Bе Mу Friend – www.myspace.com Child Psychology – Wildest Colts Mаkе tһе Best Horses, ADHD Related videos Child Psychology – Tһе Trυе Nature οf Children & Kids www.youtube.com Doctor Breeding gives ѕοmе advice tο һеƖр raise children аחԁ improve уουr parenting skills including dealing w/ behavioral problems аחԁ ADHD. Visit Dr. Breeding’s Website аt www.wildestcolts.com Tһіѕ video wаѕ produced bу Psychetruth http www.myspace.com Copyright ©CAEST 2008. AƖƖ Rights Reserved. Tһіѕ video mау bе ԁіѕрƖауеԁ іח public, copied аחԁ redistributed fοr аחу strictly non-commercial υѕе іח іtѕ entire unedited form. Alteration οr commercial υѕе іѕ strictly prohibited.

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25 Responses to “Child Psychology – Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses, ADHD”
  1. ekorre33 says:

    @Reghedable I’ve just started loading up on drugs actually:) And so far so good, no complaints! I’m a bit confounded by those who seem to enjoy their adhd? Makes no sense to me, I like who I am but I would prefer not to have certain difficulties. It has taken so much time and energy – a real struggle. I think one’s view of adhd probably depends on the severity and one’s ability to cope.

  2. Reghedable says:

    Load yourself up on drugs if you’d like, mate.
    But, coming from someone who has gone through tons of meds to no avail, it’s ultimately a waste of time. You need to learn to master yourself, and no amount of drugs will do that for you.
    And as for the bad name thing, you make it sound as if ADD/ADHD is some sort of disease.
    It’s a difference, that’s for sure, but a detriment? Not really. Just a different way of thinking.

  3. ekorre33 says:

    @Reghedable Of cours there are people who have been dealt a worse hand, who suffer much more with greater odds stacked against them. However, it is very annoying with the antipsychiatry movement who think councelling, diet and exercise are the solution to all problems. They are wrong, and when one is going through a difficult period it is very easy to get annoyed with those people and their idiotic preachings. As far as giving a bad name, I don’t know what the hell you mean by that?

  4. Reghedable says:

    You know, it’s things like what you just said that give us a bad name.
    Yes, it’s been a struggle, I’ve been drugged on a dozen different medications and I’ve dealt with nightmarish school situations… But all in all, my ADHD has given me a gift veiled in the fog, a sixth sense of sorts when it comes to people and an extremely quick mind.
    Value your unique gifts, because I guarantee you that there are worse situations out there.

  5. TJComer02 says:

    The problem is not you, it’s the millions of other children “claiming” to have add/adhd. Instead of trying to help people like you, what people do is use it as an excuse so they don’t have to work hard. You on the other hand, obviously have something you’re struggling with, right? Isn’t it an insult for 20% of society claiming they’re afflicted with something so they don’t have to be responsible?

  6. ekorre33 says:

    I started taking meds today for the very first time. It has taken this long, I’ve tried to get help for a long time, but finally I get to try the meds. Concerta (methylphenidate). I don’t know if they will work but at least I get to give them a try. I’m happy that you have a great marriage, mine failed and it’s very hard for me to establish relationships. I guess people with add/adhd suffer the symptoms in varying degrees and some are better able to cope than me. I’ve had a really tough time!

  7. Mokas22 says:

    I have adhd 33, my mom has adhd 63, my sister has adhd 27, but no one have ever tried medications yet, My mom is an architect, she also has a second BA, now she is retired but she used to make a great income, my sister dropped school but now she owns a business, I have a great marriage and 2 college degrees. yes our cars & homes are always cluttered & we are loosing our keys 24/7 but who cares? its not the end of the world. embrace the positive side of adhd, life is too short and precious!

  8. vanhalen901 says:

    This guy must have been a great father.

  9. ekorre33 says:

    Do you really understand the tragedy of living with adhd? I wouldn’t whish it on my worst enemy! No amount of of counceling, kbt, group therapy, self-help, diet, exercise etc. has alleviated my symptoms. I feel as though you disregard my group of afflicted people who have tried absolutely everything, but to no avail. So what is wrong with, as a last resort to turn to medication? I’m a interested in your reply! Signed a suffering soul

  10. jasonthemong says:

    dont you think your children will see that their friends have all the ‘cool’ things they dont and will begin to rebel as they grow into their teens?

  11. Revelation6v8 says:

    Dr. Breeding is correct. People I meet do not like how I am raising my children. Home cooked meals, no fast food, no added sugar or salt. My kids are 6 years old and have never had a soda we only eat cake and ice cream at parties.

    We odd also because my wife quite her carreer to stay at home with our children. We eat all of meals together at the table. We have one TV which we keep off 99% of the time.

    We do not have video games or a computer for my children.

    And I do have a Ph.D. from top Un

  12. Babyhowdy233 says:

    And by the way, I’ve literally lost count over the years just HOW MANY folks I’ve met who had exactly the same experiences as myself growing up. Like myself, their parents refused to give them drugs to “control” their bahavior and like myself they grew up to have lives AT LEAST as happy and successful as their “normal” siblings. Educators and so-called “mainstream” doctors NEED to read this man’s book!

  13. Babyhowdy233 says:

    I agree! Out of four kids, I was the one who “worried” my father with my “hyperactivity” and poor grades. He worried that I was THE child who wouldn’t “Make it in the world”. Now at 53 I’m the ONLY one of his kids who has a home, financial and emotional security. ALL my siblings are plagued with serious emotional and financial problems and just want you to give them money.
    My dad refused to let the doctors give me ritalin. Instead, he encouraged me to be physically active every day.

  14. Rotulette says:

    Do you know that John Breeding is a member of of a Scientology front organization, the CCHR?
    This is not an inoffensive cult, scientology kills, inform yourself Please!

  15. suirvale says:

    i read somewhere that americans invent 200 new diseases every year. i just wonder if i never heard of disease will i have less chance of getting,.i use think i had al the diseaes and use take them tablets its so funny not lookign back,.,.

  16. phfrankh says:

    Yes! spontaneity (:-)

  17. cherold606 says:


  18. noonsplace says:

    the more I watch John Breeding, the more I admire him…

  19. 86504 says:

    this video was good


  20. GushaKajiri says:

    Seen a video or two with this guy in it and he is okay… for a psych :P

    Serious man good work! Def getting the book!

  21. nivto2 says:

    YOU Sir, are one of the best horses around.

    PLEASE if you can put up a video regarding people without children but who suffer from this wotld that does not fit with our nature.

    * I am 27 and have been taking anti-depressant for a year. I feel like the Western world does not “fit” me.
    I don’t know what to do…

  22. AmbientEmbrace says:

    interesting and very calming, thank you

  23. onegodus says:

    it is all about profit with the drugs. pharmaceuticals and drug trade both legal and illegal is the number one profit maker in the world. wake up and stop the fascist criminals who infested our world and stop the real mentally ill from destroying us and the world.

  24. onegodus says:

    the corrupt criminal governments are supporting gangs. it is done in secret but when you look at what the government does about gangs you see how the government does everything to make sure gangs flourish.
    divide and conquer is the main reason.

  25. sloopy312 says:

    I have often voiced this viewpoint when some ask me, “How can you stand that kid?”, when I worked with my street and gang kids. I learned many wonderful things and some unbelievable stories that fly in the face of those who want to dismiss our gang youth. blaine

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