Tһе physical effects οf prolonged unpredictability οח mу Aspergery self.

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20 Responses to “Autism, Tourette’s and: Unpredictability”
  1. Gonz099 says:

    Well your a positively good singer.

  2. volstrom84 says:

    keep up the good fight man!

  3. adam777 says:

    guy – seriously, you should be famous – funny, talented and fascinating – look up the band DIE ANTWOOD and see if they will do a track with you !

  4. vengeancezac says:

    I love your accent *-*

  5. sukarita666 says:

    i’m exactly the same with people’s vague responses, “we’ll see” “maybe” and also things like “let’s meet at around 2 or 3″ i do not understand how people can function on those terms!

    and yes i agree with brothersoulshine, you are a star guy x

  6. sanjuricus says:

    HA HA HA, Its a good job you dont know me in person then Guy. I’m pretty much the definition of vague and uncertain in everything I do!!!! I’d drive you absolutely bonkers. I’m always saying…yeah maybe…we’ll see what happens…this might work…I’ll let you know….I dunno, what do you think?…perhaps……
    Keep it up with the vids mate. Love you to bits and just wanna give you a big hug…which would probably be exactly the wrong thing to do LOL.

  7. brothersoulshine says:

    You’re such a star.

  8. thekingoffunnyfaces says:

    That’s the reason why I haven’t worked in over two years now. I cannot fucking stand vague terms. Anything other than yes means anything but yes to me. Anything other than no means anything but no to me. Thanks for this video! Congratulations on your Television Spot! Peace and Ass Cheeks!

  9. taleana2002 says:

    i feel so aspergery on this one…i consider you to be quite unpredictable, but are you saying routine is predictable for you guy? i dont like routine but i MUST have it

  10. LucaBoulders says:

    @oldmankelv get your family to watch guy’s video’s, send them links to ones like this, or other ones which apply to you. (I’ve avoided using ‘perhaps’ and ‘maybe’ in this response!)

  11. bigsean9999 says:

    MainMeal, I started to watch you because of the funny singing you did, but I’m pleased that I subscribed as I have a greater understanding of your condition. Please keep up the good work as you are breaking down social barriers.

  12. TehLiquid says:

    @robertgtaylor i know right lol

  13. robertgtaylor says:

    Your famous, just made the TV :) …Roberts Web

  14. Tyrfingr says:

    “You people are all mad” lol too true.

    It may be that you are an evolved being, and we’re just catching up on the evolution. ;)

    I too can completely hate the vauge responses more times than not, i strongly preffere to get straight answers without room for last minute cancellations or some unreliable shit like that. If i am to do something with other people, i often find myself having to make sure that we agree on actually doing it and not fucking about.

  15. waltherchemnitz says:

    Take for instance… I was going to go to bed at 12. I wound up staying up past 12, so I decided to go to bed at one. I could go to bed now, but my routine is to only go to bed on the top of the hour. That way I can shift the rest of my routine about on the clock and not lose track of where things are going to happen. Some people think that’s crazy. I think it’s fine.

  16. waltherchemnitz says:

    “We Might” and “We’ll see” is the way people get out of making promises. Saying “yes, I will” is a promise, and it’s bad to break them. You’re not crazy. I wish people would at least say Yes, and then try to accomplish the promise, even if they are going to fail, because you can reasonably predict they will fail… Something I can forgive. If they say NO, then that’s that. Nothing else to worry about.

    You’re a Godsend. Stay predictable. I don’t want you to be sick.

  17. oldmankelv says:

    Guy, thank you for articulating yet another characteristic of autism, something of which I am singularly incapable; while it really f%&ks me off, what is worse is that I can never recall these pearls of wisdom when trying to explain something to my psychiatrist, social services and the less understanding members of my family with whom, by the way, I cannot and do not live.

  18. ZombieXJester says:

    “Why Zebras Dont get Ulcers” Most Epic book name ever….

  19. Hummadruz says:

    I’ve always felt more comfortable with a ‘routine’. I think it stems from my 35 years of being a Diabetic (Insulin Junkie) and gearing every day around regular mealtimes and Insulin injections. Thankfully with the development of medical treatments I have perhaps been given the flexibility to cast off the shackles of routine but it’s a hard habit to break. Thanks for posting – thought provoking stuff.

  20. mrhh2010 says:

    guy i would work with yo uany day as you are such a star, an id make sure you dont get stressed.
    Keep up the great videos m8

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