A structured аррrοасһ tο learning using shoeboxtasks contributes tο successful educational beginnings; fοr children wіtһ Autism wһο аrе taking tһеіr first steps toward greater independence аחԁ a life οf learning.

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18 Responses to “Children with Autism: Learning How to Learn”
  1. gamiezion says:

    being autistic mself enables me to recognise autism in the work of any given writer (to a certain degree of accusrasy) no matter the subject they wrote on.
    i can trace autistic mindsets all the way back to when the written word came into common use (roughly 4000 years ago), care to explain?

    oh and the autism cure is about as reall as bigfoot, el chupacabre, nessie and all the other myths, legends and flights of fantasy you can think off

  2. sskgrs says:

    People like Jenny Mcarthy are just brain washing people into thinking that GF/CF and other holistic diet/supplements would cure autism. Certainly having a holistic balanced food/supplements would be beneficial to any kid (autistic or not), but to claim that it cures autism is stupid. Jenny just makes her millions with books and TV shows spreading these nonsense. As far as vaccine link, the british doctors who came up with this theory were sued by British govt recently.

  3. sskgrs says:

    I have a 6 yr old autistic daughter. From my observations of my own daughter, I think autism is due to abnormality in the brain structure or the in the way brain chemicals work and it is most likely created during the early formation days after conception. The recent creation of the term Autistic spectrum is what causing all the confusion among parents who have kids who are not truly autistic (classic), but have varying degrees of learning or sensory integration issues classified under spectrum

  4. JAPAN180SX says:

    better watch our comments. there are thousands of parents that believe it is not coincidence that their child caught autism right after a high dose of vaccinations and you cant do anything to change their minds as they saw it happen in front of their own eyes. we see what the media says, we also know what really happened, so unless you are directly involved, dont post rumors. research mercury poisoning and autism and tell me thats a coincidence

  5. brunilda says:

    … there obviously WERE cases of autism before)
    We are acutely conscious that environmental factors may exacerbate genetic predispositions… what those factors are, we don’t know, but vaccines are a poor candidate. There is much we don’t know but there is a TON of evidence that autism is mainly a genetic disorder

  6. brunilda says:

    How many times are we going to hear this? I understand parents’ frustration and need to know, but you’re not helping anybody. We HAVE LOOKED for evidence of vaccine involvement and have found NONE. Moreover, increase in diagnosis is likely to be a result of change in guidelines and more people being diagnosed on the spectrum for them to get treatment (or then, there were no diagnoses of autism before 1943. What happened in 1943? Penicillin??? NO, Kanner described the syndrome…)

  7. jaworskij says:

    Autism is clearly caused by a vaccine.

    Autism was very, very rare until the last 15-20 years or so.

    Ask Dr. Rebecca Carley. She has an autistic son, but found out how to “deprogram” him and heal him.

  8. timisthebestever1 says:

    It depends on what side of the spectrum they are on.. Some autistic children are geniuses in some areas. My son has aspergers.

  9. FASSY524 says:

    That looks fun for me and Im not even autistic! I think autism is nothing to be ashamed of at all. I wanna work with autistic children really badly now! They seem way smarter then people are saying!

  10. apostolicaspie says:

    No wonder they develop so slowly. Seriously, if I had a low functioning Autistic child in my care, I would use something that developed him/her to be more four dimensional. Heaven knows I know they could achieve it. But that would be what I’ll be going to college for.

  11. AspieCub says:

    Check up his main site:

    Shoebox Tasks and you can purchase them.

  12. AnnaMC6NTAE says:

    Thanks for this video. It is great!

  13. patowensbryant says:

    Very good for educators and parents

  14. jherom20 says:

    Great upload! It helped me a lot.

  15. lafemdilletante says:

    these types of structured work tasks can be easily made at home at less than a quarter the cost- save your money.

  16. mamalusk says:

    This is great! Can these tasks be bought somewhere??? (I’m from Norway…)

  17. okudaisi says:

    thank u

  18. OSHRATDD says:

    thank you very much for uploadig those videos!
    you are doing a great work

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