PLEASE VOTE here: fοr tһе National Autism Association through Chase Community Giving οח Facebook! 1 Vote, fοr $1Million fοr tһе #1 Childhood Disorder іח tһе country. Voting takes рƖасе JANUARY 15-22, 2010 οח Facebook.

Please Pass This Information Along and Enjoy:
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25 Responses to “Chase the Hope for Autism – Please Vote on Facebook!”
  1. mrefus says:

    Can we get this video to be viewed so many times it appears on the home page of you tube for the world to see?!!!!! I know we can! This video is amazing!

  2. couldbejustme says:

    Yes, his autism is severe. I love him so much and it hurts to see him get frustrated.

  3. Carol87849 says:

    Incredible video!! I’m still crying….for so many autistic children including my 7 year old granddaughter….in CPS custody…they just don’t get it. Thank you National Association of Autism. People….VOTE VOTE VOTE.

  4. Carol87849 says:

    Incredible video!! I’m still crying…for all these children…and my 7 year old granddaughter… CPS custody. They just don’t get it. Thank you National Association of Autism. People…VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

  5. Itsdeeds83 says:


  6. tiggerbounces123 says:

    I’ve heard that too. Apparently I developed my syptoms after recieving immunisations; and I’ve heard other stories of other people in New Zealand getting it after being immunised as little children.

  7. spiritstorm09 says:


  8. kathieliz says:

    I think more and more people should view this video and share with all their friends!

  9. MarineForceAlpha says:


    and this has to be one of the greatest video i have seen in my 17 year old life, freaking incredible

    we need to fight to give our young kids and adults with autism a more normal life.

  10. beachesrme says:

    thank you for this video.. help these precious children who are hit out of the blue and don’t even know why.. and yes, it is curable…. ABA works but not all can afford it… Make ins.. companies see it works!!

  11. mooddude07 says:

    It’s vaccines! Look up “vaccine ingredients” on Google and you will find out why. Autism doesn’t just come from no where.

  12. truvelocity says:

    @tiggerbounces123 I agree with you 100% and I’m not autistic. I have spoke at the Speach and Hearing Center, the Riverside Library, to medical professionals and parents and care takers for full spectrum Autism. My speech was about cutting edge information that most people don’t know about in order to connect the dots to not only prevent it but to treat those who have Autism as accepted people.

  13. oopie83 says:

    2010 Let’s find out why

  14. CindyPDX says:

    I just wanted to add this bit from AoA:
    According to the CDCs most recent data, autism now affects one in every 110 children, and one in every 70 boys. The data was reflective of eight year olds in 2006. It represented a 57% increase from 2002. Autism is now anything but rare.

    IE: my 6 yr old twin son Cameron and many others or those being home schooled who not part of the public school system are NOT part of the recent CDC figure of 1 in 110. FACT: THE NUMBER IS MUCH HIGHER. PLEASE VOTE!

  15. lilpixie4u says:

    Let’s help these families! PLEASE click the vote link on the top right!

  16. tiggerbounces123 says:

    Your son is obviously very severely disabled. I work volenteerily in a couple of Christian ministries for people with disabilties, so I have gotten to know a lot of people with VERY high needs disabilties. At first it was off-putting, but now I am passionate about helping other people with disabilties.

  17. tiggerbounces123 says:

    I have met or known many people with A.S and Austism. A lot of people think that we are unfriendly and rude, but while it is true we do have more trouble socially than a lot of other people, not everyone with these disabilities are unfriendly. Like everyone, we are all different. Anyone that knows me will agree that I am definately a ‘social butterfly’!

  18. tiggerbounces123 says:

    It is lovely to see that you care about the many people like me. I have mild/moderate Asperger’s Syndrome and so that doesn’t come without a lot of stress with various isssues and misunderstanding of what I am really like. Thanks for your support. I was diagonised as a little girl, so I have learnt quite a lot about it.

  19. mellowyellowlylas says:

    I COMPLETELY AGREE. I was trying to post this video but couldnt find an embeded. This video also brought me to tears. Made me cry like a friggin baby actually. PLEASE VOTE!!!!!! To my Brother Kevn (yes its spelled correctly.) 12 years old, diagnosed at 3… I love you buddy…

  20. KishkaTeah says:

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. investigates the government cover-up of a mercury/autism scandal. The CDC, FDA, WHO and pharmaceutical companies have been involved in a massive deception of the public in order to ensure their sustained profitability.
    google this:
    Deadly Immunity – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. investigates the mercury/autism scandal.

  21. CindyPDX says:

    Thank you for posting this on Youtube so that I could send this to family & friends in hopes that this will help motivate them to vote on Facebook. I saw it over on Facebook but only was able to see it after I became a fan & voted. So worth it! This video is powerful and brought me to tears.. because I can relate.. but soon (at the rate we are going) many out there will be able to relate to this as well as our family has.

  22. wendysweb says:

    That was me. I’m so sorry, this is such a difficult road.

  23. couldbejustme says:

    I cried when the Mom said her little girl called her Mama for the first time, she is 9 years old. my son is 22 years old and he still has never called me Mama.

  24. wendysweb says:

    Only one vote per organization. Thank you!

  25. efemed says:

    how many times can you vote?

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