CBN TV 700 Club Autism 2007, National Vaccine Information Center, NVIC, Barbara Loe Fisher

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4 Responses to “CBN TV 700 Club Autism 2007”
  1. 2geminikids says:

    im wondering why this doesnt affect all children vaccinated? and also why do boys get it more than girls? also, I wonder if it is linked to certain triggers of food types to go along w/ it? its puzzling to me, and I am a mother of two boys. oldest is fine, youngest has aspergers.

  2. 2geminikids says:

    my son was what I would call “normal” when he was born. but as the months followed and he got his shots he began to show the signs of aspergers syndrom. He is now 9 yrs old and will live with this for his entire life. but he is strong and he will never be alone.

  3. 2222554 says:

    ‘Prior’ Direct message from God concerning the DANGERS of Vaccines…

    The way I recall God Himself speaking on the matter, was along the lines of, “I have never told you to take these vaccines. There was a time when mankind relied upon Him for the blessing of good heath.”

    Me: I also find it ironic that the ‘expert’ stated that much of these diseases ‘go away’ with proper nutrition. In which I am sure Genetically Modified foods are a main factor in the rise of said diseases due to bad nutrition

  4. LoneRaven01 says:

    The Government knows very well that they are poisoning the children. This Government is criminal, and this is just one method they are using to cull the population. Thank you for this video.

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