A short video featuring mу brother οח people wіtһ Autism іח tһе workplace.

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25 Responses to “Autism/Employment Video”
  1. cjellwood says:

    is this just my opinion or are there lots of people seemingly mis-diagnosed with autism? Just because someone looks odd and has difficulties does not mean they have autism

  2. electrogeek77 says:

    Last time I checked, physical features are not affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. For example, I have Asperger’s, but I’m just downright fugly on my own.

  3. hotmessify says:

    shinguel, my 14 yr old son is autistic. he approaches strangers too. and as you said, it’s scarey cuz of how people react and also because they ARE strangers.

  4. MONIQUEIJ says:

    je is a great employer good job.

  5. safetykidvids says:

    This video is horribly dangerous. Please see my video response IMMEDIATELY.

  6. nagaempress says:

    He needs to see a AS Psych. He needs to replace the action with something else. They know how to get through :) I have AS and have exp with them

  7. gamiezion says:

    i think the best thing is to explain to the stranger that your friend is autistic and attempt to get your friends attention on something other then the stranger

    its no good trying to physically remove his hands from the stranger though, it only agitates him, most likely making him hold on longer, as his mind will be too filled with all the input (the stranger, yourself/other friends/the enviroment, etc.)

  8. meekainc says:

    What a wonderful employer! Keep up the excellent work!

  9. shinguel says:

    actually he is my friend but her mom pays me becoz sometimes i stay in their house and help/assist him for his daily routine(summer job)… i hope he would have a great health becoz he is really a good boy he save up to a thousand euro by making Greeting cards and donate it to a foundation he is really blessed i hope god will guide him…!

    tnx for your suggestion..

  10. xithbaby says:

    I would suggest just tell the stranger your friend is autistic and remain calm.. you’re a great friend.

  11. shinguel says:

    i think he is really hit by autism becoz his face is not normal as the other autistic child like…i mean there was quite deformities..

    but thx to your advice anyway…

  12. 002dk says:

    Have you tried writing to him in paper that he should not do that, or use pictures if he is heavily hit by autism… Worked with my younger brother.

  13. shinguel says:

    autistic child are good and sometimes the mood swing are unpredictable…i have a autistic friend and what scares me off is he holds a stranger for a couple of seconds and when you try to remove his hands from the stranger he wont…thats what im scared of becoz we dont know how people reacts…

    so please give me some advice..

  14. eyholmess says:

    I’ll write up a better reply as soon as you finish second grade reason comprehension.

  15. sempron3100 says:

    That you are autisic with strange behaviour as best, does not mean that most autistics are assholes.

  16. eyholmess says:

    Except for the fact that that’s not at all what im claiming. Im saying not all autistic people are awesome and that some of them are, in fact, assholes just like there are people without autism that are complete assholes.

  17. catsofsaturn says:

    I am disputing your claim that they are assholes…

  18. eyholmess says:

    So you are disputing my claim that not all people with autism are awesome and friendly people?

  19. catsofsaturn says:

    because you seem to speak before you research and try to understand…that makes you a jerk…

  20. cuneo13 says:

    I really enjoyed viewing the video. My son is still only 5. Nevertheless, it gives hope to the distant future. Moreover, I always enjoy hearing a success story of an adult or child with Autism.

  21. eyholmess says:

    Elaborate. How does my statement that not all people with autism are friendly unicorn farting gifts from God make me a jerk?

  22. catsofsaturn says:

    the real jerk is you…

  23. drtgreatwhites says:

    Empolyment !!

  24. eyholmess says:

    And that excuses them from being assholes? Almost everyone has to put up with stupid and ignorant people all day every day.

  25. LarryB1984 says:

    He has Autism…..but it doesnt have him!

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