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11 Responses to “Autistic Introduction”
  1. thewildeman2 says:

    @Sitheis2009 Well said.

  2. Sitheis2009 says:

    I agree that people who have one disorder often have more than one. My disorders are autism, Learning Difficulities, and I think I may have dyslexia and dysclagsia although I’ve never been diagnosed with them. I believe that everybody has some sort of disorder. It’s just that some have more extream difficulties than others.

  3. Sitheis2009 says:

    good video.

  4. AutieParentsUnited says:

    Everyone makes fun of me when I don’t understand jokes, that my 16yr old sister even got. I also don’t show emotions…even at funeral. It sucks.

  5. thewildeman2 says:

    You are welcome.

  6. LadyLee32 says:

    Thank u for the vedio. It help me more then u will ever know. I have a son who is autistic, and it has been so hard for us. I wanted to make a vedio to talk to u, but i am crying as I tpye. I don’t know wha the world is so cruel. Thank you for the input and I will be wacthing more.

  7. thewildeman2 says:

    Hey, I took down the Savage vids because I am trying to work with agents and publishers and I am trying to clean up the appearance and do better scale videos in general. Thank you for the Kudos tho. Send me a message on your son and tell me what they are saying is ‘mainstream’. Which form of autism does he have?

  8. whitewave1027 says:

    also I also share you hope that your son grow up without the hardships you did. I was also undiagnosed, and although I had a very loving family background school was more or less a torture chamber of dispair for me!! lol Now my son’s school system is pushing to “mainstream” my son and I am terrified of it.

  9. whitewave1027 says:

    Kudos to you for speaking out…I wish I had the time and guts to make videos like this of myself. (I also have autism as well as my son). I wish you hadn’t taken you video response to Michael Savage off…it was great and I actually had it posted on my Myspace page under “heros” lol. Keep up the good work and thanks!

  10. thewildeman2 says:

    Thank you, good sister.

  11. proudmommy78 says:

    This is a great video and well said my brother.

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