Outside tһе Wheeler Hall occupation οח UC Berkeley Campus, BPD аחԁ UCBPD used overhand baton strikes οח student protesters. Attack οח students sustained fοr 3 minutes.

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13 Responses to “BPD and UCBPD Overhand Batons For 3 Minutes”
  1. Wehategod says:

    Please this is no way to protest the Bolsheviks would use Brute Force to get a point across.

  2. ieatsuka says:

    @S00P3R it goads the police into doing something and draws attention to the “cause”

    the bigger the police response, the better since the more attention the protest gets

  3. ramplegloop says:

    @aprichett whats up mrs pritchett its zeke from first period =)

  4. movingtarget510 says:

    “would some on e please authorize the use of tear gas and rubber bullets so we can get this crowd dealt with, Iwanna get inside to “deal” with those “protesters” “

  5. hibothebibo says:

    Funny because this makes me want to transfer to UCB just so I can protest with them.

  6. benymac says:

    HAHAHAH this just makes me wanna be cop get paid to smash annoying faggs

  7. bilboardguy says:

    this doesent happen in england we dont have protests wev got riots beanbag gun anybody

  8. aprichett says:

    Great cwing to whoever took this. Very steady and lets the agression of the cops speak for itself. Very incriminating if only justice was somewhere in this world.

  9. james662662662 says:

    They are communist pieces of shit looking for attention. It’s just a shame the cops have to stand there and take their bullshit.

  10. frankc91 says:

    this ^

  11. S00P3R says:

    I don’t understand why these students are just pushing on that gate? What the fuck does that accomplish? If you just stood there you wouldn’t get fucking beat. There’s something I’m not getting.

  12. PubMonk3y says:

    Agreed. These people seem to deserve it anyways.

  13. moronpaul says:

    Why can’t the cops just use guns? Bullets make for better youtube vids anyways.

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