www.nvic.org prisonplanet.tv Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder οf tһе National Vaccine Information Center, founded bу parents οf vaccine injured children.

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25 Responses to “Barbara Loe Fisher on Alex Jones Tv:The Age of Autism 3/3”
  1. abby495 says:

    You always hear that America is the land of the brave & free. Brave yeah free hard to say. One embraces the land of free speech, political asylums etc but it takes time to know all about the creepy things that those in power & authority do. I’m not talking about Autism b/c I dunno but I’m talking about all the LIES that we did find out about despite the fact that they were pushing our buttons of fear, confusion & chaos. WTF? When will the real AUTHORITY show up? Or is life just a joke?

  2. abby495 says:

    Yeah. I took the flu shot 2 yrs ago 1st time & it seemed ok but then I don’t usually get sick. Chemtrails like pesticides? Authority is creepy.

  3. insanesugarpain says:

    I never believed in the chemtrails conspiracy until I saw a graph-like pattern in the sky one day. It looked very intentional.

    Say NO to the swine flu vaccine this year.

  4. truthfreedom4all says:

    Check out SV40 in polio vaccines.

  5. TheGoodnessIsGood says:

    Vaccination is likely a big scam. I’m still researching it but already it is very very dubious and no doubt, no doubt they are NOW being used to distribute malicious contents into people. But before? I’m not sure: probably also then. As I say, still researching. I also missed a few shots, and I contribute that to being able to think more freely than many other people I see…

  6. afti123 says:

    my last 2 kids never were vaccinated, hence forth there are obeidiant, well manered, healthy quick to get over any illness, supremly intelligent. It is not the “law” .

  7. brooks999 says:

    i just put up some creepy chemtrail footage on my page

  8. tomahawkinman says:

    HANNIBALFL86, is a cock sucking, taking it up the ass by his dog, debunking, sheeple, follow the leader, slave, getting micro cipped up the ass piece of shit.

  9. netgemiplayer says:

    does Alex wear a toupee?cause he does that thing with his forehead that all people that wear them always do

  10. denveraspen says:

    make that your skies

  11. denveraspen says:

    Chemtrails imaginary? Do you use a see-eye dog?

    You are to afraid to look up into you skies. Wake up.

  12. alcass12 says:

    mmmm mercury… tasty..

  13. shameera93 says:

    read the bible the wicked ends up becoming servants and the ditches that they dig are the ones that they will be falling into they also become last and not first they a decieving but yet being decieved

  14. HannibalFL86 says:

    Now a reality rather.

  15. HannibalFL86 says:

    There is no evidence to your claims, polio however, is not a reality again.

    Chem trails, another imaginary threat, along with everything else you mentioned.

  16. HannibalFL86 says:

    People like you wear tinfoil hats and bark at the moon.

    Go suck on something else.

  17. tiatdivad says:

    We are waking up guys and THEY are scared shitless of US,thats why we should be concerned cos they will have no limits in terms of what they will do to maintain THEIR POWER…Down with the NWO enslavement agenda!!!
    Whatever it takes!!!1

  18. SATANSbankers says:

    Go suck on your Fluoride flavored Popsicle.

    People like you just love the taste of Paint Chips and Slavery to give it up.

  19. zerojoy says:

    this is so messed up

  20. corrob says:

    i am not against vaccines themselves, vaccines have saved millions of lives. our govt. has learned to take something good that saves lives that some regions of the world have to have to survive and use against us they are putting agents in the vaccines that are not needed like mercury, and these agents are harmful, you are vaccinated from the initial target disease but now you have been injected with a poison on a diff. level. they are taking good and using it for their own evil agenda

  21. poisonfume says:

    dewd, i heard there’s quite a common disease called Varicela (i know people who contacted it) if i’m not mistaken and that thing can leave you impotent for the rest of your days. so think again – would you prefer no vaccines at all?

  22. corrob says:

    well they would be good for you if the govt. didn’t put mercury and other unknown agents in the vacc.

  23. corrob says:

    yeah, the problem is it’s not a third world, it’s the worlds economic hub, almost every nation’s economy depends on the U.S. so that will make it a world dictatorship instead… gain control of a nation by controlling it’s money, the u.s. has the reigns of the worlds economy..

  24. corrob says:

    the problem is that the govt. is adding things to vaccines like mercury and other undisclosed agents in them, the govt. controls the labs that make these vacc. and they are using what should be good to do very bad things. polio may have resurfaced due to none vaccinations BUT now the side affects of using said vacc. are as bad, could actually be worse, it’s a slow method to turn everyone into completely submissive slaves that won’t fight back. fluoride- chemtrails- gmo foods

  25. corrob says:

    if “they” get what they want the internet is going to be censored and carefully watched in the near future and we will be labeled enemies of the state and deemed terrorists.

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