Cаח уου find tһе child wіtһ autism аt tһіѕ bithday party? Check уουr skills, аחԁ read аbουt a controversy.

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25 Responses to “Can you spot autism?”
  1. LaRaNaThA says:

    Amen! To your message. The world is trying to cookie cut our children. Everyone is suppose to be the same. My child doesn’t have Autism (though many have tried to infer it), but he spent half his short life isolated away from ppl b/c of where we lived. he’s “different” from the other kids, but he loves to be w/them & why does everyone make it out a negative thing when a kid is different? DOES NOT HAVE TO BE NOR IS IT. God bless you & your beautiful daughter.

  2. electrifiedwaters says:

    One of my best friends has a really mild form of autism. He’s pretty anti-social, but he’s a really great friend and he’s the smartest person I have ever met. People make fun of him because his voice is monotone, but I don’t think they know that he’s autistic.

  3. 123JUJUBE says:


  4. richflew says:

    aaaaaw thats an amazing vidio
    my brothers autistic and he goes to a normal school and you can hardly tell him apart from the rest

  5. shepimp05 says:

    Beautiful Video! It’s always nice to see children with autism belong and play among their peers. Some parents do limit that because of fear or lack of knowledge. Lets continue to educate =)

  6. CrochetedLittleThing says:

    I saw her immediately. I saw her acting like my child. Thanks for this video, much love
    Do you mind if I share? I’d love for my son to be mainstreamed a little sooner that “they say”

  7. CrochetedLittleThing says:

    I saw her immediately. I saw her acting like my child. Thanks for this video, much love ♥

  8. xactuz says:

    i really love this video!

  9. letsmakelovelast says:

    great video, wonderful.

  10. aspie101 says:

    This is what true autism awareness should be focused on: making sure that autistic individuals reach their possibly endless potential through acceptence and dilluding ignorance. Unfortunately, it is focused on idiotic celebrity gossip thanks to people like Jenny McCarthy and John Trevolta. People like them doubt that autistic adults exist, which shows how incredibly ignorant and uncredible that they are.

  11. miss5abr1na says:

    Right from the beginning I picked out the little girl with the grenn t-shirt to have Autism. I saw little signs there, where a lot of ppl probably wouldn’t have picked it up. I have a daughter w/ mod Autism and she displays alot of symptoms (esp. sensory issues), so I think that might be the reason why I was able to pick her out. Just to mention one typical Autism red flag sign that our daughters have in common is the cover the ears to certain noises.

    Thank you for sharing.

  12. mccainfullofbs says:

    I did not findy any kid different from others.

  13. kthcsh says:

    seems to me like this person segregated their own child, posting a video calling their child different. i saw a normal little girl.

  14. TheBodvarg says:

    the girl in the green t-shirt ?

  15. hpbetterthantwilight says:

    she is smart. i wouldnt have thought it was her.

  16. VJakeV says:

    roflmfao at the title im sorry =X

  17. bearychocolate says:

    Many kids with autism are highly funcional. Some others are not as functional unfortunately.
    I never thought your girl was the one with autism. I was going to pick another kid. She is doing great. Congratulations :)

  18. instagasm says:

    she seems just like my daughter. *who also has autism* so it was pretty easy for me to figure out what child has it :)
    but if it wasnt for that, i never woulda guessed.

  19. jo7948 says:

    in most cases special ed. robs children of the ability to be more. imagine when you learned to count or the alphabet if they stopped at 10 and h. if no one ever taught you would you know? what if nobody ever taught you to read? that is the problem special needs children face. another problem is that people profile a certain thing. not all persons with autism for example are the same. i have seen the face of a mother when she told me that her sons teacher said he wouldnt go any farther.

  20. jo7948 says:

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO…..THANK YOU! This holds a lot of meaning for me….i work with autistic children doing both respite and personal cares. i see the ones where their parents dont accept limits for their children AND THEY SUCCEED. i on the other hand see parents who believe societies limits and it leaves there children stuck at a wall unable to go any higher. The worst thing anyone can do is to tell a child they wont be any better than they are.

  21. justme10111 says:

    There is also a lot of abuse going on in special education that needs to be addressed. People seem to ignore us when we speak out about it because they think were nuts or something.
    Hopefully your daughter is getting treated better then I did. I would check if I were you .
    public school special ed teachers sometimes lash out at there students.

  22. justme10111 says:

    I have AS . Not only do they put you in special classes , they give you a special diploma that dose not really count. I was lucky, I went to enough normal classes to get a regular diploma.

  23. morquecho32 says:

    I had a family memember live with me for two months and her daughter is now talking and my daughter has improved in her speech…yes they do learn fron eachother..and yes family will always not invite us to partys cause we are diffrent..its sad how people act..hugs to you and your family

  24. toogood4u97 says:

    Bries doing so great! im so happy for you all!

    I had watched her videos months ago and cannot believe what im seeing! Keep fighting! You have truly opened my eyes…
    I hope you keep posting!

  25. mahb112 says:

    You have a beautiful daughter. Keep fighting for her. I hope my son does as well as your daughter is doing someday!

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