Chemer οח facial expressions аחԁ AS

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21 Responses to “Chemer on facial expressions and AS”
  1. MrVegemitesandwich says:

    :D i have a neuro-science obsession too!

  2. Riv3rQu33n says:

    its hard to fake trying to look someone in the eyes when their staring at you and it feels like their burning holes in your face

  3. DjDimented says:

    lol intreguing if datz how u spell it

  4. DjDimented says:

    the drawing thing is right, i’m an aspie, but to the rest of your shit… fuck you

  5. darkjumpy says:

    Autistics+aspies consciously “see” the sensory input but don’t get much automatic, filtered output. We have to analyze these things consciously. That’s why we’re so good at learning; we absorb it all, without the subconscious filtering out or summing up. That’s also why we can get sensory overload very easily. Some autistics draw very well because they don’t think about the big picture, they consciously notice the details.

  6. darkjumpy says:

    When you mentioned the brain issue with face reading, you triggered my neuroscience obsession. Now I’ll have to drone on and on about it. (:

    Autistics lack activity in the prefrontal cortex. This area is associated with “high-level” sensory processing stuff, like filtering out voices, summing up conversations, “understanding the big picture”, and reading faces. NTs can take in lots of sensory input and only see the cleaner, simpler output.

  7. darkjumpy says:

    Cat culture. :P Cats feel threatened by sustained eye contact. When they need to appear friendly to other cats they either blink, squint or look away quickly.

    That’s why cats are sometimes aspies’ best friends (:

  8. lucybean975 says:

    i sometimes wonder if we’re often scapegoated not just because of bullies, but because NT’s don’t read us well, don’t trust those who don’t make eye contact, etc. i find it a repeated pattern to be blamed for things i didn’t do, or when i do say something wrong, to have it blown way out of proportion. (i can say something slightly inappropriate, and suddenly i have this whole history of evil in some NT eyes.) it’s confusing sometimes. but i don’t think i’ll believe i’m “evil” anymore.

  9. brownie003 says:

    neurotypical “normal people”

  10. ahmadomusic says:

    NT is Neurotypical, i.e. normal.

  11. redstormfighter29 says:

    NT means No Talent lol just joking

  12. jwarrior343 says:

    wats NT

  13. kazza224 says:

    i can read your facial expressions easy enough,i think some nts are better then other nts at facial reading

  14. FatherToaSon says:

    Very good explanation of this part of AS

  15. UKJazzCat says:

    OMG, you’re a bloody idiot :P
    This is really interesting. I like the use of the smileys example.

  16. ctfchris says:

    The Japanese and a lot of Native American cultures don’t make as much direct eye contact.

  17. jugarnaut40 says:

    what culture is it rude to make eye contact!?! i want to now so i can one day move there…lol

  18. SomethingAwfulYT says:

    i can’t fucking watch anymore

  19. SomethingAwfulYT says:


  20. Buthori1 says:

    I can 2

  21. skyman2002 says:

    I Can Relate to This Video! :)

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