Public awareness video οf a 5 year οƖԁ student wіtһ Autism tһаt һаѕ bееח left behind bу tһе Chicago Public School system іח 2008. Aftеr tһе student’s Special Education program wаѕ transferred tο a חеw school іח tһе 1st Ward, tһе student’s IEP bus transportation requirement һаѕ חοt bееח provided. School аƖѕο һаѕ problems wіtһ disability access аחԁ a lack οf parking fοr parents, along wіtһ poor street traffic management around school аחԁ illegal parking enforcement. Nο designated car drop-offs fοr disabled people іѕ provided аחԁ חο crossing guards аrе present behind tһе school. Owen finally ɡοt οח a bus tο school аt Jose De Diego Academy οח November 5, 2008 – five months аftеr tһе transportation request wаѕ mаԁе іח June οf 2008 wіtһ һіѕ school transfer. Tһіѕ video wаѕ mаԁе October 27, 2008 bу һіѕ father, a single parent widower. UPDATE 9-25-2009 ———————- Mу son now attends Hope Institute Learning Academy οח Washington street. Sіחсе tһе first day οf school tһе bus һаѕ bееח οח time everyday аחԁ mу son seems very һарру аѕ well. Hе аƖѕο gets 10 more hours per week οf school time аt HIL A. Tһе bus service wаѕ tеrrіbƖе аt Jose De Diego аחԁ һе wаѕ іח a classroom wіtһ 7 Autistic boys (חο girls). Now һе іѕ іח a mixed co-ed class οf 23 students аחԁ tһе majority οf tһе kids don’t һаνе Autism. AƖѕο, аח аftеr school program іѕ available fοr children wіtһ Autism. A remarkable ԁіffеrеחсе fοr sure!

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25 Responses to “Child with Autism left behind at a Chicago Public School”
  1. TheBassBone1 says:

    As a male and future special education teacher, I commend you for working with your son the way you do. We truly need more parents out there like you who positively advocate for their children and their rights. I am a teacher aide, and worked for several years in an autism program outside of Chicago. Blessings to you, and I’m glad to hear his new school is working out well. Illinois as a whole needs to do more for education, especially for special education services!

  2. Julieluvzu says:

    @MySonHasAutism Your putting him in a class with (please dont take this offensively) but with…normal children? I respect you and all, but isn’t that dangerous? They might tease him and hurt his feelings.

    And don’t take any offense to this because I am a Peer Tutor which is a class specially designed for helping mentally disabled kids.

  3. natigirl32 says:

    My 5yr old has Autism. I am from Ohio and I lucked out on finding my son a good school. I didn’t know it at the time, but it’s preschool-12! It has only been around for about 4 or 5yrs… It’s an acadaemy scool! But I know what you’re going through… My son was told he would never speak again. Now he wont shut up. lol! The whole 9 yards…. I keep fighting what others need. I pray that your sons school will do something about this.

  4. CaseyHorses says:

    awe im so sorry my step brother has austism but because im in canada i dont know if the states is like this too …. but if a school mistreats a disabled child you sue the school and make them build on to the school

  5. MySonHasAutism says:

    Not until Politician’s children get Autism and go to public schools probably…

  6. omfgNinjadude says:

    My sister has autism. She is nine years old. I don’t live in Chicago, but in the suburbs nearby. My sister is fortunate enough to get transportation, but I understand what you mean about struggling with the schools. My sister was no receiving what she needed, mainly speech therapy. My mom had to get an attorney to help out.

    It’s a battle that does not seem like it will ever end. I hope at some point public schools will have more to offer for children with disabilities.

  7. NemoTVChampion says:

    Aw, you have such a beautiful son :) your patience with him is amazing <3 and I grew up with Autism to, my parents had to ask my school for extra services, since beforehand they had none. Glad things are going better!

  8. danawilli05 says:

    I am so glad of that. You do an awesome job consoling your son and trying to calm him down. I have dealt with classmates in my classroom and in the hallways, with Autism, that just scream, and it breaks my heart to see that. I tried to comfort them, but that’s not easy, I can see.

  9. MySonHasAutism says:

    It has been better since I transferred my son to the Hope Institute Learning Academy in Chicago. The bus has been on time since day one and the couple times the driver has ran late he has called me to let me know.

  10. danawilli05 says:

    I feel awful for the family and the child. I cannot imagine what the family is going through with their child. I have dealt with classmates with Autism, and it’s very sad. The father is doing an awesome job of consoling him, and I can understand where he’s coming from.

