www.nvic.org prisonplanet.tv Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder οf tһе National Vaccine Information Center, founded bу parents οf vaccine injured children.

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25 Responses to “Barbara Loe Fisher on Alex Jones Tv:The Age of Autism 1/3”
  1. istan50 says:

    you must be proud every time someone get polio or now the whooping cough outbreak in Calif. What piece of work,

  2. sleepcity says:

    Haha! Two absolute crank conspiracy theorists with zero education talking conspiracy theories. How interesting….*yawn*

    Would be great if Ms. Fisher went back to undergraduate college and learned what science is and how it actually works. Would save her a lot of time and energy…

  3. abby495 says:

    Oh Fuck Hep B too f*ck.

  4. abby495 says:

    WTF ok nevermind the last shot.

  5. abby495 says:

    Yeah not to mention people who are not vaccinated travel. I think this is dangerous I know of 2 people one who only vaccinated her 1st born and not her 2nd.I think taking the risks is necessary if minimal but I also want to know the truth behind whatever the h*ll is in the vaccine that may or may not cause Autism. After all that can’t be an easy diagnosis for anyone.

  6. abby495 says:

    Is delayed speech ( say someone started speaking late like age 2 or 3) & inability to speak at times symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome?

  7. Darokthar says:

    It is stupid not to take vaccines. If there were no vaccines we would still live with the pox.

    With the tool of vaccines and enough people getting vaccinated it would be possible drive other viruses into extinction, too. What you are doing is lying and with this lies you are killing hundreds.

    All infants dying on measles could be prevented. If measles exist for more generations all the children are dead because they did not get vaccinated. Don’t believe the antivax movement.

  8. JoILoe says:

    my surname name is Loe

  9. insanesugarpain says:

    NO to vaccines.

  10. FynFlyte says:

    Vaccines are poison. Do not be fooled by junk science and lies. Vaccines are killing people.

  11. shineurlite says:

    I am a Fisher too, and we are kindred. Wouldn’t you like to be a fisher too…lol

    What she speaks of I am trying to get out to friends and family…with MUCH resistance, as well…
    WARNING: do not take the poison!!

    I have 6 children, 3 (G), 3 (B), two whom are grown….many, many issues w/ being a guinea pig for the gov., especially because we were military dependents!!!! I want to share my experience and I personally want to fight!!!!l

  12. Gettinghitonattheban says:

    What we need to do is rise up as individuals to get rid of the State once and for all. Electing leaders for your own means is intellectuality sloth, and perverts all ideas, no matter the intentions. You can not have a government and a free society. ANARCHY NOW! LET THE PEOPLE GOVERN THEMSELVES.

  13. jaheenan77 says:

    Yeah me neither, i never take bullshit flu shots.

  14. Poonard says:

    boycotting something you’re not sure about?

  15. sdara357 says:

    no to vaccine

  16. redneckpatriot01 says:

    Not any more than regular sugar.

  17. poodle559 says:

    unfounded or not……….the point is you should be free to choose if you want the shots or not, personally i would’nt go anywhere near them.

  18. Cazachamucos says:

    boycott vaccines, we are not sure the are good anymore….

  19. pdietz1997 says:

    Your statements are unfounded about vaccines. maybe you should look at real data!

  20. Renegen1 says:

    It’s still bad.

  21. Highlander4ever says:

    I was one of the lucky ones. I was the only one in the entire school who didn’t comply with the education system!

    So they got the $funds$ to start a special needs class for only one student lol!

    Being subjected to extreme boredom for 3 hours everyday, alone in a room was worse then durgs in my book. That oppressive progame nearly killed my childhood. Social interaction was limited and i only saw new kids in my class….Years later who had REAL mental problems. LIKE WHAT A FUCKING JOKE LOL!

  22. psxwarrior says:

    Yeah, and then when they get a little rowdy in school, they give the kids ridolin. Total big pharma garbage.

  23. thatsmyjammbox says:

    i won’t even get a flu shot because i’m afraid of what’s even in what’s being put into me.

  24. streetlif9 says:

    Rise op and Don’t buy it. Abstain from vaccines. And if forced–because they do…rise up again.

  25. animeownage86 says:

    Waiting to gather support can only go so far they will only wait so long before their full plan goes into motion when they are ready or they sense us getting too much support they will hit us with fake terrorist attacks by releasing what’s in the CDC and with Nuclear attacks. We can’t let that happen if it does many will die and our man power and resources will be severely cut, and their will be nothing left of this country to defend. Im not dieing of Ebola or Vaporization.

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