A dedication tο those wһο raise tһеіr voice аחԁ lend a hand іח tһе recovery аחԁ aide οf autistic children. Special thank уου tο Mаrk Leland & Tim Calhoun fοr permission іח υѕе οf song. Raise уουr voice fοr tһеѕе children. If уουr child һаѕ οr уου suspect autism, I recommend TACA (Talk Abουt Curing Autism Now). Oυr road іѕ one οf recovery. Iח memory οf Wyatt Holliday.

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14 Responses to “Autism’s Raising A Voice – Mark Leland’s Missing Pieces”
  1. ivy1992 says:

    @IOImagination so sorry, I don’t know what I was doing at that time (I suppose I had no time :) ) but I watched it again and you really gave your heart in it. Thank you and I apologize.

  2. HABANITA24 says:

    What a beautiful song for my little Michael who has Autism. This is a tear jerker but lovely song.

  3. IOImagination says:

    Thank you. I would like to encourage you as a mother to mother that recovery is possible. I truly believe that we are their voice and must do what we can for them.

  4. mommieslone says:

    I have a 7 yr old son. This made me cry. You did a wonderful job!!

  5. ukchristian28 says:

    Excellent. Thanks for posting!

  6. IOImagination says:

    Thank you for your comment and I hope it spoke to your heart. Clips are intentionally slow to absorb this beautiful life of Wyatt Holliday who died in a horrible car accident with his father. Opposing counsel told mom, “well your child was autistic and would never have amounted to much anyway.” Wyatt was in recovery at the time and his life is worth perserving and savoring. Other photos are of my own son who has autism and also in recovery. I will take your notes to heart with my next video.

  7. ivy1992 says:

    beautiful song, but too slow clips

  8. to1430 says:

    This is a beautiful video! I am so sorry for your loss. I wish Caleb a wonderful future and may God bless you both. What a wonderful way to carry on Wyatts memory with all you do for Autism. You are helping so many people! Your story will stick with me. My thoughts are with you and God Bless!

  9. LuvRickman says:

    So beautiful…I have a child whom I believe to be somewhere on the autism spectrum….I need to get a proper diagnosis. Your vids are gorgeous!

  10. bmxtrix123 says:

    Very nice video… 5 stars!!!

  11. IOImagination says:

    I agree 100%. “Defeat” is used in the DAN program. (Defeat Autism Now”). These highly trained teams have seen the internal workings in these children. They are finding severe inflamation, very high in testosterone. Biologically, they are a mess. And YES, these families NEED support. They need insurance to pay for autism. They need schools NOT to throw out the children for behavior problems. They NEED respite care. Divorce rate is 80% in first 5 yrs of diag. 95% w/in 10 yrs. Raise Your Voice!

  12. amason09 says:

    Beautiful video by the way. Almost brought me to tears.

  13. amason09 says:


    I don’t think ‘Defeat’ is the best word to use for this. What autistic people (not just children!) need is support.

  14. bluebel23 says:

    i think this video is carefully thought about n the song says alot well done for the awareness

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