  11. catherinespark says:

    Isn’t it LOVELY how some people make no allowances, are unsympathetic to their rituals and quirks, discipline them and overload them with sensory issues, and THEN when they finally have a (very predictable, given the conditions) melt-down they say things like what a terrible monster autism is and how it must be cured!!!!!!!!!! No, it isn’t strictly speaking autism that causes the problems – it’s the people in charge!

  12. behart2 says:

    I have a daughter with autism and shes about to age out of the 3 years cycle in public school. Chicago public schools really dont care about children with autism. There is always someone aiming to monopolize off the needs of these children and I cant stand it as a parent. My daughter has a sibling who she goes to school with and shes her twin and it helps her to have her sister on the school bus with her. This year she will be 10 and her time will be up to attend now they have to be separated.

  13. kaylinsvlog says:

    my parents are fighting to get me out of my school because they knew, next to autism, that i had a non verbal learning disability and the school pretty much didn’t include that, and we never knew untill very recently. the school acts like they care, but they honestly dont. i feel bad for your son.

  14. prettyhands says:

    you give me hope . i feel your stress and concern,i have a 11 yr old autistic son.we are in for a long hard fight.

  15. niffer58 says:

    I also wanted to add i live in a rural town in New Mexico.. i dont’ have problems with parking just problems with teachers and busing. no traffic but we are planning to move and i hope it will not be the same way in washington.

  16. niffer58 says:

    My other asbergers daughter was being hit in school By a teacher. i am stuck in this town with no support for special needs children. they will not give them a good school. as well as unsafe letting my son go home knowing i wouldn’t be there. it is rediuculus. they have to meet the needs of these kids. it is rediuculus isn’t it.

  17. niffer58 says:

    My child is 12 yrs old has diagnosis (improper) but enough to consern people.. Borderline inttelectual, mood disorder, psychosis and adhd. i believe he is asbergers. He is functional but i informed the school i wouldn’t be home and he was supposed to be in basketball practice so dad was going to pick him up. when he went to get him he was not there. they sent him home on the bus. he was home alone outside for 2 hours!! I know the feeling. thank god he was ok.

  18. cubanwisdom says:

    I have 2 kids with autisim. Yes you can get hcap parking for childeren with autisim nuero has to write a letter stating whhy. well that here in ct. I know how difficult it could be love and the blessings. we are choosen parents and we are stronger than most. your son reminds me of my son. I wish you were here in ct, my kids pedi neuro are great. but friend me so we can exchange info. blessings


    Man, I hear ya. Your right, you cant make this stuff up.
    Btw, While letting the kids out 10 min early may seem like a good thing, it is a reduction in services and a 504 violation. Its a valid OCR complaint. Did you have to go to DP to get the new school?
    Good luck!

  20. drooooopy says:

    WOW. I live in a smaller city than Chicago (but you’d know its name if you said it) about ‘one state over from you’ — I hate to tell you but transportation problems (as in there just not being any and no PCA personal certified assistant if there was) is a problem here too.,

    I live downtown, have a crazy area, people park and drive all crazy and don’t do what the lights say and people walking want to jaywalk’ and I just can’t, have to walk with the walk sign. Its the same here too, for adults.

  21. ThrashHardAss08 says:

    thats me!!!

  22. camillamariem95 says:

    this school shuld rly get some helpe! D: n ur kid is addorabol… im only 16 but i work part time with kids with autism, :)

  23. MySonHasAutism says:


    My son now attends Hope Institute Learning Academy on Washington street. Since the first day of school the bus has been on time everyday and my son seems very happy as well. He also gets 10 more hours per week of school time at H. I. L. A. The bus service was terrible at Jose De Diego and he was in a classroom with 8 Autistic boys (no girls). Now he is in a mixed co-ed class of 23 students and the majority of the kids don’t have Autism. A remarkable difference for sure!

  24. MySonHasAutism says:

    No, not after I made this video! I have switched my son to a new school, the Hope Institute Learning Academy so I hope I won’t have this problem anymore with busing. HILA accepted his CPS IEP and enrolled him. But I have yet to see how the busing will be until the Fall. Take videos of your problems with CPS and post them on YouTube and show your attorney too.

  25. sydalg92 says:

    Hi, I would like to know if you are still having these problems? I have the same problems with my son, I actually had to get an advocate attorney to help me with all the problems I have had with CPS. It is upsetting that they do not help when there are problems, I have had to fight for everything my son has, since he was 3, since he entered CPS.

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