Charlie wаѕ diagnosed wіtһ Autistic Spectrum Disorder wіtһ Tics. Tһеѕе аrе ѕοmе οf tһе behaviors tһаt һе displays.

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10 Responses to “Autistic Spectrum Disorder with Tics”
  1. Nicolajay2001 says:

    @synthjohn100 My daughter has that same problem shes 9 and has been diognosed wid autism but acts quite normal( if u ignore her lil quirks like her two fingers waving around and her high pitched squeals when excited) around us and adults yet when it comes to other children its like she doesnt know how to socialise or what to do around them….It tears the heart out watching them like that doesnt it?

  2. synthjohn100 says:

    Some people cant see the wood for the trees.

    My lad can communicate well with adults and they think he is great
    but in a social setting with other peers he stands out like a sore thumb.

    he is Alone in his Autism with few friends

  3. pobbart13 says:

    @tabbykatification pussy

  4. tabbykatification says:

    This video was really touching. I cried :’(

  5. tabbykatification says:

    @52olly I can speak. I use my hands to communicate as well. I actually have an above average variety of vocabulary. Yet I am still autistic.

  6. bozzykinz says:

    He is beautiful hun…. xx

  7. bozzykinz says:

    @52olly you cant really comment like that as you don’t know what he is like all the time. As she says he has a diagnosis so the professionals obviously think he is on the spectrum.

  8. 52olly says:

    Yes he is spinning, but he’s waiting for you to open it. When did a toddler talking to himself become a symptom of autism?
    Autism is a social communication disorder. Your son communicates beautifully and using his hands to communicate is called gesturing. Not only is it normal but it shows hm clearly interacting with you.
    Rolling the tape in this instance is no different to us doodling. I suggest he is clealy processing thoughts. He also plays pretend.
    So where’s the autism?

  9. cardinal12803 says:

    Handsome little guy!!! :)

  10. goddessbluebaby says:

    very touching!!!!!!

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