Children сουƖԁ bе screened fοr autism using a 15 minute brain scan developed bу British scientists. . Follow υѕ οח twitter аt .

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10 Responses to “Brain scan could diagnose autism in two years”
  1. wwwAlarmArm says:

    This technology works. Our daughter was scanned in the US approx. three years ago (Dr. Michael Goldberg, Tarzana, California, USA). The positive results my daughter has realized has led me to post many videos on YouTube for Dr. Goldberg…

  2. caketheory says:

    @caketheory Also this is probably another selective bit of research where the PR staff exagerate the findings or publish only the results of the positive research. In a couple of months the findings will probably be inconclusive and then they’ll need another 100 years of reseach.
    Psychiatry has nothing to do with medicine its just a form of social control to label people who don’t fit into the capitalist machine.

  3. caketheory says:

    Psychiatry is FRAUD. Trying typing the “psychiatry” on the youtube search engine and get involved in the anti psychiatry movement.
    They’ve been doing research for over 200 and still can’t diagnose anything. In 1845 Wilhelm Griesinger (psychiatrist/neurologist) declared “mental illnesses are brain disorders”. His ideas saw thousands of brains being examined at autopsy in search of a biological cause for mental illness. Today with the MRI, CT and PET scanner they still can’t find anything.

  4. ferrett78 says:

    @tetziida Yeah, looks like fMRI to me as well.
    Asperger’s syndrome is likely to be covered, if not by this technology already, then likely in the not-too-distant future, as Asperger’s is an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and therefore probably displays similar (but not so obvious) fMRI scan properties to full Autism.
    Regarding ADD, I have no idea. There would be research in the area, though perhaps the specific indicators (in a scan) have not been defined yet.

  5. aramhampson says:

    yeah right, a real autistic kid would never go in that tube and sit still. if they would then they propb are not autisitc

  6. pabloxanibar says:


    Hmmm…. Some kind of vaccine maybe?

  7. tetziida says:

    Is it MRI or PET? (looks like a fMRI). Could this tech be used for diagnosing ADD or Asperger’s Syndrome?

  8. saiyanwill says:

    Who’s that blond Milf?

  9. BigMrFirebird says:

    Now a CURE for autism would be real news. BTW, that’s a milf, right there.

  10. nonaCbarC says:


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