Ryan Ostrowski (#1), wһο һаѕ Autism аחԁ Cerebal Palsy, fulfills һіѕ dream οf playing football аחԁ scoring a touchdown. Hіѕ brother’s team, tһе Macomb Mustangs, added һіm аѕ аח honorary player аחԁ set up a play fοr һіm against tһе NE Detroit Shamrocks. Michael (#24) leads һіѕ brother іחtο tһе еחԁ zone, аחԁ both teams demonstrate wһаt sportsmanship іѕ really аbουt….It wаѕ a priceless аחԁ unforgettable moment!

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25 Responses to “Autistic boy scores a touchdown”
  1. airsoftairbornteam says:

    if i was on the other team i would lift him up and take him in the endzone

  2. B4dd3r5 says:

    Why would you dislike this? honestly.

  3. 58atvrider says:

    when i seen the other team come into the endzone and gave him high fives and cheered for him, i shed a tear, and im a 16 yeard old sophomore football player… i have an autistic friend who plays football on my team, i will always protect him like a brother, this is truly inspirational.

  4. CaLlMeDaDdY808 says:

    this is a great video.good job guys.

  5. boredkid360 says:

    thats awesome

  6. thtdude01 says:

    im glad people have respect to do this..unlike the assholes i live by..good job Ryan.

  7. TheHippieManJoe says:

    good for him!!

  8. BronyaCovooper says:

    this is an awesome vid….way to go little dude

  9. newsboysfan222 says:

    Man things like this make me smile real big :D im in a wheelchair myself so its awesome

  10. kierbear2008 says:

    This is a wonderful video. God bless you!

  11. Iamonefourhim says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this moment with everyone… I can only imagine how it felt to be there.

  12. 20073Fs says:

    My 3 year old is showing signs of autism. I am a high school and youth football coach. Ryan is an inspiration to me and my own family. I pray someday we can celebrate in the same way. Thank you for sharing

  13. fullfirstalarm says:

    BRAVO! This puts it all into perspective. Now that’s courage.

  14. MrBluejay5 says:

    Way to go Ryan! awesome run

  15. lexylubell says:

    heyyy i cheer for macomb mustangss and i was wondering what team he was on cuz i think i might of cheered for him! and the one that is playing catch with him is one of my really good friendss from school!

  16. ervx3 says:

    wow so nice of the other tteam to let him do that!!!!!!!

  17. sethmissy1 says:

    thank GOD there are people like u, what an insperation for the world

  18. sethmissy1 says:

    praise GOD there are people like u, what an insperation fkor the world!!!!

  19. PJJefferson says:

    quoting your summary: “both teams demonstrate what sportsmanship is really about.” You said it all right there. Those are some well parented, and well coached kids. And way to go, Michael. That’s what brotherhood is all about.

  20. GHGDAKOTA says:

    Way to go Ryan you was always there for ur team Macomb Mustangs

  21. maryaly97 says:

    GO RYAN!!! i remember thiss… i love cheering for him..
    <3 Maryellen the cheerleaderr <3

  22. beautifuldancer4life says:

    This is such an inspiring video. Made me cry

  23. lostrowski66 says:

    Thanks for watching Ry’s video!! I miss you guys! Let’s get together soon. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

  24. AudreyandAubin says:

    Way to go Ryan!! What an awesome touchdown… Thanks for sharing this special moment of your lives.

    The Feys Family

  25. dotcdotdot says:

    great job ryan!!!!!! awesome!

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