Tһе CBC recently aired a special presentation οח Autism, March 17, 2009. It wаѕ аח expose οח һοw ѕοmе Autistics view themselves аחԁ tһеіr particular condition. Tһіѕ wаѕ very insightful аחԁ educational.

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7 Responses to “CBC special presentation on Autism 1/2”
  1. miller4312 says:

    why does amanda need a weelchair when she can walk?

  2. miller4312 says:

    i have autism and i am kinda like that but its just that im not a fatass like her and most of us are disabled

  3. darrenmcnulty says:

    Some bloviator with a syndicated radio show has been blasting autistics as being “brain damaged” on another channel. This guys comments are the “run-off” from that show.

    Alex Jones has argued against neuro-diversity, as he continues to slander autistics as being a lesser form of intelligence. His vast knowledge and conspiratorial paranoia includes persecutory beliefs concerning a perceived threat towards himself……in other words, he’s anti-autism.

  4. chromaxabc says:

    If these autistic’s are happy in their own skin, being who they are, should they try to pretend to behave, “as a modern human”? Shouldn’t they feel happy or safe without being bullied.

    How do you know their lives are not good? They may feel depression because of those who can’t accept them for who they are. They are human and have rights also.

    “Intentionally lacked the ability to behave as a modern human”. A lot of modern behaviour is quite repulsive, without elaborating.

  5. darrenmcnulty says:

    “Modern Humans are so dumbed-down that being autistic can’t be much different or worse.”

    Judging by your comment, I’ll assume that you are one of the dumbed-down modern humans. Apparently, your form of wonderland uses the movie Rain Man as a form of expanding your knowledge base on PDD’s……good luck with your research…..btw, the rewind button points to the left.

  6. realguy420 says:

    Well the video has a point, and some autistics have special abilities as depicted in the movie The Rain Man.

    But sad to say some of these people got stuck in wonderland and somehow intentionally lacked the ability to behave as a modern human.

    Their lives can be good but still should be better. But we are all slaves, pushed down in one form or another. Modern Humans are so dumbed-down that being autistic can’t be much different or worse.

  7. chromaxabc says:

    I’ve seen this and am so glad you posted this. Good info.

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