Today’s ѕһοw іѕ going tο bе a ƖіttƖе different.

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21 Responses to “Autism”
  1. ja118 says:

    so ur saying .. your autistic child is better than a down syndrome child … white people are sooo fucked .

  2. sk84alife says:

    @blackstarzero you didnt get what i meant.

    i meant this: hitting a pregnant girl is acctually doing something (not saying that isnt horrible but it does “something” meaning she could loose her child) what of course is shit!

    i wasnt saying something against people with autism. i know how it looks like. sorry :)

  3. pimphatandcoat says:

    lolololol ur a idiot just cuz i have autism doesn’t make me a mini hulk im not green and im not muscular

    and the thing you just said about “with great power comes great responsibility” dude thats just cheesy as hell

  4. blackstarzero says:

    Oh how cute a child who believes himself enlightened, and wise.

  5. blackstarzero says:

    If any child is misbehaving they need to be corrected appropriately, so scolding is ok but not if it is done with anger or hatred.

  6. DLJ585 says:

    flouride in water

  7. DLJ585 says:

    what about scolding them when they do something wrong, like Cmmon Dont do thaaaat…

  8. qmop2 says:

    I just found out my nephew has autism.

  9. blackstarzero says:

    Autism doesn’t make you strong or weak how you live your life and other genetics decide that. The reason you hear so much about autistic people is because we make good news. So please stop looking at us as if we are any less than you because we are your equals.

  10. InfiniteSpace001 says:

    Im just afraid that with that amount of power they have they some form of restraint, a wise man once said “With great power comes great responsibility”.

    That isnt the only time I have heard of somebody with down syndrome attacking a nerologically typical person, I have heard many stories where people basically say how difficult it is to restrain what is in effect a mini Hulk.

  11. blackstarzero says:

    Just because your autistic doesn’t mean your a good person or a bad person just like being a nerologically typical doesn’t mean your a bad person or a good person. What that person did was bad no can dispute that but the actions of one person do not define an entire community. Further more autistic people are often abused physically, socially, mentally and sexually by nerotypical people however it is rare for an autistic person to attack another in any way shape or form.

  12. InfiniteSpace001 says:

    I used to think that people with that sort of problem should recieve as much help as they needed , however something that happened at my brothers school changed my mind.

    They had an autistic person in the class who couldnt really be controlled, one day he took a fancy to a school friend of his and tried to have sex with her, due to his immense, almost super human strength he was able to over power her before the teacher could seperate them.

    He beat beat her so bad she is still blind in one eye

  13. blackstarzero says:

    HELL NO!!! Hitting an autistic child to try to make them become “normal” makes as much sense as hitting pregnant woman in the stomach with a baseball bat as hard as possible.

  14. InfiniteSpace001 says:

    Only watched it to 1:07 and I have to say it seems he is just a kid who wasnt hit enough, Do you agree with that?

  15. blackstarzero says:

    Its a decent video however it still call autistic people broken and implies that we are less than other people, which isn’t acceptable.

  16. blackstarzero says:

    Kim Peak was a savant he was not autistic and most likely had FG syndrome also known as Opitz-Kaveggia syndrome.

  17. justalittlehcocrazii says:

    omigosh he’s soo cute!!

  18. Piepenguin6 says:

    I think Kim peak is autistic and if he is he’s the SMARTEST person in the world

  19. NinjaMike28 says:

    i have a friend in school who has autism, he doesnt particularly like talking and he repeatedly bites his nails when he has almost no nails but his intelligence is very high. i mean in english class he got the HIGHEST mark and fairly well in other subjects too.

  20. NiBelangrijk says:

    That’s a really great kid :)
    And it’s true, a lot of people who are autistic aren’t dumb. In fact there are some really talented people in that group.

  21. idideroo says:

    But its not just you, the medical community really refuses to even look at vaccines as a possibility. im not saying all vaccines are bad, but there are wayyy too many, especially in little kids. those are toxins. ive heard countless stories of parents saying their kids went into a blank state after getting the multiple vaccines, there is a ton of evidence that vaccines are the cause of this sudden disease and the rates have gone up since more vaccines have gone up. look up the amish for example

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