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25 Responses to “CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism”
  1. laurenajkirby says:

    Note, rania3830, that I am not refuting any other portion of your argument. I believe those are valid reasons for the rise in the incidence and prevalence of autism, as well, just not the only ones. Not everything can be broken down into two distinct reasons. The world is a lot more complex than that.

  2. laurenajkirby says:

    rania3830, the fact that you had the MMR and are “just fine” does not mean anything. Since you’re so knowledgable about neuro- and psychological problems, have you ever heard of the diathesis-stress model? It’s the theory that the mental health profession uses to describe how people become mentally ill. Some people have a genetic predisposition and stresses (such as being injected with THE LIVE RUBELLA VIRUS that people with certain allergies cannot fight off or metabilize) trigger a disorder.

  3. lsnyder72 says:

    Keep in mind that she is now a CEO or director for Merck after leaving the CDC. What a very sick women she is!!!

  4. fudman02 says:

    they can be sued?

  5. MsLiberatedAngel says:

    This really pisses me off considering i am the mother of a severly Autistic son. For those of you that don’t believe i have had the vaccines too an im fine but it does not mean it doesn’t effect others an cause the problems like my son has. Pay attention to what your watching an really listen to what is being said.

  6. mishyprizes says:

    My sister works with autistic children. She came to the realization that almost ALL of her students have some form of allergies usually food. She also noticed that the parents tended to be older near their 40′s or over.

  7. morepuppies says:

    And clearly MMR does not cause it in everyone. Those at risk have a genetic susceptibility and/or a dysfunctional immune system, which leaves them unable to properly process the shot.

    Vaccines are pharmaceuticals and there is no such thing as a drug that SOMEONE is not going to have a bad reaction to.

  8. morepuppies says:

    Last year UC Davis put out a study finding that although there was an increase in recognition of autism, it did not account for the huge rise in the numbers and concluded that we must be looking for the environmental causes.

    If you don’t believe that vaccines can cause it, then you need to ask why Hannah Poling (and Madison Hiatt and Baily Banks and all those other kids with autism) are being paid by the VACCINE injury compensation fund.

  9. rania3830 says:

    im believe the austisim rise is for 2 reasons.

    1) Austisim is more easily diganoses and people are diganoising their kids for it which why the cases of diganoised case are on the rise.

    2) environment. it seems to me there is something happening in the womb or when they are babies that trigger it. some say it many even be the increase levels in pollution that it causing autism in children.

    I don’t believe vaccines are causing it. I have had the MMR and I’m just fine.

  10. thecreativemonster says:

    They no longer separate the MMR shot So I would say get the mmr shot later just before the child goes to school, NOT AT 18 months. I had an issue with my son from the MMR shot in 1987 before it was public knowlege, my son did not develop autism but it scared me so much I never forgot about it. seemed “out of it” for quite a few days if can believe the shot is powerful enough to ward off these powerful sicknesses then something can trigger in a different direction!

  11. LizziF019 says:

    we need to research more about what happens in the womb. just because a baby doesn’t have symptoms before vaccines doesn’t mean they don’t have a certain disease. what about the babies that did have the vaccines but are not children with autistic disorder? this is very interesting. my friend is doing a project on autism, and in one of my new books i have from school, it talked about vaccines being a cause of autism in a myth. i’m definitely going to research more.

  12. morepuppies says:

    Autism is not a single disease state or syndrome… it is an outcome. A symptom. Saying that blank causes autism is like saying blank causes fever.. several things cause a fever. If fever is caused by bacteria, antibiotics will save a life, if it is a virus, then they will do nothing.

    Autism” is merely a description of behaviors. The government has ruled that “vaccine encepalopathy” is one of the things that causes those behavioral symptoms. As is Fragile X. As is……..

  13. tfrenn says:

    @morepuppies please give me your take on Fragile X Syndrome, alot of people are using the Fragile X Syndrome causes autism theory to discredit any link between vaccines and autism. What do you think?

