www.nvic.org prisonplanet.tv Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder οf tһе National Vaccine Information Center, founded bу parents οf vaccine injured children.

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25 Responses to “Barbara Loe Fisher on Alex Jones Tv:The Age of Autism 2/3”
  1. abby495 says:

    No she’s against.

  2. mtakman says:

    This bitch is going to force our kids to take this vacine and make them more sick

  3. zzxzqwq says:

    Read simon braon cohen. There are many people with mild autism it is not a dissability. It is just being different and this increase in diagnosis is just designed in my view to wipe out competition this is game theory take out the competition tell them they are freaks and wipe them out. Mild autims is actually normal. And those with extreme autism need to be helped. People with mild autims are just people more male orientated brains. they should not be wiped out. :

  4. zzxzqwq says:

    This is my point. I went on one video and some people were sayingt they would have abortions rather than have mildy autistic people even though mildly autistic people are not reallity disabled and are just not good at social skills. So this obbsession about autissm means people with mild differences are going to be wiped out. Even thoguh it has been part of nature. It is a male spectrum dissorder so is this just ladyboy types trying to wipe out people at another end of the spectrum.

  5. kensei85 says:

    “Trying to con autistic people into thinking they are freaks”.

    I’ve said nothing of the kind u ass. Have you not heard a SINGLE FUCKING WORD of this interview!?

    They’re talking about how vaccines cause autism, and you’re saying that isn’t true, which is ignorant bolx.
    All I do is defend that argument and your saying I’m trying to make autistic people feel like freaks!
    What the fuck man!? Do you want more children to have these vaccines and then suffer from autism for the rest of their lives?!?

  6. zzxzqwq says:

    Fuck you prick. You are the asshole an uneducated cunt talking about stuff you have no fucking idea about. Trying to con autistic people into thinking they are freaks for having a different region on the spectrum. Read simon baron cohen you prick read him now. then come back to me.

  7. zzxzqwq says:

    1. You insulted me you cunt. I am not showing you any respect you idiot.
    2. It is fucking natural you are the biggest dickhead in history. It has happened like mental illness has always happened. You are an utter prat. People over 40 years old have autism. It is not something that only started recentely.
    3. You are part of the make people with autism think they are a freaks idea. fuck off you prick. Autism has existed throughout human history.

  8. kensei85 says:

    HA! That’s real nice of you, this dickhead
    zzxzqwq, just posted the following comments on my videos-

    “boring wanker”
    “You are fucking kid. What pisshead.”
    “As i said you are nutter. fuck you ”

    It’s lucky that my video comments require approval, isn’t it- asshole?

  9. kensei85 says:

    LOL noted is your total lack of responce to my three prior questions:

    -I see you are clearly postgrad qualified: with your articulate nature and coherant, well-structured and thought provoking arguments & points;
    -You CAN’T prove autism is a naturally occuring condition;
    -Nor can you sling mud at me for ‘mouthing off about autism‘, as I don’t- I question the nature of it for the sake of people who needlessly suffer with it.

    BTW- if you’re looking at my vids, watch “Stairway to Hell”! ;)

  10. zzxzqwq says:

    Fuck off and die you evil bastard your entire profile is just bull shit about pryamids fuck you nutcase.

  11. zzxzqwq says:

    Fuck you shithead. I have postgrad qualifications I am far better educated than you. You just talk like scum, just some fucked up loser who wanted to goad someone with autism. Now fuck off and die you evil little cunt. You are an idiot who knows fuck all about what you are talking about.

  12. kensei85 says:

    Hey, u don’t have autism, it’s called mental retardation LOL

    I said to put a pic of your “postgrad degree” up, u coulda blacked your name out, and BTW I really don’t give a fuck about u enough to want to do anything lol you’re a paranoid nut.

    “I’ve provided u with the fucking video u bastard.”

    What video?? You’re talking shit.

    “Many people have had autism for centuries”

    Care to prove it rather than just calling people “cunts”?

    “stop stigmatising them as all incapable”

    I didn’t- quote me?

  13. zzxzqwq says:

    No I got mu qualifications from, proper universities. You are just a dumb fuck nut piss of.

  14. zzxzqwq says:

    Fuck off you are a total cunt. You tried to get me to reveal my name, then you would have hounded me as you saw me as an easy target for your hatred, you are a total cunt.

  15. zzxzqwq says:

    A picture of the diploma. Would tell you what uni’s i went o you moron. I am not going down that road. You are a sinister turd. I have provided you with the fucking video you bastard. Many people have had mild autism for centuries, stop stigmatising them as all incapable.

  16. kensei85 says:

    C’mon, where did you graduate? “DegreesOvernightDOTcom”? lol

  17. kensei85 says:

    “Fuck you ignorant scum.”

    There’s only one person here that fits the criteria of “ignorant scum” and deserves to go fuck himself, and it’s YOU!

  18. kensei85 says:

    “I have provided evidence that mild autism is something that people can cope with, and is natural.”

    No, you have done the opposite & provided NO evidence that autism is natural, nor that you have autism, nor that u have a post-graduate degree.

    “There is no way on earth i would send you my photos names or address I know your sinister type. I am not an idiot. You would hound me a for years.”

    I didn’t ask for any of that, idiot, I told you to post a pic of your diploma to prove you’re not lying.

  19. zzxzqwq says:

    You are an idiot. I had an argument with someone where the guy was offensive to me so i was offensive back and then you waded in and treated me like i had been offensive to polite people. You seem an idiot.
    There is no way on earth i would send you my photos names or address I know your sinister type. I am not an idiot. You would hound me a for years.
    I have provided evidence that mild autism is something that people can cope with, and is natural. Fuck you ignorant scum.

  20. kensei85 says:

    I was responding to your points on ‘natural autism‘, which if you check, I’m quite free to do.

    “Why did you wade into an argument that someone else started”

    I’m putting in my own PoV which is basically that u are wrong.

    “i have postgrad qualifications”

    Why don’t u prove it? You’re making many unsubstantiated claims. Why don’t u upload a pic of it to your channel?
    Actions speak louder than words, and your ad hominem abuse suggests that u don’t even have undergraduate qualifications.

  21. zzxzqwq says:

    Someone insulted me so i insulted them. Why did you wade into an argument that someone else started you are an idiot i have postgrad qualifications. I need no lectures from an idiot like you./I have no doubt you are an utter moron.

  22. kensei85 says:

    “your effort to tell people that mild autism is some sickening of life illness”

    Did I say anything of the sort? Um, no. Your swearing and abuse makes you look like a raving idiot with no educated points to make by the way.

  23. zzxzqwq says:

    kensei85 fuck you wanker. some shithead insulted me so insulted them fuck you cunt. What is the your fucking problem and how the fuck can i prove it to you, unless i give my name and address which I would never do to a nut like you.
    Watch this video /watch?v=2wt1IY3ffoU
    What I hate about shits like you is your effort to tell people that mild autism is some sickening of life illness. There are people with mild autism who can lead normal lives.

  24. kensei85 says:

    zzxzqwq- your argument is composed of “fuck off” and the word ‘cunt’, which shows your ignorance about the issue, especially when you’re contradicting what Barbara has to say. I don’t believe you have ‘natural autism‘ at all, prove it kid.

    “people like you will just kill anyone who is different bu claiming they are posioned”

    It’s obvious you didn’t listen to one single word of this interview. It’s the ones making the shots who want to harm people: the pharmaceutical-industrial complex.

  25. zzxzqwq says:

    The fact is people like you will just kill anyone who is different bu claiming they are posioned there have always been people with mental problmes and dissorders. It is natural.

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