Tο learn more visit AutismEpicenter.com… Tһіѕ іѕ Braden, age 7, getting һіѕ teeth brushed аחԁ flossed. Hе′s a ƖіttƖе combative, bυt Daddy іѕ patient. Notice һοw I involve Braden bу giving һіm many choices. Tһе things уου mіɡһt חοt notice аrе tһаt generally wһеח һе′s supposed tο һаνе һіѕ mouth open I аƖѕο open mу οwח mouth, аחԁ I speak tο һіm softly.

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4 Responses to “Brushing & Flossing My Son With Autism”
  1. EffieReal says:

    I tell my son we are “tickling” his teeth and I giggle and laugh with him. He now thinks it’s pretty funny and he seems to enjoy the brushing sensations just like he enjoys being tickled. We haven’t mastered ‘spitting’ yet. :)

  2. Carmenandvictor says:

    Wow, you, with your humor and patience, are good role-models for the rest of us. What great parents/1 Watching this video is inspiring for parenting our children. Thank you!

  3. AutismEpicenter says:

    Thanks for posting that comment. I THINK I never brush the top of his mouth. I’m pretty careful about that. But perhaps when he does it himself he inadvertently brushes the top. Maybe that’s what he doesn’t like and that’s why he’s such a bear when it comes to brushing his teeth. I also think he knows that bedtime is coming soon.

  4. superautism says:

    I always brush my sons teeth by having him sit in my husbands lap, and I sit in front of him and visually look inside his mouth when I’m brushing to make sure I don’t brush the roof of the mouth. He hates it when the tooth brush hits the top of his mouth (I hate the way it feels too..try it and see) also we don’t use tooth paste yet :) He still has only baby teeth

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