A video οf mу son аחԁ tһе cat. Tһе cat іѕ laying οח һіѕ train set

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25 Responses to “Autism vs Cat”
  1. the1princefrank says:

    i still have my train track =D but i cant leave it out any more because the children mess it up which makes me angry, but i still love it!

  2. longrangesnipe says:

    what a little fat fuking shit why dosnt he move his fat ass and go get a fuking hobby…..

  3. radketim says:

    I sure hope you have the book, “All Cats Have Asperger’s Syndrome”.

  4. AtelierBrantgans says:

    My son lays tracks from his bedroom through the corridor to the computer room. He used to lay tracks through my tiny living room (an attic), but after I almost broke my ankle, I prefer his bedroom.
    I’ve favored another video from you, because I think there’s even more familiarity in our situations than I thought first. But I won’t write that here on the Comment area

  5. AustDingo says:

    LOL… excatly

  6. AustDingo says:

    This track is now 3 times the size since I uploaded this video. We think his goal is to make it big enough to go around the house. :-)

  7. AustDingo says:

    If this happened now he would scream blue murder, he’s learnt the cat hates that. Back then he was afraid of the cat because he’d seen it lash out at the dogs.
    FYI— The Thomas set is now 3 times the size and he makes the track go from his bedroom to the lounge room. :-)

  8. PinkPunkyKat says:

    I love her expression at 1:17. It’s like she’s saying, “This is “you’re” train?”

  9. PinkPunkyKat says:

    The cat seems to know she is agravating him and is doing so just to tick him off, just like a sibling. I think your son handled it very well. He didn’t hit or lash out at her. I can relate though. I have autism and if anyone would so much as look at something related to my special intrest, all hell broke loose.

  10. AtelierBrantgans says:

    Hi, I stumbled on your video, when enterring search words to see if anyone can find my video “Rabbit follows Cat”.
    Nice track your son layed out. My son has just as large a set of rails and can make interesting tracks too. I discoverd more familiarity than I expected at first.

    rgrds, Hanneke

  11. lydiapandora says:

    The cat seems to say, whatever, you won’t have me this time, I’m staying.

  12. philsaspiezone says:

    really gorgeous cat

  13. asmastest says:

    doushe bag u said tha last vid was funny

  14. KaylisAmericanis says:

    Trav would hate it at my house: Whenever anyone has anything laid out anywhere (papers, books, etc) the cats will flop down and not move. And there are six of them!

    You guys seem like a fun bunch!

  15. secretplay90 says:

    lol go cat ^_^
    to bad autism lost thow he was repersenting the houle autistic spetum disorder. lol gf

  16. huddo121 says:

    wicked train set up, i love doing creative construction stuff like that, k’nex, meccano, lego, fuckin’ love it all.

  17. CherieAutismMom says:

    LOL.. that was great… I have a 5 year old son with Autism. We are from Ontario, Canada.

  18. AllBusiness14701 says:

    hahaha great vid

  19. AustDingo says:

    Trav usually ignores all the pets, much like ya brother but this time “Cat was on Thomas”. :-) Now the only time he pays the cat any attn is if it goes into his room then he just screams “Get Out”. The tone and volume he uses scares the cat.

  20. psushgirl says:

    lol that was awesome. and i’m w/ missangie29: my 12-yr old brother just ignores our cat most of the time, unless the cat is in his way in which case, he steps over him and continues on his way.


  21. AustDingo says:

    This one is what I call my” P.R” video title”Barndos Mother of the year Ad”
    This one is what I call my” Look at the crap I put her thru” video title “Chasing M-Fer”

  22. matt357 says:

    cna you show your wife in a vid?

  23. patiencepoet says:


  24. AustDingo says:

    Thats the very reason the bell is so big.
    Cant send ya 1 but I can advise you go to an arts and crafts store/ section and have a look for small bells, find one you think ya cat can handle, the attach the bell to the collar.
    Word of warning though, while it’s great idea and works it can also be annoying when ya cat is just walking around the house. :-)

  25. mungojorie says:

    brilliant!! that is the biggest damn bell i’ve ever seen on a cat!!! can you send me one? every day ther is a new, mauled bird/vol/rabbit on my back porch. ;)

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