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25 Responses to “Autism Tutorial Part 5 of 6”
  1. LelouchViBritannia1 says:

    @Cornwiggle Chris is beating on an innocent man with absolutely no provocation( as seen on the video). I think he needs *special* help.

  2. Cornwiggle says:

    3:56, what an appropriate metaphor there. Punch after punch with absolutely no effect whatsoever. Chris can’t win a fight even in his own little video game.

  3. Terrane21 says:

    Chris you don’t have any “Male” friends (Well, no friends in generally) Because you’re a closeted homosexual. Straight guys does have Male friends and fact those male friends could actually help in getting a girlfriend, but no, Chris you still don’t know what the hell you are talking about. faggot.

  4. CleaveTheDragon says:

    I like how Chris’ only change within ten-fifteen years is that he is now more willing to have sex with women of different color.

  5. Edd360 says:

    0:15 that creepy “pretty woman” introduction, together with the creepy as fuck pedo glasses, rapist grin and moving in to get some sweet physical contact just sums up chris

  6. PaniPoniTenshi says:

    The only reason why he would beat you up in LBP2 is because he has a real tough time on Soul Caliber III fighting computers on the easiest mode.

  7. EvilCoffee5 says:

    Chris’s harem of sack-chicks at 1:31 is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen all week. I wonder if he faps to this game?

  8. mybruisedarm says:

    Chris, you really cant be picky. I’m really sure that absolutely nobody would like to be your friend unless they had downs syndrome or were in a coma.

  9. Shavarnarak says:

    I want to seriously disfigure CHRIS face as watching this.

    Oh wait, it already is.

  10. CrimsomS says:

    “I mean NO Personal Offense whatsoever to Any Individual Person or Group of People.” And yet that is exactly what you did in this video.

  11. paladinangelo says:

    Hahahaha. 3:10

  12. 10191927 says:

    I love Chris’s stigma against his own social group, and flat out rejects anybody with any sort of disability, but refuses to acknowledge that he is in many ways far more incapable because of his attitude and ego. When he looks in the mirror he sees the younger, slimmer boy he used to be. And not the fat, ugly, hateful and spiteful person he’s become. He truely is the most shallow person alive to still expect a playboy bunny as a servent to his every desire, and support him as well. Asshole.

  13. xMarty182x says:

    Ah will not hauled back mah indoored reigh

  14. SuperMagichan says:

    “A) She is single and boyfriend-free, B) she is pretty and easy on my eyes. C) I can feel a good aura around her.” Translation: she’s hot, I can get her china, and she won’t cry rape. Oh Chris. You are ever so shallow.

  15. Gg66dolphin says:

    there is another difference between Chris and Micheal Jackson. Jackson was weird but had talent. Chris is just flat out distrubing……and he still brings up Clyde Cash

  16. DragonFly122 says:

    @atomicmask Chris is going to have much better luck falling for a troll posing as a girl who meets his high standards and that doesn’t say much.

  17. MTVHater420 says:

    We better not piss of Chris guys, or he’ll beat us up in LittleBigPlanet.

  18. atomicmask says:

    I do not think the beautiful people want an ugly, fat, retarded individual who does not speak clearly around them either, so perhaps you should be content to have ANYONE want to be around you, let alone be friends with you. Remove the plank from your eye before judging the sliver in others.

  19. videogamenostalgia says:

    @ZyxthePest Well they’re both children inside adult bodies, but Chris is an open sexual pervert, and people don’t know about MJ…

  20. ZyxthePest says:

    @videogamenostalgia I think even MJ would be terrified of Chris…

  21. videogamenostalgia says:

    @ZyxthePest Michael Jackson was Chris’ abusive babysitter!!!

  22. NOTC3NTAURS says:

    ”I dislike you through factors that are largely out of your control. Your very being disgusts me and if you don’t fit my slightly widened, but still limited, view of what’s ”normal” then fuck you.


  23. coneyislanddiscomark says:

    Chris doesn’t like ugly people???? Nobody on this planet is worse looking than Chris!

  24. LulzIshall says:

    I love how Sack-Anon is all awesomeface.jpg while Chris is attempting to attack him.

  25. somename69 says:

    2:54 I lol’d he used awesome face for trolls. If he used troll face I would have came.

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