  14. mrajk1975 says:

    Hi XMRV , My son 2yr 8 mts old was detected with autism on 19-Jan 2010 . He was given MMR vaccinne on 25-sept 2008 when he was 1 yr 4 mts . He has slight dgree of autism like lacking behavourial and communication skills ,. Do you know is there any way out from here or how to stop further regression . It would be nice if you could provide a internet link where i can find that MMR vaccinne is linked to Autism , so i can show to docs here in Mumbai – India – Thanks , from Ambrish in Mumbai India

  15. impishautumn says:

    Yeah I’m sure that they’re stay right on top of it! Please! My son is a autistic, And more and more I’m believing the vaccines are the cause. And by also seeing his two cousins (also autistic) who had the same symptoms as infants after immunizations. These people need to do less talking and more research, Stop feeding us BS and find the cause and admit that they were wrong and are harming our childern.

  16. gunsandbullhorns says:

    I just read a compilation by David Thrower entitled ‘A Review of the Evidence for
    a Link Between Vaccination
    and Regressive Autism‘.

    I’m a lay person, but I knew enough biology and neurology to get through it all with a little help from wikipedia. All I can say is that the CDC is a cabal of filthy liars, and that Austism is absolutely caused by vaccinations. The MMR section was irrefutable. No honest person could ignore that.

  17. XMRVAware says:

    See the stunning research by the Whittemore Peterson Institute and published in the prestigious “Science” publication in October linking a retrovirus (XMRV) to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Autism.

    4 percent of the apparantly healthy population have been found to carry this retrovirus. So, perhaps a conservative approach would be to suggest that 4% of children shoulkd NOT receive the MMR until more studies are done on the XMRV/Autism link.

  18. chrisporteous08 says:

    my little brother was a perfectaly healthy baby, he got ill after his first injections but he recovered, when he had the mmr vaccine he stoped talkin and was very ill, my mum took him 2 the docotors to see what was wrong and they told her he had autism, these people make me sick when they say there is no link and i would dare them 2 say it to any one in my family, or tell it to my brother who wouldnt b able 2 reply because there vaccine gave him brain damage.

  19. morepuppies says:

    Post Script:

    Today December 21, 2009, Merck announced that Julie Gerberding would be the new head of their vaccine division.

    I don’t think that I could have come up with anything better to prove that this woman was selling out our children.

    Congratulations Julie, your biostitution has paid off for you.

  20. morepuppies says:

    I have closed the comments for now as it was becoming a mess. People justifiably want to discuss vax/autism in detail, but the commenting format with limitations is not the place for this complicated debate and trying to do it here is making me nuts.

    Please leave your comments about the video on the comments section of my blog where the video was originally posted, where linear and exhaustive commenting, with linking to source material can take place. The link is in the description above.

  21. morepuppies says:

    My father contracted polio at the height of the epidemic and made a full recovery. He was 1 in 3,000.

    His father died from polio shortly after… he was 1 in 60,000 for loosing his life to the disease.

    My son is part of the 1 percent that has ASD and the 16 percent with dev. problems.

    Yet we are still considering viruses the biggest threat to kids?

    CDC (and you) seem to have no interest in this horrible trend.

  22. morepuppies says:

    Bat… are you going to show up at my house and help me care for my son? If you are not assuming my risk, then why exactly should I make my son assume you risk?

    ASD is around 1 percent of the population in children. Developmental delay/disability is now 1 in 6 children…. NEVER in our history was the risk that high for children getting permanent damage or dying from communicable illnesses… much less today.

  23. morepuppies says:

    also… there are lots of cases of mito autism that will be coming through the VCIP pipline. After the Poling decision people started getting their kids tested for mito dysfunction. They are finding it.

    To my knowlege, HHS is NOT looking for it in our kids. If that actually wanted to know if it was rare… wouldn’t they be studying it?

    Instead the just canceled a whole slate of vaccine/autism research.

  24. morepuppies says:

    And yet it would be silly to see someone with both and claim that what caused the dementia didn’t cause the Alzheimer’s or vice versa.

    But that is not analogous to what we are talking about. The symptoms of encp are not a subset of autism, they are an alternate description of the same phenomena.

  25. morepuppies says:

    …for untold numbers of children, the symptoms of ‘autism‘ and symptoms of ‘vaccine encepalopathy’ are merely two different descriptions of the exact same phenomena. The ‘encp.’ description is simply more vague than the ‘autism‘ description.

    Oh… and the HHS encp guidelines also say that it is also often accompanied by seizures… almost a third of people with “autism” have seizures.

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