10yr οƖԁ autistic boy – ԁοеѕ һіѕ school speech οח ‘life having autism

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13 Responses to “Autism – What is it?”
  1. MONIQUEIJ says:

    oh very nice speech

  2. MadamMusuc says:

    Hi green girl. At my sons’ school with was in the farm. Lots of farm trucks passing by. Plus my video camera was cheap and nasty….

  3. GreenGirl444 says:

    nice boy!
    where was this held though, very loud?

  4. UKSpeedCuber says:

    English/American. Autistic children tend not to speak in normal tongue but somewhat create their own language.

  5. pencil108 says:

    I HAV E Autism i huv helpar with me

  6. majcherek128 says:


  7. 1210donna says:

    ya, very cool.

  8. ExilLarkdanx says:

    Which language is this in?

  9. callumleo says:

    Neither can i.

  10. pauleunsung says:

    He did a wonderful job!!

  11. vannehxx says:

    Aww, that was great.

  12. HikaruYamamoto says:

    i can’t hear a single word

  13. MadamMusuc says:

    He was just incredible! – MUM

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