Autism recovery – Watch a news ѕtοrу аbουt Daniel, a 10 year οƖԁ boy wһο һаѕ recovered frοm autism, using biomedical autism interventions.;

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25 Responses to “Child Recovered from Autism”
  1. jwipe says:

    Thanks for posting this. Everyone needs to see this. This applies not only to Autism, but most “diseases” out there.

  2. ReinGatto1 says:

    YOU CAN NOT RECOVER! God, why is this so difficult?!?! Thinking like that will only damage the kids. Not to mention, autistic children can take care of themselves in ways others can’t.

    And stop acting like you’re better than them, people. I’d rather be autistic, which I am, then be a normal boring person who doesn’t have anything special going for them.

    If anything, norms tend to have more problems they don’t take care of while special people can. Though it does depend on how severe it is.

  3. ReinGatto1 says:

    You can’t recover.

  4. devilbaby814 says:

    I’m love how this is all about biomedical interventions but there are only two mentions of ABA. Daniel received 15 hours of ABA per week, no? And his parents attribute his recovery to the diet and the supplements? ha. ABA works people! Forget all the other crap.

  5. autismtreatedcured says:

    I’m so sorry Luke’s parents are spending $6000 a month. We healed our daughter for $800 a month plus supplements using NAET. We completely detoxified her for mercury, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides and other chemical neurotoxins. We stared at age 4.5 and she was completely healed by age 9. Now she is 14 and in gifted and talented programs. I wish I could talk to Luke’s parents to explain how NAET works. There are no chemicals involved and no behavioral therapy. It’s easy and makes sense.

  6. aaaauction says:

    please listen to my 21 year old autistic son sing Alan Jackson songs aaaauction youtube

  7. hopethb says:

    I am happy to see Daniel recovery, thank you for sharing with us. where can I find New Beginning N. book. also other than Enzymes do you give supplement with every meal. I thought that is what I heard this video. amazing recovery, your hard work shows and gives hope many people.

  8. bagmantastic says:

    @poker: i am god, i have proof, i AM proof!

  9. MrChrisalf2004 says:

    pokeruler100 you are wrong; I agree with jogtheviking because I have Asperger’s syndrome and know myself that as a life-long condition, anyone suffering with an ASD who “recovers” from it never had it in the first place: they were mis-disgnosed by sloppy specialists.

  10. zgadgets says:

    She say it fast Chelation removal of heavy metals from Vaccines

  11. pokeruler100 says:

    jogtheviking, you are WRONG! I have proof.

    I am proof.

  12. rbrtpongo says:

    that is really cool he is out of his own world.

  13. ravenindigo says:

    I see the mother is selling this recovery concoction- hmmm, thought there might be some gain in stating he is recovered.

  14. hlwatt says:

    No one whose life is effected by autism believes it is untreatable. There is always hope for recovery, good on you for trying.

  15. jogtheviking says:

    There is NO recovery from autism, do not claim otherwise, it is a LIFE-LONG CONDITION!!!

  16. birds16ful says:

    Thank You MiSsSarahx0ox

  17. MiSsSarahx0ox says:

    No. This is Daniel Knowles.

  18. birds16ful says:

    Is that Daniel Jabonski.

    Love Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy & Russell Silver Syndrome Michaela Schwartz, 16 years old & 4’9 tall & Madonna School

  19. lovedannygokey says:

    I’ve seen it for myself, in two of my best friends kids. It’s not lies, and I have no reason what-so-ever to lie to you. I will not benefit financially by saying, these things CAN work! Just try it for 1 week, and see what happens! Wheat causes a chemical reaction in the brain. As does casein in milk. Just give it a shot! You may be thilled with the results!

  20. lovedannygokey says:

    That is wonderful that you’re happy in your own skin (as you should be!) But these kids we’re talking about are not always happy. alot of the time, they can not speak. They can’t ask for something, or tell mommy when their tummy hurts! They need help! I’m sure if they could, they would ask for it!

  21. lovedannygokey says:

    What the hell are you talking about? Sure, there is a thing called regression, but if these boys keep up with the diet, and vitamins, they will never end up there. Take your freakin’ pessimism somewhere else.

  22. antiautism says:

    yeah, but there’s a thing in autism called “regression” so we can all rest assured this kid will surely return to the LULZY EPIC FAIL that his life was.

  23. dosemi1999 says:

    My brother is on GFCF and suppliments. My mom is a member of the Autism Action Plan. She got help through lend4health. We are trying to get more help because our regular pediatricians have not been helpful. They won’t listen to our online DAN doctor. My mom gets real sad. We are looking for a new ped. in FL. that will take my brothers insurance and that will really want to help my brother.

  24. milograamans says:

    I have a very mild form of autism myself (Asperger’s), and have never been treated. Personally, I like having Asperger’s and don’t want to be changed. Despite all the social issues (with which I improve by trial and error), there are some really amazing things about it (i.e. seeing things in really interesting different ways).

    Just my views, for whatever that’s worth.

  25. mrspogadaeus says:

    I’ve had my daughter on the GFCF diet for almost two years – and have been giving her supplements and she has really changed from almost a completely non-communicative child to a child who now can make simple jokes, do simple math and read lower level stories from books. She still has a long way to go. I’d like to see a day when the therapies don’t cost families an arm and a leg since many families (like us) have very limited income and can’t afford ABA or other therapies.

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