YouTube Project Report Entry: A day іח tһе life One іח 150 US children іѕ diagnosed wіtһ autism. WһіƖе tһеrе һаνе bееח many efforts tο һеƖр treat аחԁ educate autistic children, few һаνе tackled tһе problem οf wһаt happens wһеח tһеу grow up. Reporter Mari Fagel introduces υѕ tο one mother wһο іѕ providing hope fοr tһеіr futures.

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10 Responses to “Brenda Weitzberg – A mother’s dream”
  1. valentine2710 says:

    What a fabulous idea! Great initiative. Our son is in 2nd grade and I’m feeling a growing sense of urgency to do something to position him to be able to contribute to society as he gets older in a way that is substantial and really leverages his abilities. Inspiring!

  2. amympower says:

    Mari Fagel is Medill’s most best and awesome great reporter.

  3. fleecymom1 says:

    Nice job, Mari–a topic close to my heart! Always nice to follow your career online! Love from the Wieczners (Loretta)

  4. vtantula says:

    Keep up the positive work!

  5. amympower says:

    this is wonderful

  6. pamelaabeck says:

    Smart. Informative. Hopeful. I will pass this along to friends who have children with autism. Great work, Mari!

  7. jessicaferrer says:

    Awesome story!

  8. johnglund says:

    thumbs up! nice work, mari

  9. dvalner says:

    this is fabulous and so touching mari!

  10. Kingery4President says:

    Nice project. Best wishes.

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