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25 Responses to “AUTISM/ASPERGERS/ ADHD MERCURY/MMR10/MMR/graham parker”
  1. slonerider777 says:


  2. notommr says:

    Tell me about it? who wouldnt though?

    cheers ..

  3. batigol47 says:

    Your son is awfully young for you to already be writing him off so.

  4. notommr says:

    Anyone would do the same he would do it for us if it were roll reversal which sadly it cant be…

  5. batigol47 says:

    According to the generation rescue study. I didn’t write it. And only one of us isn’t thinking. Maybe it is just cause you lost your cap?

    What is your insistence on screwing up the word “you’re”?

  6. truvelocity says:

    Your saying that the 1.5x higher rate of autism amongst unvaccinated girls is a statistic in the US or the UK?

    You unthinking bitch. I really fucking hope someone stomps on your head for what you doing to this poor mother who posted this vlog.

  7. truvelocity says:

    Thanks for this vlog. It’s really hard that you have to give up all of your life to care for your child. It leaves one very exhausted, financially broke, and in desperate need of support from your community.

  8. batigol47 says:

    That is a patent lie.

  9. batigol47 says:

    Aside from the 1.5x higher rate of autism amongst all unvaccinated girls.

  10. zgadgets says:

    look into ZEOLITE

    zeolite is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, and it has a microscopic honeycomb-like crystalline structure of cavities and cages. Waste water studies show that this structure has the ability to attract, trap, bind and remove various heavy metals and toxins such as mercury, lead and arsenic.

  11. zgadgets says:

    You have to get rid of the Heavy Metals in his body …They test Hair Follicals to see if he is releasing the mercury ..All autistic kids have no mercury in the follical other kids release it that way so they have mercury in the follical

  12. hopethb says:

    I happy to heard that, Thank for sharing first time when I see this video I thought you give up that is why I wrote comment, but now you give me peace in my mine. knowing you didn’t give up, there is hope in our kids. Good luck and God bless you

  13. notommr says:

    We do a lot HBOT ,Diet,Enzymes,etc and are looking towards Stem Cell treatment if we can raise the dosh..thanks for the kind words of support and my appoligies if it gets a bit graphic on here but the public need to know the truth…

  14. hopethb says:

    “SPLATUALI….” said his health will come back with organic food. we are not a Doctor just we see some kids recovered so please find a Doctor who knows what he is doing and ask if he can help your son. b12 is good but is not work for all kids. I didn’t try any thing except the diet. which I see some good thing about it.
    I want to say this is a behavior he will grew out with. like some kids used to shake hands. keep doing what you are doing he is so cute and strong and happy. don’t give up.

  15. notommr says:

    Well i could do another video but it would be much the same if not worse,i dont see any impriovement in his daily skills his giggiling has reduced but this has been replaced by other more mature activities…

    smell the MB12 hon its real…

  16. notommr says:

    Sorry the staus quo remains much the same if anything worse as he now masterbates everywhere and even in Tescos..such is life eh!!!

  17. hopethb says:

    I agree with you but you shouldn’t make this video all 3 minute about your child
    your arenot the only one, some of us are same situation as you are, so please take this video out it breaks my heart to see it. it is too painful to see what our autism children go through daily.still is hope he might come out with your help.
    I would like to see his progress.

  18. Carecrowe says:

    I agree with iamhungary
    It is a huge terrible situation and I admire your strength in having to cope, please don’t despair and keep your thoughts positive.

  19. icecreamandsingasong says:


  20. aspie101 says:

    Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment. My brother and I got the MMR and I am the autistic sibling, not him.

  21. notommr says:

    Well you cant make it up just look at the video..go to JABS a uk based forum plenty parents on it with shocking stories

    good luck

  22. sarshoti32 says:

    if it is a reasult of mmr vaccine. as a parent, it is heart breaking. i’ve got nearly 9 year old daughter i am very confused whether to go for mmr or not….

  23. splatuality says:

    20 Years back is a big call ..but if you Go On a heavy metal cleanse.. eat only organic foods and health should return .
    What every you do avoid pharacuticals and their Evil Dr’s

  24. baphometswrath says:

    Hans Aspergers C.V is odd!

  25. notommr says:

    The evidence is in the screen ,he was meeting his markers set out in his red book by the health vistor,and then MMR hasnt spoken since and has disintigrated further than the human state he was born with ..dont talk to me about evidence you arse..


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