Unscripted interview between mе аחԁ mу 8-year-οƖԁ son Cameron. Hе һаѕ PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder-חοt otherwise specified), wһісһ іѕ οח tһе autism spectrum. Hе іѕ іח a regular 2nd-grade classroom bυt һаѕ аח aide wһο accompanies һіm tο mοѕt classes.

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12 Responses to “Cameron Interview – high-functioning autism”
  1. MrMary1356 says:

    i have mild autism

  2. christLive21 says:

    He is way too cute!!!!

  3. Dalmatianlovergirl84 says:

    my son is in the process of being evaled, i dont know much about autism, but i would love to learn more from you about it, so i can better understand it so i can understand how to help my son.

  4. yintibbies says:

    Moses. What a great name. Good at bowling eh? My daughter has PDD-NOS too and she is almost 8 and LOVES bowling. You can definately see the autism tendencies. It’s interesting to note that for a long time people didn’t think Rosalie was autistic because she has eye contact like Cameron. He’s fantastic! I think that it’s hysterical that he says “sometimes I never get angry” HA! He’s a fun kid. Enjoy him!

  5. HipPopIsWACK says:

    @multisnootyreturns have fun living in hell.

  6. multisnootyreturns says:


  7. EricNyhmfan says:

    @EdwardsMafia I’m 12 and have high functioning autism I guess I am kind of a sucess because I do wow ppl twice my age with stuff I found out on the internet(they could just be being polite though since kids my age are less interested).

  8. elystaa says:

    wow I love how he talks with u. My little girl who is almost 7 has PDD NOS as well. She talks realy well, but she hasnt ever carried on a conversion with me like this, I know one day she will. Thank u for sharing. I had to giggle when he ask u about the youtube on your camera. Mine said that too we had to take the sticker off ours cause little girl would just keep talking about youtube the whole time I was trying to record lol.

  9. EdwardsMafia says:

    So I was watching this thinking I wonder if there mormon? Then I saw the I am a child of God thing! So I’m at least close lol! I’m an aide for a little girl with autisim and spend 6 hours a day with her! I have no IDEA how parents of children with autisim do it! I don’t know if I could handle it! All I have to say is God must make sure he sends these kids to really special people!

  10. agent475 says:

    It’s real amazing how Cameron has such a good memory,I happen to be mildly autistic as well,I was diagnosed at 4 with autism and at that age I used to have alot back in august of 1995,it woul happen daily,the first seizure I had was on my powerwheel jeep and my neighbor saw me then ran to my parents telling my parents i’m having a seizure then the ambulence came and rushed to childrens hospital,at the age of 5 I stopped having seizures.

  11. stonerj0e says:

    that kid is pretty cool .

  12. hammse2 says:

    Okay, third try.
    rhetorics. nothing else. nothing else!!
    unbelievable >:

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