m dark room kinda guy,

  2. faeryshivers says:


    Well, good news as they are starting to see now that large doses of vitamin D actually has an immunosuppressing effect and is only making people feel better temporarily…in the long run too much can actually do damage.

    I hate being out in the sun, it stresses me out.

  3. faeryshivers says:


    I don’t have to take it too often thankfully, my family does not like me being on it. But yeah, the inability to tune out all the people chattering and all the smells is just too much.

  4. TheMainMeal says:

    @faeryshivers I avoid public transport like the plague, to sit in close proximity to so many people is horrendous, the smell alone is enough to make you reach for puke bag. As for the God awful sound of so many individual’s ‘chatting’, AGHHH earplugs + ear guards NOW.

  5. faeryshivers says:

    @scotchirishkathy Yeah those are the worst, I used to rip my hair out and claw my face to shreds. Sensory pleasing things helped stop a lot of that.

  6. faeryshivers says:

    I get this weird feeling I call “The spines” when I’m out in public and there are threats around. I tic the worst when I am on public transportation.

  7. AutismStudy says:

    that makes so much sense to me. The predator thingy. I noticed that my son responded exactly like a horse (herd animal) which also thinks everything is a predator. Keep up the good work mate

  8. AutismStudy says:

    that makes so much sense to me. The predator thingy. I noticed that my son responded exactly like a horse (herd animal) which also thinks everything is a predator. Keep up the good work mate

  9. TheMainMeal says:

    @ArgoUseful I don’t know what the process is exactly, but I’ve always been acutely aware of other folk’s ‘animal response, I know that sounds weird, it lies below the realm of one’s usual wide awake consciouness, a very unsophisticated frame of mind, mainly picking up and reacting to other people’s ‘animal output’ pheremone’s etc, Everyone is aware of it, but the wide awake conscious mind shouts so loud its sometimes difficult to notice.

  10. ArgoUseful says:

    I was floored at the part you said “the others’ bodies pump out chemicals that tell me they’re not going to eat me”. Is this actually what happens? (really interested in biology and chemistry)

  11. Clickgirl says:

    Your vestigial brain is on overload, responding to people in public with tics and swearing. What you’re saying makes complete sense, both scientifically and anecdotally.

  12. JustAnotherAmy says:

    Was reading recently an outline of the differences between domesticated species & their wild counterparts… & realised that looked at objectively they were pretty much summarising the differences between NTs & us (I’m Aspie). How functional do you think a wolf would be if you forced it to live with nothing but toy poodles and labradors & to accommodate itself to their way of doing things?
    Don’t know if it’s literally true that we’re just a wild variant, but I’ve been finding the idea amusing.

  13. scotchirishkathy says:

    My daughter is autistic and has the meltdowns from time to time. But she’ll hit or scratch herself. It’s really scary.

  14. finntothenicky says:

    i get it too- when my anxiety is at it’s worst, i’ve always felt that my appearance is comparable to that of a small chihuahua.

  15. mercydemoi says:

    i completely get ya
    i have manic-depression myself so am very intune with my cerebral cortex also!
    i have watched all your videos now and find you mesmerisingly addictive to hear out!

  16. Marteenuz says:

    My nephew was diagnosed as autistic, I guess today they would say Asperger’s, and it was so hard to know him; because new things or things out of routine made him so afraid. At the same time, he was like a kid at a scary movie, where he was afraid to look at life and fascinated at the same time. I hope you get to rest when you sleep. Hope they find out it’s caused by some innocuous ingredient we can all live without (like cottage cheese) and it just goes away and we can know all our loved ones.

  17. Marteenuz says:

    Wow, are you sure you have autism, because you are really outgoing; I feel bad for the tics, it must be exhausting, but I am glad the world gets to know you, others with autism, their souls and minds are hidden from us.

  18. TheMainMeal says:

    I am a bit of a misery, I like the sun in very small doses…I know its not good for me, but dark is preferable..The only time my system is working better, is when I am deep in the woods..or in a remote part of the beach…Anyhoo take care…

  19. LaBellaa1984 says:

    Hope your okay, its hard to deal sometimes I have the same but not that visible as you but sometimes my head is just soo messy I can function everything is mixed.. I really feel it these days especially when its gettin darker here in eu. Do you feel like, if the sun shines your system is working lots better!? I have that so much.

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