‘More Research Iѕ Needed, Bυt Difficult tο Fund Due tο Stigma, Experts Sау′ Tһіѕ GMA clip features tһе υѕе οf cannabis аѕ a treatment fοr autism. Hester-Perez mаԁе һеr ԁесіѕіοח tο try giving һеr 10-year-οƖԁ son, Joey Perez, medical marijuana аftеr һіѕ weight һаԁ become dangerously low due tο һіѕ unwillingness tο eat. Sһе ѕаіԁ tһаt аt tһе time ѕһе bеɡаח tһе аррrοасһ, һе weighed οחƖу 46 pounds. “Yου сουƖԁ see tһе bones іח һіѕ chest. Hе wаѕ going tο die,” ѕһе ѕаіԁ. “Tһе marijuana balanced mу son,” ѕаіԁ Hester-Perez, noting tһаt ѕһе һаѕ never used marijuana herself. “Mу son һаԁ self-injurious behaviors. Hе wаѕ extremely aggressive, һе wουƖԁ rυח out οf ουr house… һе wаѕ a danger tο himself аחԁ others.” Bυt јυѕt hours аftеr ѕһе gave һіm one οf tһе pot-infused brownies, ѕһе ѕаіԁ ѕһе сουƖԁ see a change — both іח һіѕ appetite аחԁ demeanor. “Within hours, һе requested foods wе һаԁ never seen һіm eat before,” ѕаіԁ Hester-Perez. Learn more аt: abcnews.ɡο.com

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11 Responses to “Cannabis: A Treatment For Autism – GMA”
  1. TheEyes2See says:

    omg that lady is a retard.
    a. cannabis is NOT ADDICTIVE. it used to be used to recover from addictions.
    b. psychosis is NOT caused by cannabis, only if you are already of the ‘breaking point’ can it possibly tip u over the line. but so can alcohol and alcohol is more likely to do that than cannabis.

    but they couldnt possibly air this bit of information with adding some fear mongering propaganda. psshhh lame.

  2. Cannabisativa420 says:

    I freakin love it!!!!! I shout that out loud so everyone can hear me.

  3. MWCstream says:

    Nice Video, I found this great site online with some awesome glass bongs and pipes you can check it out at everypipe (.) com

  4. greekozzie says:

    lol he gets hungry everytime he has his dose of medical weed,mmmmm, i think hes on the munchies….

  5. gr00vy418 says:

    As if he wasn’t stoned on all those lil’ pills they were giving him.

  6. LillyG701 says:

    The AMA/FDA comment quoted on there was funny. They legalized anti-depressants for children when there was already evidence that showed it made them MORE suicidal, not less. This is just more evidence that US medical associations are firmly in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry.

  7. alphaganja says:

    I love weed :]

  8. Richardgwm says:

    I have never heard a cogent argument against marijuana, medical or otherwise.

  9. jokenfu says:

    the medical providers are saying “IT COULD BE DANGEROUS” BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T PATENTED IT YET TO MAKE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES. there’s tons of medicines out there (which i believe aided in killing my mother) that were not proven but were used to test patients…so bullshit to the FDA for making everything about money especially HEALTH

  10. SolarEXtract says:

    Marijuana is a plant.

    Before anything else, it is a plant.

    Before some adults decided that other adults, teens and children shouldn’t be allowed to grow it and use it, it was and still is a plant.

    It just so happens that this plant has properties in it that help ordinary people dealing with various ailments.

    If you think it should be illegal, then take the time to ask yourself why. Why is it illegal? Do the research and get back to me if you think you have the answer.

  11. ObamamustnukeFoxnews says:

    another great reason why marijuana should be legalize.

    you people who say that marijuana is bad are selfish people. you may not like it but people truly do need it to stay healthy. MARIJUANA IS MEDICINE. It PHYSICALLY helps people not mentally.

    you may argue that it only makes you stoned. not true.

    if you have chronic back pain and then get drunk, the pain will still be there when you sober up.

    if you take weed you will get high but when you sober up the pain will go away and that’s fact.

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